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Amy Nauiokas Riding in the Calm After the Storm

In a hectic world, it is good to know that you can find peace of mind. Amy Nauiokas discovered her source of solitude in England in the wake of an event which she was lucky to have survived.

That event is known as 9/11. The single worst terrorist attack the US has ever witnessed. Amy was on her way to work at the World Trade Center where she was a director and partner at Cantor Fitzgerald. However, that fortuitous morning she ran late, which was uncommon for her. Her tardiness saved her life. Cantor’s offices, all above the 100th floor, were destroyed in the attack. Everyone who was in by 9 a.m. perished that day.

In 2004 Amy relocated to England. That’s where she met her future husband, Harry Harrison. They both worked for Barclays. Mr. Harrison had been with Barclays since 1989. He was hired straight out of the University of Cambridge after completing his master’s in finance. Ultimately, he was appointed the head of Barclay’s Non-Core.

Besides meeting her husband in England, Amy also discovered her love for horse riding. She says that it gave her much needed peace of mind in the aftermath of the dreadful September 11th terror attack which claimed so many of her colleagues.

Today the couple lives in the U.S. where they recently purchased a 75-acre horse training facility in Litchfield County, Connecticut. The property is known as the Washington Equestrian Center(WEC). Ms. Nauiokas, who is married to Mr. Harison, hopes to have the facility become a magnet for riders. She envisions the paddock as a place where others can enjoy the same peace she finds when riding.

WEC is now open for business. Horse owners have the option of making use of WEC’s training, housing and sales facilities. In fact, for the opening Frank Madden, one of America’s elite horse trainers, was bought in to give a two-day clinic. The event stimulated a lot of interest amongst riders. Many traveled from as far away as Florida to attend the opening. Surley peace of mind is worth it.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi and What he has Done For Banco Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was the president of Bradesco Bank for nine years, second biggest bank equity and the second biggest private bank by resources in Brazil. In 2015, he got named as Entrepreneur of the Year in the finance category. Currently, Trabuco is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banco Bradesco bank. In the year 2009, Trabuco was named among the 100 most powerful Brazilians in the nation. Read more about Luis Carlos Trabuco at

Luiz Carlos Trabuco got his bachelor philosophy degree from the famous University of Sao Paulo, after graduating from secondary school sooner than other classmates. After his bachelor degree, he went to the renowned School of Sociology and Politics to attain a postgraduate degree in socio-psychology. The two degrees had a significant impact in his promotion to the highest point of Banco Bradesco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco started his career at the age of 17 years; he was a clerk at the bank of Banco Bradesco. He experienced different assignments more than 15 years until the point when he got made the marketing manager. Learn more about Luis Carlos Trabuco at Crunchbase.

Trabuco was responsible for the Bank’s Marketing for approximately eight years in 1992 he took over as the CEO of Banco Bradesco until 1998.

In 1998 he was chosen as the Managing Director of Banco Bradesco, later on, he became the executive vice president. When he was the president of the bank, Banco Bradesco dramatically increased its size and strengthened its administration in the country by 25% in the market. At the same time, the insurance firm expanded its performance from 25% to 35%, turning into the biggest company in part of Brazil.

With a career of not less than 40 long years of experience in Banking and having worked at different positions, in 2009 Luiz Carlos Trabuco was named President of the Bank, he became the fourth president since the demise of its founder Amador Aguiar in 1991.

In March 2018, Octavio de Lazari Jr took over the chairmanship of Banco Bradesco. But Trabucostill stayed at the head of the Council presidency.


Gregory Aziz’s Future Is Brighter Than Ever With National Steel Car Under His Belt

National Steel Car is a leading designer and manufacturer of freight cars and railroad supplies. The company has come a long way since it first started out back in 1912 and today, they are the majority holder of TTX SECO and ISO.

