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Critical Decisions In The Operations Of Fortress Investment Group

Some of the decisions that organizations make might be the reason some of the entities collapsed after short periods of operations and can also be the reason why some old organizations are still in operations despite the changes that face the market. Making critical decisions means moving from what the company knows to a new world where the entity does not know anything. Leaders in some organizations fear that their companies might fail which prevents them from making vital decisions. However, Fortress Investment Group has made some of the most critical decisions that have facilitated the growth of the company.

Fortress Investment Group was the first wealth management company to be listed in the New York Securities Exchange. This meant that the company owner could be transferred to the members of the public where it was expected to be working and regulations of public organization. Although many people and pundits thought that trading in the stock exchange was the end of the company, the company proved them wrong by using the resources from the sale of shares to expand the company.

The second decision involved buying alternative assets that were assumed to be of no value to the company. Through the insight of Peter Briger, the company used much of its funds to purchase some assets, especially in the transport industry that had no value. Moreover, during the financial crisis period, Fortress bought assets at discounted rates from other organizations which were looking to get liquid cash so that they could fund their activities during this period of financial uncertainty. However, this turned out to be one of the best decisions as the company would later sell the assets at more substantial profits that helped the company to be financially stable.

Lastly, the decision to sell Fortress Investment Group to Japanese Soft Bank Group was received with mixed reactions from a large number of people in the wealth management industry. People could not understand why a successful company could be sold to other investors. However, selling Fortress Investment Group to Japanese Investors could open the market for the company to start operations in the Asian market that has vast potential.

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