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How OSI Industries Continues to Stay Relevant

OSI Industries likes to stay relevant in the food industry. From responsible sourcing to the acquisition of new businesses, they do what they can to remain as relevant as possible in the food industry. OSI Industries has embraced the food culture and has learned how to go above and beyond to get where they want to be. The company strives for excellence and will not stop until they are the best in the world. While they have the distinction of being the best food supplier in many different countries, they focus their business efforts on doing it worldwide.

Even though OSI Industries has other companies they operate in Europe, their acquisition of Flagship Europe will allow them to make the most out of their presence in the countries. They want people to realize they are doing their best to remain relevant and they are trying to break into every country. As a food service company, they are providing something every country needs. They hope being in Europe as a part of the Flagship Europe branding they’ll be giving the countries what they need. It is their goal to growand offer something to every country in Europe.

Unlike other food service companies, OSI Industries tries to stay responsible for the food they create and the food they sell to various companies. They know sustainability is a huge problem in the food industry and they want to change that to make it better. By being responsible for the food they have, they are giving themselves a chance to increase sustainability. The company wants to keep trying new things and creating new opportunities to make themselves better. It will help them show people how things will get better and will also allow them the chance to do more in the business they are a part of.

Without even focusing on Europe, OSI Industries is set to grow to twice the size they currently are in the coming years. They have a desire to grow and they want to make sure they are the most relevant company in the industry. As long as they remain relevant, they will have that chance to grow. They will also make things easier for themselves while they are growing. If they have more companies in more locations, they will have more resources they can use to help themselves stay profitable no matter what is going on around them in the food industry.

The services they provide help OSI Industries grow and give people what they are looking for. Many of the companies they work with are international brands. They have created a strong international presence so they can help these companies. Businesses recognize what they are doing. Whether OSI Industries is serving a small family owned restaurant or the famous golden arches, they give the same level of customer service. Their customers are the driving factor for their business so they do what they can to keep them happy and coming back for more of the food they offer. OSI acquires UK’s Flagship Europe

Barbara Stokes Making a Difference in Alabama through GSH

Barbara Stokes together with Scott Stokes founded Green Structure Homes of Alabama in 2008. Green structure Homes of Alabama is a Disaster Relief contractor company based in Alabama. The company’s clients include private and government sector. GSH of Alabama, LLC provides a wide range of solutions for their customers. The firm capitalizes on engineering and manufacturing techniques together with state of the art design to provide quality product and services for their customer. GHS exhibits a well-structured company that is run by a team of experienced leaders who are changing the game of in the industry by providing competitive and quality products.

The HuntsVille-based Disaster relief company recently created new jobs in over six states. The posts were in communities of Florida, Minnesota, Texas, Virginia, and Northern Carolina. The company is committed to producing modular homes for the people affected by various natural disasters like the Hurricane Harvey. The company will support local business in all the eight communities that are involved in and help in creating direct and indirect jobs in and around these areas. GSH also focuses on providing quality homes that can be delivered quickly to families that need them the most. Green structure homes delivery remains exceptional. The company has facilitated many projects over time and remains on course in this vision. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Barbara Stokes has been working with a team of great professionals in providing exceptional products and services in the disaster and relief area. Her leadership skills in the disaster Relief Construction Industry at GSH of Alabama LCC have a proven track record of excellence. Barbara Stokes has extensive experience in disaster and relief management from working at Boeing and Pisces Corporation. She has extensive experience in government contracting. Barbara proudly leads GSH in support of the government mission as well as That of FEMA. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.


Barbara Stokes is a graduate of Mercer University. She studied Biomedical Engineering and physics and completed in 2001. She also studied technical communications, Thermodynamics, properties of the material, technical communication and structures while at the university. Apart from her unique and compelling leadership qualities, Stokes has a genuine passion for creating solutions in stressful situations that. Her benevolence comes a long way in influencing the decisions in the GSH of Alabama, LLC which are accurate in most cases. She is highly committed to quality and prompt delivery. She leads a team of focused individuals who are committed to achieving the mission and the vision of the company.


Susan McGalla’s Success in Women Leadership

According to statistics, businesses with a 15% gender diversity are more likely to outdo other companies. When it comes to businesses with ethnic diversity, they are 35% more likely to outperform those that are not diverse. These companies can outdo the others because they are considered to be open to new ideas.

Susan McGalla helps to lead the way for women to become leaders. She has worked her way up through the positions of American Eagle Outfitters. The company’s executive were all men when McGalla started to work there. Before leaving the company, she had become the president. She is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting.

Susan McGalla is currently the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development which is an industry dominated by men. She was confident when she started working in a company that gave her a chance to continue to move up the position as she earned it.

Not all women are getting such opportunities as Susan McGalla did. Women have been addressing the glass ceiling issue for years. The initiatives and networks for women work to offer support for women leaders and encourage them to share their ideas together. The initiatives give women a platform to plan and strategize their businesses, connect and learn the current trends from other women in the same industry.

A solution to the gender discrimination in companies can be through the creation of sponsorship opportunities. Women who are highly devoted to their careers should look for an executive in the decision-making sector to act as a sponsor. The sponsor can recommend the women to work on essential tasks and lead projects. This way the women will be able to move up the ranks in companies.

Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla was born in 1964, East Liverpool, Ohio. She attended Mount Union College and received a degree in Business and Marketing. She started working as a divisional merchandise buyer for clothes for women at American Eagle Outfitters. She served in various managerial positions until she became the president of the company.

Susann McGalla gives credit to the way she was raised for her success in women leadership. Her dad was a football coach, and she had two brothers. Growing up in such a family made her work hard for what she wanted, and she carried the lesson in her workplace hence holding several high positions.

Find out more about Susan McGalla:

Businesswoman Susan McGalla Was Born To Lead

Businesswoman and CEO Susan McGalla is one of the highest-performing corporate females who have climbed their way up through the ranks. At the age of 52, she has not only run three Fortune 500 companies, she also owns a firm that focuses on helping other companies strive.

The East Liverpool, Ohio native was born to succeed. Her father, also a high school football coach, always instilled in Susan McGalla the importance of having good principles and a drive to be the best you can be. Failure was not an option.

After graduating from Mount Union College, Susan McGalla went to work for Joseph Horne Company. She worked in a variety of managerial positions and got her first taste of sexism. “I saw that there were very few women in the boardroom,” said McGalla. After she felt she had done her work, she moved on to American Eagle Outfitters on It didn’t take long for her to be named CEO. Again, she dealt with misogyny, resentments and outdated attitudes by some of her male counterparts. While some women would have thrown in the towel, McGalla took it as an opportunity to thrive.

“As the old saying goes, you have to be twice as good as a man.” McGalla proved to be an excellent role model and someone women could admire. After moving on to Wet Seal Inc., McGalla was already a proven professional. But after a year of so with the company, she decided it wasn’t the right fit for her and she moved on.

McGalla founded P3 Consultants in 2009 on Bloomberg. It was a tremendous opportunity to help others get their careers and companies back on the path to success. She serves on the board of directors of many companies including Magee Women’s Hospital, the University of Pittsburgh and the Allegheny Conference on Human Development. One of her most treasured positions is with the Pittsburgh Steelers organization.

McGalla says she feels incredibly blessed. She’s worked very hard and made a number of sacrifices to get where she is today. Her goal is to help every women that she can climb that corporate ladder and break the glass ceiling. “If I can do it, anyone can,” said McGalla. You just have to know how to navigate the waters.” Reference: