OG Juan Has Been An Integral Part Of Jay Z’s Close Circle Of Friends For Over Two Decades:

Juan Perez, known in the business world as OG Juan is the President of Jay Z’s hugely successful sports management company Roc Nation Sports. OG Juan hails from the New York City region of Harlem and he met Jay Z for the first time back in 1996. The two struck up a quick friendship due to their mutual interest that they shared in sports and eventually entered into business together by opening a number of sports bars across New York City in 2003. Today, OG Juan is helping Jay Z’s sports management company to sign and manage some of the best and brightest talent in the world of professional sports.

OG Juan’s wife Desiree Perez is also an integral part of the business operations with Jay Z. She has been a major factor in Roc Nation’s entertainment division and was largely responsible for helping the firm to negotiate the 2008 deal with Live Nation that culminated in $150 million worth in concert promotions. Desiree, known fondly as Dez is currently the Chief Operating Officer for Roc Nation and the woman behind signing the contracts for the popular music app Tidal.

Jay Z himself is famous for his generosity towards his close inner circle of friends. OG Juan’s recent birthday was no exception as Jay Z was reported to have shelled out in excess of $100 thousand to show his appreciation for his friend. OG Perez was joined by his wife Dez and his close friend Jay Z along with a host of other friends for a night out that started with dining at the world famous food destination Zuma, a restaurant known for its legendary Japanese cuisine. A night of top-shelf drinks followed this amazing feast. The whole event was really heartfelt expression of how much OG Juan and Dez have meant to Jay Z over the years.

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