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George Soros Is A Leader

George Soros is a leader in philanthropy. He helps many in need, especially if they have been led away from regular society. Some of the types of people he helps are sex workers and drug users. He wants to make it so that they can come back into the mainstream of the society once again.

No Easy Time For Soros

About George Soros he had to see a lot. Being Jewish, himself and his family suffered immensely. Being treated poorly by many people, they still found the ability to help others. That was instilled in him since he was a child, and years later it is still evident.

His Hedge Fund Is Called Soros Fund Management

In the year 1970, George Soros decided to open a Hedge Fund. He named it the Soros Fund Management. He made a lot of money through his Hedge Fund, and he used it to begin the Open Society Foundation. Through his foundation, he could help even more people than before, and it instilled in him even more determination that he had before to make the world even better.

Some Accuse George Soros As A Threat

The Atlantic published an article that states that George Soros is seen as a capitalism threat. It goes on to state that the Whitehouse is even saying this. Has this stopped George Soros from continuing to do what he does best? No, he continues to help others whenever he can.

He Is Proud To Have The Ability To Help Others

With his money and abilities, he is proud to help others in any way that he can. He believes in offering them scholarships through his Open Society Foundation in the hopes that they will learn to be giving also. This is what he wants. For others to do well, and to give back to the world in a profound way so that others can be helped too.There are people all over the globe that are thankful for what George Soros has done for them. They see him as a shining light for others to look up to and try to be like.

George Soros: A Real Life Superhero

George Soros is considered to be one of the most influential investors of all time. He is an investor, a business magnate and a philanthropist who has given over $11 billion dollars in numerous causes.

This is an e=incredible amount of money, no doubt, but even more, generous and character defining when you look at the fact that he makes $25 billion annually. The man gives nearly half of his earnings. Learn more about his profile at

Who is Georage Soros

As mention earlier he is a business magnate and investor. He is Hungarian- American and currently funds many progressive organizations and parties. His philanthropy has been one of his most remarkable and recognizable characteristic traits about him.

He has offered scholarships for many youths in South Africa as well as for many Eastern European students. He funds many political parties in America that are also very liberal and progressive.

His mindset that he has been given so much that he wants to give back so much has really made him a super star, especially in the lives and eyes of those he has financially helped in their time of economic needs.

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What is the Open Society Foundation?

The Open Society Foundation (OFS) mission is to financially support civil society groups throughout the world. The foundation has those groups that fight on behalf of human rights, education, environmental changes, and women rights.

However, there is much more group that the Federation helps as well. The organization was founded by George Soros and as a result, since it’s inception has been a great provider of financial help and educational help.

As mentioned earlier many students who do not have the financial means to go to school or who have not been lucky to receive a grant or scholarship have received financial hope from this Federation.

Final Thoughts

In today’s society where superheroes have dominated the big screen, it is good to know that the world does have good men like George Soros. A man wh has so much and gives back so much, not just to his country and people but to the world. Read this article at Washington Times.

He epitomizes the phrase, “with great power comes great responsibility” better than Spiderman.

Jim Tananbaum’s Approach to Work With Foresite Capital

Jim Tananbaum has been the CEO at Foresite Capital for the past 25 years. In that time frame Tananbaum has helped to evolve the company into the most prominent investor in the healthcare field that we have personally seen. Foresite Capital is currently invested in 77 different companies that range up and down the specialty spectrum. From bio-pharmaceuticals to genome sequencing, Foresite Capital has taken notice. Jim Tananbaum is a huge reason for the success of the company and as such he made more than a little bit of advice for people back home.

For Jim Tananbaum the approach to Foresite Capital was no different because of its in depth technical knowledge, it was still a business and he kept his entrepreneurial approach the same. As an entrepreneur Tananbam says, “I tend to take more risks, especially when I have spent a lot of time understanding a situation.” Tananbaum has always believed in the power of self-confidence but it didn’t come to him until later on in life. One of Tananbaum’s biggest regrets in life is not relying completely upon himself early on. Tananbaum admits that he gave too much credence to other voices early on in his business endeavors.

