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Career Achievements Of Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the executive vice president and chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects. The renowned architect has achieved notable achievements in his career and his successes have been attributed to his commitment and dedication towards his career.

Robert Ivy started his career at McGraw-Hill Construction Media, where he served as the firm’s editorial director and vice president. The company entailed Greensource, a magazine that majorly focused on offering detailed information on design and construction field. The renowned architect saw the magazine gain fame in the broader parts of the United States with a vast number of people, particularly architects seeking to earn from the counsel he offered concerning the field.

In the early 1990`s Robert Ivy served various roles in many publishing companies and he was the critic of a vast number of national publication firm in the country. He has showcased a vast understanding of the basis for success in the field of architecture and many people have sought his counsel regarding the field. Robert Ivy has always been passionate about his field of specialization and he has striven to work together with other people to bring success and innovation in the sector.

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In his editorial leadership roles, Robert brought a major revolution in the field of architecture through sharing eye-catching ideas concerning the field as well as keeping is readers involved and active through the various platforms he managed. The CEO of AIA has received a lot of accreditation from a vast number of people due to is contributions to the various media platforms sharing his thoughts with other people concerning the field of architecture.

He was honored with the McGraw Award for excellence and demonstration of admirable leadership skills in the field of architecture and in his editorial role. He has also received a series of awards for the notable successes he has brought to the field of construction.

Besides, the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters recently honored Robert Ivy with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievements Award. The president of AIA Carl Elefante for the notable successes he has brought in the firms praised Ivy and the president insisted that Ivy is an influential leader that strives to bring personal growth in every interested individual that seeks his counsel.

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How OSI Group Conquered The Foodservice Industry

The foodservice industry has been around for quite some time. Foodservice companies have come and gone throughout the years and many of them have become a relic. This particular industry is very taxing as well as very meticulous. There is one foodservice company that has transcended time to some degree. This company just so happens to have over 10 decades worth of experience under its belt. OSI Group is its name and offering a wide variety of foods and services is its game. OSI has revolutionized the foodservice industry for the better. It has an abundance of capabilities, which helps to set itself apart from the competition. Distribution, process, management and development are all practiced to the highest degree.

One of the major factors to the company’s huge success came from its owner/founder. Otto Kolschowski was able to turn his dream into a reality by opening a local butcher shop. This local butcher shop provided wonderful beef products, and it certainly served its Chicago-based community. During this time, there was an influx of immigrants that came into the US. In the Chicago area, over 25 percent of the city’s inhabitants came directly from Germany. These hardworking individuals brought a sense of passion with them and this passion helped to boost the local economy. Agriculture and immense farmlands produced plenty of work as well as produced plenty of high-quality meats. OSI Group took full-advantage of what the landscape offered, and it began to thrive.

As word got out, this small company began to build an impressive resume. OSI Group had made it to the big leagues in a sense, but no one knew that it would get as big as it actually became. In today’s contemporary time, OSI Group is a worldwide leader in foodservices, it develops custom foods, and it has a thoroughly trained staff. A Century of Innovation at OSI Group


Louis Chenevert is a well reputable businessman who over the years has grown bringing a lot of impact to his country, Canada. His achievements are attributed to his hard work, knowledge, skills and other virtues. Louis attained his degree production management which enabled him to have an insight. He was a lucky man as he was able to acquire a job at the general motors’ where he worked for several years. The working at this company provided him with more chances to be experienced. As a result, he worked with several other companies.

To succeed, he first outlined the plans displaying the structure and methods of operation on the table. This makes him able to know how to go about an idea to fulfill the needs of the customers and also get returns as expected or beyond. At the same time, he works with his staff closely to create a good working team. In the process of outlining ideas, he incorporates the ideas of his staff so that the end product is the best for the customers. Louis Chenevert takes ideas from a group of close workers and combines with his to ensure the needs of customers are satisfied.

Technology is one of the things that are evolving fast over time. Louis has a great passion for technology. The love is insured by the fact technology helps in modifying and changing the society to be in a better position. His love for technology is seen through his works. He encourages the uses of technology as a technique to be incorporated I the current society. For effectiveness, Louis Chenevert works with a team which uses various skills to enhance functionality. Therefore, his advice other business people to work as a team and provides a conducive environment and avoids internal politics among other things.

Louis Chenevert gives the assurance to all that nothing is impossible. He encourages that people should at some point be risk takers. The art of risk-taking is mastered by few people only. He, therefore, uses the channel to invest, and at the same time, risk-taking has helped him to get achievements he has. Risk-taking open doors for more opportunities improving the working environment and even returns when okay.