Clayton Hutson’s Upcoming Tour With Kid Rock

Clayton Hutson has a booming production company in Nashville, Tennessee helping big celebrity musicians on tour with everything from lighting, to sound, to set design. It all started back in Glendale, California where Clayton grew up. He had a love for everything entertainment and it just flourished over time. This became such a passion for him Mr. Hutson attended Central Michigan University where he a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Design and Technical Production. Furthering his educational pursuits Clayton achieved a Master of Business Administration degree from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business which is located at the University of Michigan.


He worked for several production companies during his career, but found at one point it was the perfect time to start his own company, so he took the leap and succeeded. Clayton Hutson has worked with some huge acts such as Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Garbage, Guns’n’Roses, OneRepublic, Kid Rock, and so many more. He has been hired to work with Kid Rock again on his 2018 “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour.” This tour will officially start in August and end in November. Kid Rock’s tour will be in the United States and starts in Maine, on the east coast. This is the second music tour for Kid Rock this year, in which he previously did his “The American Rock N’ Roll Tour” with Clayton Hutson working with him. A reporter said the show was a success due to Clayton’s dedication, hard work, and professional spirit. This is why he is returning to Kid Rock’s second tour at Production Manager.


Clayton Hutson is a great leader, hard worker, and diligently checks everything to make sure all the equipment is running smoothly. He also keeps his team on task and gives them the tools and praise to be confident and happy crew members. The “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour” is already selling out in many cities and will include impressive visual elements such as pyrotechnics, visually stunning effects, and sound that will blow the audience away. The profession production manager is so good at what he does, Clayton is in such high demand. He just literally finished coming another tour called the “Soul2Soul Tour” for Faith Hill and Tim McGraw the very famous married country stars. This up and coming tour with Kid Rock should be a really exciting time experience for Clayton Hutson and his crew and looks forward to it.

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