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Ricardo Tosto at the Height of Brazilian law

Brazil has always been a hot spot for lawyers and law. It even ranked number three in countries with the highest number of lawyers. However, that can be attributed to the fact that it is home to myriads of law schools present and also because of the complicated legal system which makes it hard for the ordinary citizens to deal with legal matters on their own. In respect to that, there are many law firms in the country which vary in size and some of them are so large they have almost five hundred lawyers such as the Oliveira firm. They are grouped into three categories; these are partners, interns, and associates. Most elements of the Brazilian legal system originated from the Portuguese, and that is another factor which explains why many young people flock this sector. It takes about seven years to get a degree and become a registered lawyer. Thanks to the large population of lawyers in Brazil it takes a lot of patience and skills to thrive in this densely occupied career. However, there are a few attorneys who have proven to the world that they can stand out even in the face of such competition. Among these, Ricardo Tosto’s name always tops the list. He has made significant contributions in the legal system of Brazil, and he is among the best of his kind.

About Ricardo Tosto
Ricardo is both an entrepreneur and a lawyer who has been in the industry for more than two decades. He is a well-educated man who holds several certificates which have had a lot of impact on his success. For instance, he is a graduate of the famous Universidade Presbyterian Mackenzie where he received his law degree and also holds a BA from Armando Alvares Foundation where he further continued and finished studying law. Ricardo specializes in corporate and business litigation and has worked with several prominent organizations. He did not just wake up and become successful overnight instead he started off in a small law office where he managed to grow and sharpen his legal skills. Today Ricardo Tosto leads one of the biggest law empires in Brazil known as Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados where he helps solve legal business issues and trains, other young lawyers. Tosto is also a frequent figure in Brazilian politics and even played a significant role in the formation of the Brazilian Election law and the Institute for political party.

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Talkspace is Offering Help on the Go

Talkspace is taking a unique approach towards therapy. They are bringing you affordable therapy through an app! Yes, in this day and age when everything seems to have an app available for it, it was only a matter of time that medically related services would also create an app. Does this mean the days of the Brick-and-mortar therapist are going to go out of fashion? Not at all.

On the contrary, the app is there to help you deal with therapy on a day to day basis. Obviously, most people will not have the time or convenience to be constantly at their therapist’s clinic. With this app, patients will now have the convenience to stay in touch using text and video messages as well as private text-based chat rooms.

There is still a stigma attached to seeing a therapist. Talkspace understands this and hence has made the whole app usage based on anonymity. Privacy and security are handled by giving users a unique username. The therapists will only see the username. However, users do have the option of making themselves known to the therapists through their real name. Making patients feel completely safe and comfortable is goal number one of Talkspace. There is also an option for couples to join up and share a therapist.

Talkspace does come with certain rules for users who are interested in signing up. The main one being that the applicant must be 18 years or older to take advantage of this app. However, for teens who are underage, Talkspace does have a link that can help them in the right direction, as long as it is not a crisis situation. For all others, Talkspace can be reached by either telephone or email to start talking to a customer support representative.

Tony Petrello: Best CEO in the world

Tony Petrello is the CEO of the leading mining and natural gas drilling company in the world. This company is known as Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries has its headquarters at Hamilton, Bermuda. Nabors has been on a rapid growth since Tony was appointed the CEO. He has helped the company achieve a global status with operations in all corners of the world. Nabors currently employs about 30,000 talented employees. Every year the workforce continues to grow due to the expanding operations of the firm.

Tony Petrello has displayed amazing leadership skills in the firm by ensuring that it is in a steady growth for the recent few years. His efforts have also seen the profits of the firm break the ceiling. He has ensured that Nabors Industries is the dominant service provider for all oil and natural gas drilling operations. Nabors believes that every employee deserves a decent pay. It is for this reason that employees of Nabors Industries are among the best paid in the world. He believes that a well-remunerated employee will be dedicated to his or her work. At the end, the ultimate beneficiary is the CEO and the firm in general.

