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Lime Crime: The Beauty Queens Have Arrived

Glam has gotten increasingly more extravagant. While those stylish looks have gotten a whole lot easier to accomplish with the beauty company LimeCrime. Lime Crime is a beauty company that sales cosmetic products and provides cruelty free makeup totally made vegan based.

The LimeCrime company provides top of the line vegan based products such as lipsticks, eye-shadows, unicorn hair colors, palettes, high-lighters, nails, makeup brushes, and bundles. They offer amazingly stunning one of a kind products, shades, and colors (including sparkle/glimmer-y color shades) that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

The website has extremely responsive customer service, in the form of live chat ready to assist your needs on the spot. This service was put to use and received superb satisfaction resulting from the overall from this quickly responsive customer service team, and as a bonus was pleased to meet the lovely representative,Lauri W.

When you first visit the site the option is then presented to you as a pop up box to request live chat. Lime Crime offers help on finding your specific idem(s), as well as assistance on your overall shopping experience, and to even clarify any particular item.

However, the site is extremely easy to navigate, and having the quickly responsive customer service available is a bonus. Lime Crime provides 7 different currency payment types in case you are not a United States resident, which allows you to purchase your beauty products with less location limitations then many other beauty businesses.

The website also allows you to easily create an account using email or your current Pinterest login which will easily be of great benefit to have multiple options for your account preference.

The beauty queens have spoken and they seem ecstatic and highly pleased with their products that are being bought from the Lime Crime company. Most beauty queens are super excited about the multiple looks they can accomplish with the unique colors, while other beauty queens are ecstatic to have an affordable vegan based makeup product.

The time is now for you to head over to the Lime Crime site to expand your extravagant beauty collection.