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Innovative Strategies Through Which Bernardo Chua Attains Success

Bernardo is a renowned global entrepreneur who has grown from a small employee. The founder of Organo Gold has so far attained matchless entrepreneurial strategies that enable him to run his enterprise and guide others into the pathways of success. Currently, he initiated a program meant to award his most preferred customers, particularly those that shop with him most frequently.

Milestones Chua has Made in the Market

It has not been long since Bernardo Chua penetrated the beverage market, yet he has already offered the customers a high-quality alternative. His diligence in service has seen him win awards and even severally get elected as the Direct Sales Company Executive of the year.

He is devoted to impacting lives through mentorship. In 2015 he got recognized as an incredible global businessman and even got awarded for it. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

Significant Steps by Bernardo in Providing Mentorship

At some point, Bernardo Chua did a YouTube speech and mentioned his initiative, OG Cares Foundation, which endeavors in enriching young people across the globe. The organization focuses on making them better leaders who can be entrusted responsibilities in the future.

According to PR News Wire, Bernado Chua identifies with most of the young people, and states that his dream was realized through determination and hard work. In his teachings, he impacts the young generation with the very model that has seen him thrive. He believes if they employ it, they will equally candidly realize their dreams.

Key Details About Organo Gold; Chua’s Initiative

In 2008 Chua saw the need to enhance the beverage industry. According to him, there was still a lot that the western world had not done in the Asian confines. Organo Gold was the platform to help him take the ganoderma products to another level.

He began with direct selling, and within a span of five years, his enterprise was ranked 55th largest direct selling venture globally. The Canada-based firm has grown their distributors to over a million across the world.


Clearly, Bernardo Chua is a prominent leader with a global influence. Most importantly is that he has been helpful in growing the upcoming generation. Every person can expediently borrow a leaf from Bernie’s book, as goes his nickname.