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William Saito; Becoming that Force to Reckon Within Business

Born in Los Angeles, William Saito developed some passion for technology at a tender age. Always trying to solve mathematical and scientific problems at that age, he relied on his passion for mastering technology to succeed in his career. However, Mr. Saito knows that it was not an easy task. For starters, he did not understand English. Then, there was the aspect of wanting to communicate with his colleagues and prospective stakeholders, even when it was not possible to pass the message in English.


Background Information

For school, William Saito attended Damien High School and then the University of California in Riverside. As a student of biomedical science, he left an impressive mark in the books. Of course, he was always top of his class, trying to outdo everyone. But that is not really where his journey in the tech business began. When he was ten years old, his father purchased a computer for his use. His teacher had instructed the parents to get him a computer because he was an excellent tech geek. Straight from high school, he incorporated a tech firm called I/O Software. The company developed a reliable system that displayed Japanese characters in English. Moreover, he partnered with Sony to create a security fingerprint system for authentication.


Venturing in Technology

In 2000, many tech companies started showing some interest in his company. At that moment, he also aspired to sell it to one of the companies. Microsoft it was. Of course, that was not an easy decision to make given his love for the company. Nevertheless, in 2004, he traded the company to Microsoft and went on to pursue other ventures.


Running the Company

Selling the I/O Software Company paved the way for other businesses. For instance, William Saiito moved to Japan and became a prominent venture capitalist. Since then, he has been focusing on the development of different startups especially by investing in them. Consequently, he earned the title of the best Young Global Leader in 2011’s World Economic Forum.


Today, William Saito is the man behind some of the leading tech businesses in Japan. Always focused on helping the upcoming entrepreneurs to discover their talents, Saito has shaped his career on the foundation of empowering these people by all means. With that said, he has proven to the young generation that their success relies on their attitude and passion for succeeding.