Under the leadership of Tony Petrello, the firm has weathered economic crises which affect the energy sector with ease. While other competitors continue to plunge into huge losses, Nabors has remained at the top all because of one man, Tony Petrello. Nabors Industries was established in 1968. Then it was known as Anglo Energy. Tony joined the firm in 1991 and together with a team of other experts have steered the company into the success that it has recorded today.

Tony started working in the firm as the Chief Operating Officer before he moved up the ladder to become the CEO. From the beginning, the impact that he created in the industry has been enormous. Since he joined, the firm has been able to streamline its operations. This act has led to efficient services delivery that is seen today. The success of Nabors can be said to be a culmination of efforts of Tony Petrello.

As the chief operating officer, he advised the firm to make some of the decisions that established it as a global leader in the mining industry. He advised the management of the firm, go buy some of the competing firms at the time. These decisions came to bear fruits for Nabors since they were now able to offer better services without a lot of competition.

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How The ClassDojo App Saves Time For Teachers

ClassDojo is an extraordinary Android application that can help teachers to have their best school year ever!

The App gives the teacher many resources, such as Instant Feedback, SEL Activities and Videos, Student Portfolios and Parent Communication. Teachers can even create a “School Newsletter” with the use of the ClassDojo Application. In the newsletter, the teacher can send updates to all parents in the school by posting to School Story. School Leaders, Principals, and Head Masters also love sharing photos and videos from school and reminding parents about important events.

Teachers can even share Music in the classroom. This comes in handy for schools that do not hire Music Teachers. Or the teacher can just have some soft soothing background music playing while students are napping or resting during “quiet time”. In the teacher’s toolkit on the ClassDoJo App, is a “day” calendar where teachers can plan each day.

The ClassDojo allows the teacher to give the students directions for assignments. Parents can also see those same assignments. Teachers can even divide students into groups using the ClassDojo App. They can also give students feedback on their assignments, work, and skills. They can give them kudos for doing “good work” or “helping others”. Students love to get recognized, and the Class DoJo App helps teachers to do this easily and often.

Regarding SE Activities, teachers can use the ClassDojo App to teach students about how to relate to life situations. It will also help them with questions and answers about social interaction with other children. They can also learn appropriate socialization skills by interacting with their teaher.

What a new age of classroom fun through communication!

Why the Mighty Fortress Church is Beautiful Beyond the Church’s Building

Churches are not just sacred places of worship for Christians; they also represent a rich history associated with Christianity. For over two thousand years that Christian Churches have existed, Christians and non-Christians have marveled at the ever-evolving design of churches. Today, churches incorporate some of the most intricate architectural designs. The U.S particularly the Twin Cities is home to hundreds of beautifully designed churches. Some of them are discussed below.
Cathedral of St. Paul, St. Paul
In a list of the most beautiful buildings in Minnesota, the Cathedral of St. Paul will always feature. It also features in a list of the largest churches in the U.S. In fact, it is the third largest in the U.S. The church is over a century old, but the structures’ French Renaissance and Classical themes are very much alive.
Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis
Also over a century old, the Basilica of St. Mary is the most beautiful basilica in Minneapolis thanks to the Baroque and Beaux-Arts architecture. The church is not only beautiful from outside, but also it entails an intricate and wonderfully detailed interior. Each summer, the church holds a festival, the Basilica Block Party to support the church and local charities.
Lakewood Memorial Chapel, Minneapolis
This church has a striking similarity to the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul; perhaps, because it was modeled from the Hagia Sophia’s design. The 107-year-old church is located inside of Lakewood Cemetery, and its magnificent design livens up the somber mood in the area.
The Mighty Fortress Church
Also found in Minneapolis features among the beautiful modern churches in the state. The church is built upon a belief that sermons, worship, and prayers should be interesting. The Mighty Fortress Church employs an informal approach to its activities. The idea resonates well with modern Christians who are turned off by the formal atmosphere inherent in other churches
The Mighty Fortress Church is open to all the members of the society regardless of what they do or who they are. Bishop T. R. Williams, the senior pastor, encourages people to attend the church “as they are.” Williams is a respected man of the cloth who has been serving the Lord for over 30 years.