In the beginning, National Steel Car was doing great in the market and they had a lot of large orders coming at them. While this was unexpected from the initial projections that the investors laid out, it was welcomed for many years. After a couple of decades, the great depression took a major hit on the company, since they were not able to keep up with the demands. The company was sold off in the 1960’s and it was picked up by DOFASCO. More than thirty years later, Gregory Aziz bought the company in 1994 to rebuild it to its former glory.

As president and CEO, James Aziz has taken full control of National Steel Car. Gregory Aziz comes from the same province that the company was first started up in, Ontario. Before buying National Steel Car, Gregory worked at his family business, which worked with fresh foods that are imported all over the world, including Europe, South America, Canada, and the United States. Before getting into the family business, James Aziz worked hard on his academics and earned his Economics Degree from Ontario University.

Gregory Aziz left the family business several years before he ended up buying National Steel Car, before which he spent his time working at various banks around New York. After building the necessary experiences and finances, Gregory organized an agreement with DOFASCO to purchase National Steel in order to kickstart the company’s former success.


At the start, Gregory J Aziz kicked things up a notch and tripled the company’s production within the first couple of years he took over. There were more funds behind the company and a lot more manpower in workers. Instead of a few hundred employees when he bought the company, he had more than three thousand in 1990. See This Page to learn more.


A large portion of Gregory’s drive was because he wanted to help others and give back when he could, through his company and through his own philanthropic activities. Over the years, Gregory has donated to many charities and supported the local communities.


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A look at Gregory James Aziz The Current President And Chairman Of National Steel Car

1The current president, chairman, and CEO of National Steel Car was born in 1949 in London, Ontario, Canada. With his roles, he leads one of the world’s leading railcar manufacturing company. Greg Aziz graduated from the University of Western Ontario where he majored in economics. Upon graduating, Gregory J Aziz started working at his family’s business, Affiliated Foods, which is a food processing company. He later relocated to New York City where he worked with several investment firms and banks. His stay in New York gave him needed knowledge in planning the acquisition of National Steel Car in 1994. The company was owned by Dofasco.


Before being bought, National Steel Car’s performances were low. Hence, Greg Aziz management skills and input were vital in reviving the company’s fortunes. By the end of first 5 years, his efforts were realized as the company increased its annual car production to around 12,000 units as compared to the 3,500 units that the company was producing earlier. Greg Aziz is motivated by the company’s engineering excellence, efficiency, and manufacturing excellence. He has provided the company with the much-needed capital and human investments in efforts to turnaround the company’s fortunes.


James Aziz’s dedication has helped the company to remain as the leading company globally as world’s best railroad freight car producing company. Under his leadership, the company has gained recognition globally in consecutive years. Greg Aziz leadership skills have enabled the company to win the TTX SECO and ISO 90001:2008 awards in the last 18 years. Gregory J Aziz credits the success of the company to the excellent cooperation among the employees and the management. Also, he points out that the success is due to the company’s dedication to brilliance engineering, continuous innovation and desire to exceed the challenging boundaries. These factors have played a vital role in maintaining the company’s dominance in the freight car production sector. See Related Link for additional information.


Gregory James Aziz is a family man married to Irene with whom they have two daughters, Karina and Natalie. The family lives in Toronto. He is the National Steel Car equestrian team patron and has sponsored Anglestone Tournament in 2009. James Aziz loves horse racing and has been involved in various charitable activities that are aimed at improving the livelihood of the communities around Hamilton. The company sponsors several organizations such as the Theatre Aquarius, United Way, Hamilton Opera and Salvation Army among many others.



Insights on the Future of American Economy According to Shervin Pishevar.

Various economies in both developing and developed nations have experienced some tough times. Some of the forces are often beyond the control of the government irrespective of the legal framework put in place. The government can intervene in areas such as inflation and sometimes the exchange rates. The exchange rates are influenced by the value of a country’s level of trading with other nations. When the value of a country’s exports is higher than the imports, its currency is in high demand and the exchange rates increases. In case the imports exceed the exports, the country experiences an unfavorable trade balance. That would explain why the currencies of less developed countries are of low value since their imports are more than the exports.

