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How The ClassDojo App Saves Time For Teachers

ClassDojo is an extraordinary Android application that can help teachers to have their best school year ever!

The App gives the teacher many resources, such as Instant Feedback, SEL Activities and Videos, Student Portfolios and Parent Communication. Teachers can even create a “School Newsletter” with the use of the ClassDojo Application. In the newsletter, the teacher can send updates to all parents in the school by posting to School Story. School Leaders, Principals, and Head Masters also love sharing photos and videos from school and reminding parents about important events.

Teachers can even share Music in the classroom. This comes in handy for schools that do not hire Music Teachers. Or the teacher can just have some soft soothing background music playing while students are napping or resting during “quiet time”. In the teacher’s toolkit on the ClassDoJo App, is a “day” calendar where teachers can plan each day.

The ClassDojo allows the teacher to give the students directions for assignments. Parents can also see those same assignments. Teachers can even divide students into groups using the ClassDojo App. They can also give students feedback on their assignments, work, and skills. They can give them kudos for doing “good work” or “helping others”. Students love to get recognized, and the Class DoJo App helps teachers to do this easily and often.

Regarding SE Activities, teachers can use the ClassDojo App to teach students about how to relate to life situations. It will also help them with questions and answers about social interaction with other children. They can also learn appropriate socialization skills by interacting with their teaher.

What a new age of classroom fun through communication!