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Tony Petrel Makes Things Better for Nabors.

Even though he is one of the highest paid CEOs in the country, Tony Petrello knows there are things he has to do to make sure his company is a positive one. He tries to always make sure things are working out for the company and that’s how he does the best business possible. If he is able to look out for the needs of all the other people who work under him, he knows he will be able to continue helping the company grow. The point of him being the CEO is to always look out for the company and the people the company serves.

If Tony Petrello is able to help more people, he knows what it will take to give them what they need. He also knows there will be different ways in which people are doing business. Because of the hard work Tony Petrello has put into different things, he is sure he will be able to continue thriving in different situations. He is also sure about the positive impact he has on different communities no matter what they are doing or where he is going to go with those communities. More about Tony @

As long as Tony Petrello feels confident about his business, he tries to make sure there are things he is doing the right way for the company. He likes to look at the future of Nabors and see how well the company is going to perform. Since it is a company that is focused on geothermal properties, he has to make sure there are going to be things he can do to provide his customers with each of the things that will help them be as successful as possible in different situations.

In addition to working on these things, Tony Petrello also serves as a director for other companies and organizations. He works in a philanthropic setting as the Director for the Texas Children’s Hospital. He also serves his community in other ways so he can continue to help people with different opportunities. As long as Tony Petrello is doing what he can to help people with different options, he feels he is being the best CEO and businessman he can be. It all goes back to the way he can do different things and the way he can show people how they are going to continue to thrive while they are in different businesses.

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Louis Chenevert becomes the legend he always knew he was

Louis Chenevert has received the title of “Legendary Businessmen” along with people like Jack Welch, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet. His accomplishments are known far and wide, and many people study his business tactics that they may learn how to be more profitable.

Chenevert’s journey all began the day he started attending HEC of Montreal, the business school affiliate of the University of Montreal. Here, he studied Production Management seeing that it provided the best path to one day becoming a CEO. During his time there, he won the affection of his professors and used those connections to land a lucrative job when he graduated. Read more on

Chenevert began working for General Motors as a Production Manager for the division of Pontiacs. He chose this spot specifically because it was known as the good training grounds to one day become a Chief Executive Officer in another company. He worked here for fourteen years without ever receiving a promotion. Chenevert knew that he had the skills. When he approached the higher-ups, they offered him a supervisor position. However, Pratt and Whitney came along and offered to train him to be their next president.

After eight years being at Pratt & Whitney, the United Technologies Corporation with approach Louis Chenevert with a 22 million dollar package and the opportunity to become Chief Executive Officer of their company.

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Chenevert Gladly accepted this offer and immediately begin to increase profits for the company. At UTC he knew that the Aerospace manufacturing Market was in constant flux so if they wanted to continue making a profit they had to diversify. He decided that the best way to do so would be to go into related businesses such as air conditioning, heating, and transport.

Louis Chenevert then propelled UTC forward by acquiring several different companies. The first company acquired was the old one he was president of Pratt & Whitney. Even acquired the world’s oldest elevator company, Otis. Lastly, in a move that shook the entire economy, he acquired for 16.3 billion dollars the company of Goodrich. These moves increased the value of the company to $63 billion. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Wings Journal.

Brad Reifler Uses Money Monster to Tell a Tale

Money Monster is a scary film. No, the feature is not a horror project. The movie is a comedy, but the subject matter has a serious edge to it. Under the broad laughs, the plot plays to the anxieties many people feel about the financial world. The narrative focuses on a “Wall Street guru” taken hostage by a client who lost all his money due to following the guru’s advice.

Brad Reifler is a very successful financial expert. He uses the film as a device to warn people about how they put their money to work. (XRepublic has all the details) Reifler does not want to scare anyone into staying out the financial world. People do need to invest their money. Reifler just wants them to do so in an effective manner and not lose money unnecessarily.

In the article, Reifler warns investors about some of the troubles they may run into when wishing to invest their money. He tells them to be mindful of high fees and stock market risk. Reifler also wants the average investor to realize their options are limited since net worth keeps them out of certain vehicles.

Reifler positively does know what he is talking about. At present, Reifler is the CEO of Forefront capital, a company he founded in May of 2009. Previously, he founded Pali Capital.