Every government aims at improving the economy. This is mainly done through legislation by its relevant organ. The government uses the fiscal and monetary policies to control some factors in the environment. Such factors inflation, this is whereby the prices of commodities rise and the purchasing power of the consumers decreases. The situation is not attractive to the investors. According to Shervin Pishevar, the government’s method of controlling the economy was no longer working, and there was a need to adopt other more effective mechanisms.

Shervin Pishevar believes that the economy has not been performing well for years unlike what many people think. Small businesses and upcoming entrepreneurs face challenges when raising capital either for a startup or expansion. Shervin Pishevar encourages them to take advantage of other modern alternatives. He believes that the small businesses can have a great effect on the national economy. Shervin Pishevar believes that the government of the United States has a challenge to counter the stiff competition from other large economies. Some other large economies have been involved in significant technological improvements, and he sees this as a threat to the performance of the country’s economy.

David Zalik, Name Of A Legend

David Zalik is the inspiration and the dedication that served as the fire and fuel for Green Sky Credit LLC. It is an organization where people are basically able to receive loans and distribute credit to the public. The customers that come to his company are either high net worth individuals or the corporations who need money and need the necessities required to implement a credit line to their own customers. This all started inside of a car that David Zalik bought when he first can up with the idea due to his early sell out with his computer tech company that faltered due to the dot com bubble. Fortunately David Zalik was able to sell it for a few million dollars before every thing collapsed. It is funny how the company even got started because David Zalik was at about the age of thirteen that he started to build the company in the first place and it was not until he was twenty two that he sold it for a tidy lump sum. He had trouble putting the computer pieces together at first and claimed that it took him ten hours at first but then was able to do it in a matter of thirty minutes with nine hours to spare doing more important things. He was able to build it for nine years before selling it. The reason that motivated David Zalik was the girls that were older than him that he wanted to get to know more. At thirteen he was already in college where the expectancy for the people who could study there were not usually that young, but David Zalik fought to get there by reading and learning from mathematical text books since he was the age of four years old to the age of thirteen. Interestingly enough he passed the SATs at thirteen years old and started going to college where his father worked which was at Auburn College. He and his family moved into the states from Israel even before all the above occurred, and before his conception and childbirth in Israel where his parents met, his mom was on the run from communistic powers and his father was born and raised in Argentina. This comprises the origins of David Zalik who is the CEO of GreenSky Credit LLC.

Dr. Mark McKenna Aesthetic Services

If you are looking for a convenient way to enhance your self-confidence, then you need to check out Dr. Mark McKenna’s newest entrepreneurship project, OVME. OVME is the latest thing that Dr. Mark McKenna is putting his expert stamp on my combining his medical knowledge with his entrepreneur spirit. OVME will be a luxurious medical facility that will be able to provide aesthetic services to a wide variety of individuals that are looking for a way to improve their outlook on life.

Dr. Mark McKenna graduated from college with a doctorate degree in medicine, but quickly realized that in order to make the money that he needed for his lifestyle, he would have to use his medical expertise in areas besides everyday medical practices.

Dr. Mark McKenna firmly believes that his team will be able to provide state of the art aesthetic services in the world of everyday consumers. He hopes to provide such services with the most minimally invasive technology possible. Each patient will be looked at as an individual and care and medical procedures will be planned on an individual basis. OVME will not be your standard cookie cutter aesthetic procedure place, but one in which the client will be looked at as a whole person.

If you are in the Atlanta area and have been considering what you can do to improve your self-confidence, then check out the offerings of OVME. If you are a business person and wish to see what a person looks like whom has a true entrepreneur spirit, then explore who Dr. Mark McKenna is and what he represents as not only someone with a medical degree, but someone who actually wants to make a mark on the world of business.

Glen Wakeman – Using His Education to Teach Others

Glen Wakeman earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton in 1981 and an MBA from the University of Chicago in 1993 (.


