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For many years Wengie has been one of the top creators on YouTube. Originally born in China she now resides in Australia where she is one of the top lifestyle and Beauty gurus in the world. She does a large variety of do-it-yourself videos as well as life half videos. One of her top videos to date is her Draw My Life video in which she gives viewers a glimpse into what her life was like growing up.


The video begins with Wengie talking about her parents moving to Australia when she was just a young girl. At first she did not go instead she stayed behind with her nanny and grandparents. When she was 4 years old she flew to Melbourne to meet up with her parents where she ended up living for a few years before moving to Sydney Australia with her parents. Life was hard for when she in Australia. She did not have any friends at first and did not know how to socialize with other kids. She did well in school, however it was not until high school that she seemed to Blossom and become a social butterfly. During High School her mom became pregnant and Wengie soon had a baby brother named Jim. Although she did not know it at the time when G’s family was struggling for money. They got by with very little making clothes and toys at home and using the same tools and appliances for many years.


Before finding fame and fortune on YouTube Wengie worked as an accountant as well as a social media consultant although she prospered in both jobs and enjoyed them creating videos on YouTube is where her passion lines. To date when she has over 5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.