Rocketship Education and What It Taught Founder Preston Smith in Its First Ten Years

In the middle of August’s sweltering heat across the United States earlier this year, Preston Smith informed the Internet of things he learned at Rocketship Education, a learning organization that is likely best known for it being a pioneer in the pedagogical field of personalized learning.

While many people know of Preston Smith – educators, especially – not everybody is aware of his successful career, where and when he’s spent time in roles as instructors and principals, and concepts he grabbed from the 123-odd months he’s worked for RSED – the acronym for Rocketship Education. Here are a few of them, basic sentiments that all teachers and principals can incorporate into their operations.

Parents serve three primary functions at RSED:


  • To oversee teachers’ visits to theirs’ and their respective students’ loans.
  • Giving feedback to admins, principals, and teachers at each of its eighteen locations, boosting custom learning plans.
  • Parents aren’t required to do so, although are very strongly encouraged to do more than voice their concerns when schools are underperforming with no self-wrought remedy on the horizon.

The only secondary role Mr. Smith released to the Internet via The 74 Million, a financial news media website, was for parents to be proud of their students attending public schools. One time, a woman said to Preston, “Rocketship is like a private school, [except it’s] free.” He quickly realized this was true, although he felt in order to boost the quality of public schools across the state of California and the remainder of the country, associates of public schools must express their pride in aggregate form, rather than one or two civic educational warriors trying to clear the air of public schools’ bad reputations.

In order to grow an educational institution to its full potential – and this sentiment holds especially true for charter schools like Rocketship Education, in which they’re able to solicit and accept funding, financing, and donations from private investors outside of school boards and governmental agencies.

Rocketship Education also prefers to hire teachers whose demographic profiles match students’, helping them pay closer attention in classroom settings.

Different Methods Companies use to Integrate Artificial Intelligence in Improving Ecommerce Customer Experience

It is easy for an online business to collapse as much as it is also easy to set up one. In an era where there is a lot of competition, customers no longer settle for mediocrity whenever transacting with any business. Eventually, ecommerce customer experience plays a significant role in the development of an online retail business. While shopping, clients usually leave a lot of data, which smart companies know they can depend on to improve a shopper’s experience. They have learned to use Artificial Intelligence technologies to analyze those sets of data, a move that separates them from the competition.


Businesses need to analyze potential customers in a fast manner if they are to land them. The human mind does not have the speed or the capacity to analyze vast amounts of information promptly. On the other hand, AI can provide the analysis within a few moments. One method companies use to integrate AI is by virtual assistants and chatbots. Whenever you visit their website, the chatbot pops up with a question and continues to ask more clarifying ones with each response you give.


Online shoppers usually want to see images of what they are purchasing before finishing the transaction. Similarly, sometimes customers can know what they want, but not know their names. Some online retailers have visual search engines that use AI technology. With these, customers only need to take pictures of what they want. The application then uses the technology to identify the image, and give more details about it, as well as links to where it can be acquired.


Online retailers understand the importance of personalization when it comes to enhancing ecommerce customer experience. Whether one is using a mobile phone, or accessing the website on the computer, the AI technology is able to analyze how customers are interacting. Once trends have been discovered, the next time someone is browsing for something, they may get a message notifying them about a sale they might be interested in. They may then proceed to make the purchase through their device. Both the buyer and the retailer will have shortened the purchase process, an advantage for both of them.


Price has always been a determining factor when purchasing anything. Shoppers have also been known to have favorite online stores because of their prices, and constantly having items in stock. Some retailers depend on artificial intelligence to get insights into their competitors’ prices, as well as their inventories. They then use the information to adjust their prices and also ensure they are always stocked, to retain their clients.

Just Who Is Clay Siegall

When it comes to cancer research, there are numerous companies that specialize in this demanding industry. Did you know that the United States is home to one of the leading cancer research organizations in the world? This company is known as Seattle Genetics, and it is on a mission to save lives. President and CEO Clay Siegall is the captain of the ship, and he is steering this gigantic ship to success through rigorous research, drug development and innovative technology. The company’s track record speaks for itself as it has produced some of the best cancer fighting drugs in history. These drugs are antibody drug conjugates, and they are a supreme game changer.

