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Career Achievements Of Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the executive vice president and chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects. The renowned architect has achieved notable achievements in his career and his successes have been attributed to his commitment and dedication towards his career.

Robert Ivy started his career at McGraw-Hill Construction Media, where he served as the firm’s editorial director and vice president. The company entailed Greensource, a magazine that majorly focused on offering detailed information on design and construction field. The renowned architect saw the magazine gain fame in the broader parts of the United States with a vast number of people, particularly architects seeking to earn from the counsel he offered concerning the field.

In the early 1990`s Robert Ivy served various roles in many publishing companies and he was the critic of a vast number of national publication firm in the country. He has showcased a vast understanding of the basis for success in the field of architecture and many people have sought his counsel regarding the field. Robert Ivy has always been passionate about his field of specialization and he has striven to work together with other people to bring success and innovation in the sector.

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In his editorial leadership roles, Robert brought a major revolution in the field of architecture through sharing eye-catching ideas concerning the field as well as keeping is readers involved and active through the various platforms he managed. The CEO of AIA has received a lot of accreditation from a vast number of people due to is contributions to the various media platforms sharing his thoughts with other people concerning the field of architecture.

He was honored with the McGraw Award for excellence and demonstration of admirable leadership skills in the field of architecture and in his editorial role. He has also received a series of awards for the notable successes he has brought to the field of construction.

Besides, the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters recently honored Robert Ivy with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievements Award. The president of AIA Carl Elefante for the notable successes he has brought in the firms praised Ivy and the president insisted that Ivy is an influential leader that strives to bring personal growth in every interested individual that seeks his counsel.

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