Becoming a Global Name Ryan Seacrest

There is one person in New York City that we are pretty sure never sleeps, Ryan Seacrest. A household name at the age of 43 Seacrest is worth an estimated $350 million. A mega entertainer, producer and host, both on screen and on radio, he has now started to build himself a lifestyle empire: popular fashion brands and beauty products for men. Seacrest’s best-known radio show now is the talk show ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’ cohosting with Kelly Ripa and broadcasting to approximately 3 million people a day. Over the air isn’t the only place his loyal following knows him from however. A few of his best known on screen roles have been hosting and producing ABC’s New Year’s Eve show, American Idol, iHeart Radio Music Awards.

As per the Men’s Journal, Ryan Seacrest is a star, there is no doubt about it. He has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry and is now paving out a name for himself in the fashion and beauty world. Seacrest made his own menswear line exclusively sold in Macy’s called ‘Ryan Seacrest Distinction’ on track to earn $50 million in retail sales by the end of 2018. Entertainment to fashion may seem like an odd jump but Seacrest’s appreciation for smart tailoring came after he started hosting live shows in 2002. His own personal tailor was able to give him, the confidence to do almost anything and he wanted to give that kind of pride and confidence back to others. ‘Ryan Seacrest Distinction’ isn’t just your basic black-tie suite however, he also has made: cuff links, belts, pocket squares, and ties. Keeping the whole package in mind is what helped Seacrest come up with his successful fashion line. The next step to the empire is Seacrest’s plan to have a men’s skincare line. Women shouldn’t be the only one’s taking care of themselves he claims. Seacrest wants to break down the stereotypes surrounding the industry he works in. With no plans on stopping anytime soon Ryan Seacrest will become a global name. Please read this content about Ryan being an executive producer and co-creator of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.


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