Brad Reifler’s formal education comes in the form of a degree from Bowdoin College according to Wikipedia. Before founding his own businesses, he served as a trader and also was a director of a securities company. Today, he shares his knowledge through informative articles written to help new investors.

Brian Bonar and the Limitless Achievements of an Entrepreneur

While it is admirable to merely hold a job in this financial downturn, being an entrepreneur is an even greater achievement. For one thing, an entrepreneur is able to create a job for himself around something that he likes and is very passionate about. Another thing is that he can achieve anything he puts his mind to. He does not have to worry about being passed over for a promotion. There is also no glass ceiling that will hold him down. Not only will he succeed with the right amount of effort, but he will also gain recognition for his success.

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Brian Bonar Trains His Employees In Exceptional Customer Service

Brian Bonar | Whitepages

Among the recognized entrepreneurs that have succeed in the financial realm is Brian Bonar. Brian has recently received the highest honor of the Professional Networking Community. Bonar has over 30 years of experience being a manager in the industry of finances. He is more than qualified to look over the operations of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He was the CEO of the company for more than 10 years. He has been in charge of a variety of benefits for employers and employees. He has also been responsible for the products of the aftermarket. Brian Bonar has proven to be very competent in his field because he truly enjoyed what he does.

Because of his diligence in running his company, he has earned a lot of recognition. He is an example of what one could do if he thinks outside of the box and decides to take a risk so that he could reap rewards. Brian Bonar is also someone who is very careful and calculated about his decisions. Without the thought and knowledge, his business would not have been as successful. When one is working in an industry that is based around what he enjoys, he increases his chance not only for success, but for innovation in the field of his choice.

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Brian Bonar Making A Dynasty In Escondido

BPatrick Ponsaty is one of the famous chefs explicating his uniqueness with traditional French delicacies at the Bellamys. His cooking is understated from this dynasty where he has created a name for being number 3 overall in making cuisine and pastry in Paris a position he was awarded globally.

He has overtime described his cuisine as French despite being soft-spoken his art is one against many other in the region. Bellamy has earned his presence in this case considering his prestigious position globally. Ponsaty’s desert is one in a million; he never forgets the traditional aspect of any dessert he makes or gives instructions to. Brian, in this case, is hitting a bonus with managing to have him as the in charge chef at Bellamys.

Bellamy an Escondido restaurant owned by Brian Bonar is turning into a great dining destination. The menu is inspiring and impeccable, pastry, dessert; it is the French hotel now. Ponsaty has made a preference from many by Eve having his daughter manage part of the hotel’s activities.

The ranch has become a preference for many as great for cuisines and downtown pizza plaza from the services to the great aerial views of the restaurant. Ponsaty has attributed into it the most tradition a feeling and warmth from all the services and food available. The delicacies are also something to die for; it is a replica of other famous French cuisines place ever run by the famous and inspiring Ponsaty.

Brian, a famous Scottish entrepreneur, is the person behind the success of Bellamy to being a preferable 4-star hotel in a ranch. He has brought well the aspect of modern luxury through the ranch hotel to be the best in Sandi ego. Currently, he is in a management of two firms, and he admits to having a passion for leading the best teams to participate in every opportunity that comes across.

Brian Bonar heads Trucepts and Dalrada Financial Services as the chief executive officer. In addition, he is a very active board member in the Dalrada Financial Services board memberships. He is an empathic, effective and bold person when it comes to leadership and is highly appreciated by most of his colleagues.

Bonar studied a degree in mechanical engineering from James Watt Mechanical College and also earned a master in the same course from Stafford University. His specialty is mergers and acquisitions and has also worked with IBM as a marketer and in charge of the outsourcing motherboard for the various pieces produced by IBM.

As a manager and a leader at Tucepts he has been highly regarded for making things happen, not waiting for them to happen. Bonar is active whenever he is needed to be and has even founded his own companies majorly relating to the production of printing machines. His hobbies include boating and golfing.

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Ricardo Guimares was born in 1951 in a town called Belo Horizonte. He began working in the family business as an office assistant in 1980 and eventually graduated in business administration from UNA, Brazil in 1988.The new degree saw him named the Chief financial officer of the bank.


