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Venezuela Restores 5-Day Work Week

The Venezuelan government just reported that the 2-day work week is no more. Economic shortages gripping the country have forced a lot of changes – mostly bad. Food, power and other basic supplies are nearly non-existent.
Government offices were forced to work only two days a week to ease the pressure of the energy shortage.

“The people in Venezuela are still in deep trouble” says expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez. Political unrest coupled with the lack of basic necessities have sent the country into a tailspin. No one knows when or if it will all end. President Nicolas Maduro is taking the brunt of the blame.

The energy minister announced that water levels at the main dam have been restored. The normalization has given way to restored energy. Manuel Gonzalez say the energy-saving bid is nothing more than a sham. Many workers simply went home and used computers.

The people of Venezuela are just glad to see a little bit of relief.