The Success of Mike Bagguley in the Banking Sector

Michael Roy Bagguley is the Investment Unit Chief Operating Officer at Barclays Bank Plc. He was promoted from an Investment Unit head of Macro Banking to COO in 2015. Mike is also the Global Head and Managing Director of U.S. Dollar Derivatives Trading/FX Trading at Barclays Capital. He previously served as the bank’s head of commodities and foreign exchange from May 2013. Mike Bagguley has held several senior positions since joining the bank in 2001.

Mike has also served in senior positions for other leading institutions such as senior vice president, head of trading Hong Kong Sanwa FP Co. LLC and head of Asian Swap trading at Merrill Lynch. Since March 2013, he has served as a shareholder representative director at LCH, Clearnet Group Ltd. Mike is also a director for the Association of Financial Markets Europe. Mr. Bagulley graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Warwick in 1988 and is a fellow of the Institute of Actuaries.

You can learn more about Mike Bagguley by visiting Surprisingly, Mike has made an impressive impact on all the positions that he has served in over the years. He was in the lead of projects such as the FX and Commodities Businesses across G10 and EM. Mike was also at the forefront of the execution of the first oil deals at Barclays and also commissioned the integration of rates. As head of FX trading, he steered Barclays to second place in the Euromoney FX survey, which is the highest ranking the Bank has ever received. Mike was also involved in the rationalization of the bank’s operating platform by to align the company technology with its domain and services and also to maximize all strategies’ execution.

Mike Bagguley believes that it is essential to dedicate time to one task and give it maximum attention to get the best results. He advises that it is important to have priorities and to understand the tasks that you need to reject so that you first complete the first project. Putting too many projects and working on all of them at the same time does not get you best results. Mr. Bagguley is fascinated about the climate change and the future of robot advisors.

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