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Innovation for a Safer Society from Securus Technologies

Public safety and security are becoming more and more important these days. With a growing amount of cyber threats and advancement of technology, people are more interested in companies that work for the good guys. Solving crime and crime prevention is another aspect where technology can be beneficial. Companies operating in this sector research and develop solutions that help improve public safety. Introducing modern technology in correctional facilities one of the ways to do that.



Securus Technologies is one such company. They have more than 25 years of experience working with prisons, connecting inmates to family and friends. This helps with crime prevention since it also offers inmates access to education and legal assistance when necessary.



The company started work in 1986 and worked with several other companies on the first technology solutions for security and crime prevention. They created Securus Video Visitation system which allows family members and friends as well as lawyers to create video conversations and conference calls. It allows people to connect and keep in touch, improving the chances of inmates not returning to prison after their release date. It also helps with decreasing violent activities happening within the jail walls.



The response so far is positive, and the customers showed their appreciation with positive feedback. The technology helped to secure search warrants in several separate cases because of the monitored call system. It also allowed the staff to find out about inmates using drugs and alcohol as well as selling these substances. The software is also useful when searching for stolen or missing property or gang violence, as people are not always aware of how much can be picked up from a conversation in the background.



Securus Technologies dedicate time, effort and money to make sure that prisons become safer spaces for the staff and inmates alike since it is not the most fruitful of environments and a lack of socialising does not help.



Class Dojo, Updating Communication Between Parents, Teachers, and Students

Communicating with teachers is sometimes difficult. Having to catch them during business or office hours. Or maybe going through the process of leaving several messages and waiting to hear back from them. The process is time-consuming and outdated. In a technologically advanced world, there should be a better way to for parents to communicate with their child’s teacher.

Class Dojo is a new app that is upgrading communication in educational settings. Among one of Class Dojo’s benefits is the instant messaging feature, allowing parents to communicate on demand with their child’s teacher. This leads to increased parental involvement, which usually results in the children thriving more in school. Class Dojo allows communication quickly and easily to keep on top of your child’s school activities, social, academic, and general conduct development at school.

If your child struggles with anxiety it can be hard for them to adjust to school. With Class Dojo’s data sharing, videos are posted to the Class Stories. This can help boost a timid child’s confidence. It also allows the parents to connect with the children by seeing their accomplishments when they are in school. The Class Dojo app encourages students to blossom on both social and educational levels.

In addition to the communication benefits, Class Dojo allows the students to have fun and be creative. They can create their own avatars to show their personal style. Through this, students can earn dojo points. In a technologically ruled world, Class Dojo is the equivalent of the classroom reward jar. The students love Class Dojo as much as parents and teachers.

The Class Dojo app is revolutionizing the way teachers, parents, and students communicate. Allowing parents to be more involved in the child’s education benefits all of them.