Ricardo Guimares was announced as the vice president in 1996 and the president in 2001.He has also received other awards like Grand collar of the legislative merit in 2004 and an honorary degree from Town Hall in 2011.


Ricardo Guimares also started a hedge fund to help soccer players. He has invested more than $ 20 million to buy the economic rights of several athletes who were at work in eight clubs.


Ricardo Guimares comes from a wealthy family. His grandfather Flávio de Son Pentagma Guimarães was a great entrepreneur miner who invested in different areas such as agriculture, coffee plantation and a cannery. His father on the hand owned a mine in Minas.


Despite his wealthy origins, Guimares is known for his vocation for hard work and innovation. It is this work ethic that has seen him turn BMG around. It is today one of the biggest banks in Brazil and a leader in consigned credit. It has over 5 million customers served by around 3000 branches and 50000 employees.


Today the Bank is the largest sponsor of sports teams in Brazil. It has a catalogue of 100 teams wait for its money every year . By having the three orange letters printed on the shirts of players all over the country, BMG has gone ahead to receive visibility as a brand. It has the highest returns per dollar invested of all teams in Brazil. It has also ventured in Tennis where it sponsors Marcio Melo.He is a well-ranked tennis player ranked number 4 by the ATP.


Ricardo Guimares also is a football fan. His favourite club is Atletico Mineiro.He even served as the president for five years. His commitment to the management of the team saw him earn much respect, both from the team board as well as the fans. His name stands tall among the club’s legends.


Ricardo Guimares is a man of many 1sts.He has also been awarded many times by the local city Bero Horizonte.He even has an honorary degree from Town hall. To discover more about him just read this wiki.

The Success of Bruce Levenson

One of the most influential entrepreneurs and businessmen in the United States is a man known as Bruce Levenson. What makes Bruce Levenson such an influential individual is the fact that Mr. Levenson sticks to traditional values and has always honored his family’s roots and has kept his roots in consideration for all transactions that Mr. Levenson has every made with clients. Bruce Levenson’s success started at an early age when Mr. Levenson went off to the prestigious University of Washington University.

Before going off to University, Mr. Levenson began his life, specifically, his birth, in Northern Virginia. Mr. Levenson grew up in an area in Maryland known as Chevy Chase. Mr. Levenson, at an early age, was taught to stick to traditional family values. Growing up in a Jewish family has greatly influenced Bruce Levenson in every decision that he has made.

After graduating from Washington University in Illinois, Mr. Levenson moved back to Washington D.C., where he earned a law degree at American University. With this law degree, Mr. Levenson utilized it to co-found a company in which he is currently very much involved in. This company is called the United Communications Group and was a company that was founded by Bruce Levenson and his partner who is Ed Peskowitz. The company started out in the the apartment of Bruce Levenson by printing out weekly newspapers for the public. The newspapers varied in topics, yet touched mostly upon the topic of the oil company. With the oil industry booming at this time in the United States, these newsletters became vastly popular among the community.

After the company had made some headway, the United Communications Group began using more newsletters from many other different companies. These newsletters touched base on other topics such as technology, communication, healthcare, the media, and many other hot topics.

Mr. Levenson’s most notable accomplishment is that Mr. Levenson was the former co-owner and the team manager for Atlanta Hawks. Mr. Levenson’s role among the NBA team members was not only as an investor but also as a manager who wanted to be involved with the lives of the team members as a role model. Mr. Levenson even took his team to visit Northern Virginia to visit to Holocaust Museum. This field trip was made for the purpose of teaching his team perspective. Mr. Levenson even brought along his mother in-law who is a concentration camp survivor.

Mr. Levenson’s Jewish roots continue to influence his decisions. Mr. Levenson’s family values are what encourage him to constantly give back and to support the community. One example Mr. Levenson’s support is how constantly donates and volunteers for an organization that has been dubbed the foundation of pursing education. This foundation is dedicated to help children who come from families that cannot support education, to pursue a high level of education with assistance. In addition to this, Mr. Levenson is a constant visitor at several of the famous Museums in Washington D.C. Mr Levenson even sometimes trains the tour guides on how to give the most informative tours.