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My Dog Enjoys Eating All The Beneful He Can Get

I have a secret that I’m keeping about the dog food that I feed my pet. I work for a dog food manufacturer that’s in my town, but I don’t feed my dog any food from the company that I work for. I feel a bit guilty to know that I’m working for a company, but I’m not loyal enough to feed my dog their food, but I have my reasons for not doing so. My dog has food allergies, and this means that I have to be picky about what kind of dog food I will feed him.

When I first started working at the dog food manufacturing plant, I made sure to get some bags of food to take home to my dog. I was allowed to buy the food at a steep discount, and I was very excited to know that my dog would have food that he would like. I was mistaken when I thought that my dog would like the food, because he became very sick from it after only eating it one time. I wasn’t certain what was in the food was making him sick, so I had to take the dog for a visit to the veterinarian.

The veterinarian visit was very hard because by the time the dog got there he was extremely sick. My dog was throwing up, and he was even shaking as if he was having seizures. I remember crying my heart out watching my dog suffer, and I was told that the ingredients in my dog food were making the dog sick. The veterinarian pinpointed in the ingredients list on the dog food bag what was probably making the dog sick, and I chose to stop feeding him the food altogether. I gave the bags of food away, and I made a choice to buy a different kind of food for my dog.

I’m not saying the company I work for is manufacturing bad dog food, but I know that my dog cannot eat it because of his allergic reactions. I choose to buy Beneful dog food because I previously fed it to a dog that I owed. Although I gave my previous dog away, I always fed him Beneful, and he also had a food allergy as well. The reason I chose Beneful is because my previous veterinarian had said it was great dog food for any pet, so I would only buy Beneful for my dog.

I don’t discuss with other people at work what I feed my dog, and maybe it’s because I feel that they may look at me differently or even fire me. The sickness that my dog went through was very real, so I have the right to choose another brand of dog food for my pet. I choose Beneful on youtube as the only food for my dog, and my dog hasn’t had any allergic reactions when I feed him Beneful. In fact, my dog absolutely loves eating Beneful, and I find him eating a lot more of the Beneful than any other brand of food I’ve tried in the past.