In a report by INC42, for all of his work as an entrepreneur Tananbaum can’t argue the fact that he has relied upon a great team for pretty much every success that Foresite Capital has come across. In fact, the majority of his day is spent interacting and networking with various professionals within his team. Tananbaum starts each day by scheduling in person and over the phone meetings. From there, Tananbaum leans on the kinetic energy that comes when talented individuals come together to share techniques and learn.

Still, even with discipline and a great team Tananbaum wouldn’t have found success without his own personal drive. Tananbaum credits much of his success with his unending interest and passion for science, technology, and healthcare. Tananbaum says, “My love of learning is what drives me to find the best and brightest solutions science has to offer.” Who can argue with that mindset when the results are so apparent in front of us? Visit pelotontherapeutics for more details.

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Anthony Petrello might be your next door NABOR

The business world offers many traps for the unwary. Even when someone is prepared, they may find themselves at the whims of sudden shifts in the winds of fortune. After spending 22 years at NABOR, a company that provides support for drilling to natural gas wells, geothermal energy installations, and oil wells, Antony Petrello is well acquainted with many of these traps. Sometimes these sudden shifts of fortune come from a change in the economic climate, or they come from shareholder pressure. One such change is how executives should be paid. Petrello led and agreed a growing movement that shifted the way top executives at NABOR should be paid.

The controversy occurred several years after the Great Recession started. Many people felt the US bankers who helped cause the event should have been punished with jail time. Instead, they were rewarded with bonuses. The money to pay for these bonuses often came from the bailout funds. It sparked ire. Several years later, shareholders demanded that executive pay be tied to the performance of the company.

Petrello saw the writing on the wall. Anthony Petrello decided to lead the way in the pay structure change. Like any good leader, he decided to set the example. He let his contract be bought out so new executives could take over his role as chief executive officer at the company. After 22 years, he found it hard to leave entirely, and the company welcomed his further input. Anthony Petrello continues to serve on the board of directors. In the past he served as a director for the Texas Children’s Hospital and a committee member and a director for Steward and Diesel. For more info about us: click here.

How James Dondero is Making Waves in the Investment Sector

James Dondero is a financial executive and investor with more than three decades of experience. Dondero attended the University of Virginia where he majored in Accounting and Finance. Dondero is a chartered financial analyst (CFA) and a certified management accountant (CMA). Dondero started his career as an analyst at JP Morgan before becoming a corporate bond analyst at American Express. He was later promoted to portfolio manager before becoming the chief investment officer of Protective Life. He is credited with growing the firm’s assets to $2 Billion in four years. He is the Chairman of Nexbank, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Healthcare.


Dondero is the co-founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management. Dondero was featured in Barron’s magazine cover story last month. Dondero said that his biggest strength as an investor has been his ability to solve puzzles. Highland offers mutual fund investors access to its investment ideas that are curated by Dondero. The Highland Global Allocation Fund is worth $900 million dollars today. The fund has increased to 30% over the past year. It is listed in Morningstar’s world allocation category. The fund invests in a single company or several firms in the same sector that have produced large performance swings.


James Dondero and his team decided to venture into Argentina in 2012. They foresaw a massive recovery of the country’s economy. They did a lot of research and visited the country many times over the course of two years. The firm made a sizeable investment in Argentina’s debt in 2014. The move paid off for them in late 2015 when the country elected a new president. The firm decided to invest in MLPs in 2015 after the oil prices plunged. The fund invested close to 15% of its assets in several MLP companies. It worked out very well for them. MLPs averaged 18% return last year. Highland was able to double some of its positions.


Highland has a donor-advised fund that directs more than $3 million towards charitable organizations each year. One of the initiatives that the fund has supported heavily is the Reasoning Mind. It brings technology to children in remote areas.