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Jeff Aronin And The Wizards Of Paragon


Paragon Biosciences is a noteworthy company for one reason above all, and that is the fact that they produce new and innovative medicines at about the same rate that the major companies do. While there are certainly bigger and much richer pharma companies out there, it is pretty remarkable to see a smaller company that can keep up with them in terms of results. Their CEO Jeff Aronin has been at the helm of the company for ten years, and in that time about thirteen new medicines have been developed, approved, and released.



Successful Method

Their winning strategy can be attributed to a winning process. It exists as a three-step process. Step one is identification, which means identifying both the disease that you want to treat, and the people that you want to research it. The company focuses on neglected and/or less well known areas of medicine, such as rare skin disorders and narcolepsy. They look for ailments that do not have a whole lot of treatment options at present ( Step two is to build a coalition of companies from their portfolio, and to provide the capital for the work to commence. Step three is development, which is where the idea and the research come together to create the end result.



Biopharmaceutical Expert

Jeff Aronin has a lifetime of experience in the biotech and life science professions. From a young age, Aronin cultivated a passion for health care that later led him to pharmaceuticals. He is CEO of Paragon and a number of the companies in its portfolio, as well. What he brings to the table is the marketing, finance, and business skills that make all the science possible. This has helped him not only to attract new investors, but also the best CEO’s and scientists for the job. Jeff Aronin record of awards from various civic organizations is extensive, and includes the prestigious Weizmann Leadership Award. The list of charitable organizations and non-profits that receive support from him are also a long list.


Without going into any of these long lists, which nobody wants to read, let me just save you some reading and say that this guy is doing a lot for medical research.