Surpassing Goals

Glen had the opportunity to “test the waters” of building a business, as an employee when he accepted an exciting and challenging position with GE Money Latin America. He built this operation from its infancy to a nine-country enterprise, with more than 1,000 branches, 17,000 employees, annual revenue which exceeded $100 million and assets surpassed $12 billion. This successful venture took Glen to countries throughout the continents Europe, Asia, and South America.

As Wakeman recounts his investments during that time he muses, “The best $100 I ever spent was in a Spanish language course at Berlitz. It opened my mind to other cultures, other styles, other ways of thinking. It caused me to want to see the world.” He humorously adds, “It also helped me convince my beautiful Argentine wife to go out on a date with me.” The assignment that took Glen Wakeman to Latin America was a tremendous success, both professionally and personally.


Savvy Business Owner

Through Glen’s journey of starting various businesses, he analyzed why some entrepreneurs experience failure rather than success. He noted although he’d heard many good business ideas, they were usually missing a component when they failed – structure. Per Wakeman, “An idea isn’t a plan.” Glen’s journey through entrepreneurship wasn’t a straight line either. He recalls a failure when he launched Snappy Answers. The premise of the service was delivering messages, which Glen wrote and recorded, through clients’ answering machines. According to his analysis, the business failed because he lacked a marketing plan and capital.

Glen created LaunchPad Holdings, LLC to fill the gap around the business structure for new entrepreneurs. The SaaS (software as a service) provides the automation companies can use to consolidate their ideas, then create their actionable strategies. As a business mentor, Glen Wakeman seeks to help new entrepreneurs avoid many of the struggles he endured on his journey – so they experience fewer detours along the way.



Jordan Lindsey Questions Whether Bitcoin Price Increase is Tied to $400 Million Mystery Purchase

Bitcoin sentiment is bullish again. As of this morning, the 24 hours high crossed $11,000 USD and trading volume has been steadily increasing in proportion with the rises in price.


What all this means, no one knows for certain. Speculation abounds that the bottom was reached when the price per bitcoin dropped to just under $6000 and that major investors took the opportunity to buy at a 65 percent discount. (Read more about Jordan Lindsey on Crunchbase: Jordan Lindsey)


There is still a healthy amount of cautious speculation that the dramatic increase the past 2 weeks is just another short-term bubble in the making. One event that drew a lot of raised eyebrows was a mysterious anonymous trade at the end of the 2nd week of February for an estimated $400 million in bitcoin.


Branded with the online moniker the “$400 million whale,” social media and forum chatter about the significance of the trade for the future of the cryptocurrency were just as discussion ripe as was the identity of the enigmatic trader. Visit This Page for more information.


President of 360 Blockchain Jeff Koyen considers the strong possibility that the trade is from a major financial institution. Such a speculation may not be all that farfetched. Despite Wall Street’s overt remarks berating cryptocurrency investors, they have been known to be secretly acquiring bitcoin on behalf of their investors.


The now famous tirade in September 2017 during which JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon lambasted bitcoin as a “fraud” and branded bitcoin investors “stupid” was followed a few days later by his firm’s massive purchase of XBT shares, financial notes which are tied to bitcoin.


Currently, the immaturity of cryptocurrency as a financial instrument and lack of regulation makes it a target susceptible to manipulation by large investment institution actors. While it’s unclear who the “$400 million whale” is. One thing is sure. Bitcoin investors who bought on the dip earlier this year have nearly doubled their investment before the end of the 1st quarter.


Jordan Lindsey


Known for his Bitcoin Growth Bot, Jordan Lindsey saw an opportunity to promote his own crypto token in a way that synergistically benefits the cryptocurrency community.


The veteran trader is also a self-taught computer programmer and architect and has developed trading software supporting professional investment firms. Among his investment accomplishments, the Nucleus Token released in Q3 2017 resulted in a successful crowd sale.


Founder of JCL Capital, Lindsey has studied at Saint Joseph’s College and Mount Angel Seminary.



Visit Lindsey’s profile on: