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Iggy Azalea Is Putting Out A Book

It seems as if anyone who has a famous name, they want to do anything they can to bring in a profit. Kim Kardashian is known for taking a selfie every single day, and she even made a book called “Selfish.” Kim’s book featured tons of her selfies, and she also gives advice on how to take a selfie on a regular basis. Even though the book sounded like a joke, it still netted Kim a lot of money. Even those who disliked Kim, they came to her book signing, they purchased the book, and then they cussed her out for wearing fur.

It seems as if Iggy thought it was a handy idea and decided to jump on the bandwagon, and she’s creating her own book as well. Iggy is making a book, and it will be about the things that happen behind-the-scenes in the entertainment industry. Iggy has cancelled her first upcoming tour, not once, but twice, and the store will not be rescheduled. Iggy has made one excuse after another about why she cancelled the tour, but ultimately she claims she will tour in 2016.

It’s unwise for Iggy to put off the tour until next year because everyone knows that the life span of a rapper is very short. We’ll have to wait and see if Iggy is as hot next year as she has been in the past year. Iggy’s book will be a coffee table book, and she worked with a friend to write the book.