Dr. Siegall is a well-respected individual thanks to his knowledge, expertise and passion. He has worked with some of the most prominent names in the industry including the National Institute of Health, Bristol Myers Squibb and the National Cancer Society. Siegall’s business knowledge and entrepreneurial skills have landed strategic licensing deals with GlaxoSmithKlien, AbbVie and Genentech. With this deal, the company’s medications can now be distributed on a worldwide scale. Siegall has stated that Seattle Genetics became profitable around 10 years ago. Antibody Based Therapies are changing the game by saving lives. These therapies outperform every other cancer fighting medication that’s on the market today. ADCETRIS, the company’s top drug, has brought in over $350 million by itself.

Clay Siegall is doing his part to better mankind. He has a Ph.D in Genetics from George Washington University, and he has a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland. The guy has written over 70 successful publications, and he currently holds up to 15 patents. When it comes to raising capital, Siegall has definitely put in the hard work. As of today, he has helped the company raise over $1 billion through private and public funding.

Felipe Montoro Jens’ View on Privatization of State Corporations in Brazil

Following the Brazilian debt crisis in the late 1980s, the solution was privatization. The CNI (National Confederation of Industry) pointed out the necessity for Brazil to take part in the infrastructure sector. By doing this, modernization would be achieved and in turn result in a meeting of the country’s investment demands. One Felipe Montoro Jens briefly gives us an insight into the development of this process.

The previous century in the South American country was marked by a strong manifestation of the state. Due to the state’s demanding political commitments, the idea of privatization was conceived. Since then, Brazil saw growth of the state alongside businesses that it owned. The privatization process involved, the aeronautical, petrochemical and steel industries. Later on, the government passed laws that would then give some specific industries priority. The industries that were to be prioritized included, telecommunications, sanitation, electricity, banking corporations, and transportation.

In 2004, the Public Partnerships Act was put in place by the government. This made telecommunications the first industry to be taken up by private agents. Plans such as the 2008 General Concession Plan were implemented to ensure the success of this strategy. The plans proved to be a success and are still working to date. Monitoring the quality of operations also contributed to the success.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is an infrastructure specialist working with the Brazilian, UK and Singapore finance divisions. Before this, he has held some positions in other places. These include being Director of Braskem SA and Director of Santo Antonio Energia SA. He has also worked for Consesionaria Trasvase Olmos where he was also Director.

Montoro is a holder of an undergraduate as well as a graduate degree. The latter he got from Thunderbird School of Global Management. He obtained the earlier upon graduation from Getulio Vargas Foundation.

Lime Crime: The Beauty Queens Have Arrived

Glam has gotten increasingly more extravagant. While those stylish looks have gotten a whole lot easier to accomplish with the beauty company LimeCrime. Lime Crime is a beauty company that sales cosmetic products and provides cruelty free makeup totally made vegan based.

The LimeCrime company provides top of the line vegan based products such as lipsticks, eye-shadows, unicorn hair colors, palettes, high-lighters, nails, makeup brushes, and bundles. They offer amazingly stunning one of a kind products, shades, and colors (including sparkle/glimmer-y color shades) that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

The website has extremely responsive customer service, in the form of live chat ready to assist your needs on the spot. This service was put to use and received superb satisfaction resulting from the overall from this quickly responsive customer service team, and as a bonus was pleased to meet the lovely representative,Lauri W.

When you first visit the site the option is then presented to you as a pop up box to request live chat. Lime Crime offers help on finding your specific idem(s), as well as assistance on your overall shopping experience, and to even clarify any particular item.

However, the site is extremely easy to navigate, and having the quickly responsive customer service available is a bonus. Lime Crime provides 7 different currency payment types in case you are not a United States resident, which allows you to purchase your beauty products with less location limitations then many other beauty businesses.

The website also allows you to easily create an account using email or your current Pinterest login which will easily be of great benefit to have multiple options for your account preference.

The beauty queens have spoken and they seem ecstatic and highly pleased with their products that are being bought from the Lime Crime company. Most beauty queens are super excited about the multiple looks they can accomplish with the unique colors, while other beauty queens are ecstatic to have an affordable vegan based makeup product.

The time is now for you to head over to the Lime Crime site to expand your extravagant beauty collection.