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TV Listings by Lawrence Bender

Born Lawrence Kirk Bender on October 17, 1957, he is an American producer. He is of Romanian ancestry. Lawrence graduated with Civil Engineering in 1979 from the University of Maine. This is a passion said to have been adopted by his grandfather. Bender once was a ballet dancer before setting foot in the film industry. His first production was in 1989 with the movie Intruder.

Lawrence Bender’s fame has made a significant way by even having his productions appearing in different TV Shows and listings. In these TV programmes, it wouldn’t be a wonder to find two of his works in a single day or maybe thrice a week. His work has also made way into the most significant channels in the United States as well as DirecTV and dish networks offering comedy, action, and drama. Most notably his films are in MOMAX, STZEN, and WGNA.

In his filmography, Lawrence Bender has four titles under his projects in development umbrella. These include Fonzo, Kill Bill: Vol.3, and Rocketman where he is the producer. Also, Lawrence Bender has a TV Movie: Rosewell where he is the executive producer. He has two films in production entitled: A Civilized Life and The Widow both of which he is the producer. Bender has a count of 52 past movies and videos which include 2017’s An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth of Power. There is a count of 16 titles of his previous television shows including ten episodes 2018 TV Series: Seven Seconds.

Despite being a producer, Lawrence Bender has 23 titles of what is named as self. These are ones that he has been featured himself. They include among many 2012’s Quentin Tarantino: 20 years of Filmmaking, famous TV Series: Real Time with Bill Maher and The L Word where he has featured in one episode. To date, most of his films and shows are available on the internet where people stream and watch online. According to a study on the TVGuide website, many people are streaming his all-time movies, and the number is still escalating. In a website Reelgood which is a Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO and 50+ others all in one app, a list of all his films which has directed, written, acted in and produced – all under one roof. It offers a wide range of choices where you can sort them by category, popularity, and release date. They also are available in alphabetical order or by their IMDB ranking in order.

Former Heavy Metal Drummer Cassio Audi

Former drummer, Cassio Audi, along with the other members of the pioneering Brazilian heavy metal group known as Viper, made history over 3 decades ago when their first album became a big hit. Songs like Knights of Destruction, which was from their debut LP called Soldiers of Sunrise, was very popular among their new fans, and this was what put them on the map in the music industry.

Just like all the others in the group, Cassio Audi was in his teen years when he joined Viper in 1985. One of the reasons why the boys had formed the musical group was because of the fact that they were influenced and inspired by the British heavy metal bands of the 1970s, like one called Iron Maiden. Viper had new or replacement members over the course of the few years they were in circulation. Some of the members were: Felipe Machad, Andre Matos, Pit Passarell, Yves Passarell and Sergio Facci.

After Cassio Audi made departure from the group, he went on to earn a business degree from Pontifical Catholic University and then began working in the corporate world as an executive in the real estate and banking industry. He became one of his country’s most well-known investment experts who was responsible for teaching clients how to effectively and strategically manage their funds when it comes to buying stocks.

Although he parted with his former band Viper years ago, he and the other members of the group have remained friends over the years, and they still get together from time to time in their hometown of Sao Paulo to put on a concert for the loyal fans who still enjoy their music, and who are still impressed by and proud of the fact that they were Brazil’s first heavy metal rockers.

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