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Clayton Hutson’s Upcoming Tour With Kid Rock

Clayton Hutson has a booming production company in Nashville, Tennessee helping big celebrity musicians on tour with everything from lighting, to sound, to set design. It all started back in Glendale, California where Clayton grew up. He had a love for everything entertainment and it just flourished over time. This became such a passion for him Mr. Hutson attended Central Michigan University where he a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Design and Technical Production. Furthering his educational pursuits Clayton achieved a Master of Business Administration degree from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business which is located at the University of Michigan.


He worked for several production companies during his career, but found at one point it was the perfect time to start his own company, so he took the leap and succeeded. Clayton Hutson has worked with some huge acts such as Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Garbage, Guns’n’Roses, OneRepublic, Kid Rock, and so many more. He has been hired to work with Kid Rock again on his 2018 “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour.” This tour will officially start in August and end in November. Kid Rock’s tour will be in the United States and starts in Maine, on the east coast. This is the second music tour for Kid Rock this year, in which he previously did his “The American Rock N’ Roll Tour” with Clayton Hutson working with him. A reporter said the show was a success due to Clayton’s dedication, hard work, and professional spirit. This is why he is returning to Kid Rock’s second tour at Production Manager.


Clayton Hutson is a great leader, hard worker, and diligently checks everything to make sure all the equipment is running smoothly. He also keeps his team on task and gives them the tools and praise to be confident and happy crew members. The “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour” is already selling out in many cities and will include impressive visual elements such as pyrotechnics, visually stunning effects, and sound that will blow the audience away. The profession production manager is so good at what he does, Clayton is in such high demand. He just literally finished coming another tour called the “Soul2Soul Tour” for Faith Hill and Tim McGraw the very famous married country stars. This up and coming tour with Kid Rock should be a really exciting time experience for Clayton Hutson and his crew and looks forward to it.

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OG Juan Has Been An Integral Part Of Jay Z’s Close Circle Of Friends For Over Two Decades:

Juan Perez, known in the business world as OG Juan is the President of Jay Z’s hugely successful sports management company Roc Nation Sports. OG Juan hails from the New York City region of Harlem and he met Jay Z for the first time back in 1996. The two struck up a quick friendship due to their mutual interest that they shared in sports and eventually entered into business together by opening a number of sports bars across New York City in 2003. Today, OG Juan is helping Jay Z’s sports management company to sign and manage some of the best and brightest talent in the world of professional sports.

OG Juan’s wife Desiree Perez is also an integral part of the business operations with Jay Z. She has been a major factor in Roc Nation’s entertainment division and was largely responsible for helping the firm to negotiate the 2008 deal with Live Nation that culminated in $150 million worth in concert promotions. Desiree, known fondly as Dez is currently the Chief Operating Officer for Roc Nation and the woman behind signing the contracts for the popular music app Tidal.

Jay Z himself is famous for his generosity towards his close inner circle of friends. OG Juan’s recent birthday was no exception as Jay Z was reported to have shelled out in excess of $100 thousand to show his appreciation for his friend. OG Perez was joined by his wife Dez and his close friend Jay Z along with a host of other friends for a night out that started with dining at the world famous food destination Zuma, a restaurant known for its legendary Japanese cuisine. A night of top-shelf drinks followed this amazing feast. The whole event was really heartfelt expression of how much OG Juan and Dez have meant to Jay Z over the years.

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Career Achievements Of Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the executive vice president and chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects. The renowned architect has achieved notable achievements in his career and his successes have been attributed to his commitment and dedication towards his career.

Robert Ivy started his career at McGraw-Hill Construction Media, where he served as the firm’s editorial director and vice president. The company entailed Greensource, a magazine that majorly focused on offering detailed information on design and construction field. The renowned architect saw the magazine gain fame in the broader parts of the United States with a vast number of people, particularly architects seeking to earn from the counsel he offered concerning the field.

In the early 1990`s Robert Ivy served various roles in many publishing companies and he was the critic of a vast number of national publication firm in the country. He has showcased a vast understanding of the basis for success in the field of architecture and many people have sought his counsel regarding the field. Robert Ivy has always been passionate about his field of specialization and he has striven to work together with other people to bring success and innovation in the sector.

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In his editorial leadership roles, Robert brought a major revolution in the field of architecture through sharing eye-catching ideas concerning the field as well as keeping is readers involved and active through the various platforms he managed. The CEO of AIA has received a lot of accreditation from a vast number of people due to is contributions to the various media platforms sharing his thoughts with other people concerning the field of architecture.

He was honored with the McGraw Award for excellence and demonstration of admirable leadership skills in the field of architecture and in his editorial role. He has also received a series of awards for the notable successes he has brought to the field of construction.

Besides, the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters recently honored Robert Ivy with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievements Award. The president of AIA Carl Elefante for the notable successes he has brought in the firms praised Ivy and the president insisted that Ivy is an influential leader that strives to bring personal growth in every interested individual that seeks his counsel.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi and What he has Done For Banco Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was the president of Bradesco Bank for nine years, second biggest bank equity and the second biggest private bank by resources in Brazil. In 2015, he got named as Entrepreneur of the Year in the finance category. Currently, Trabuco is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banco Bradesco bank. In the year 2009, Trabuco was named among the 100 most powerful Brazilians in the nation. Read more about Luis Carlos Trabuco at

Luiz Carlos Trabuco got his bachelor philosophy degree from the famous University of Sao Paulo, after graduating from secondary school sooner than other classmates. After his bachelor degree, he went to the renowned School of Sociology and Politics to attain a postgraduate degree in socio-psychology. The two degrees had a significant impact in his promotion to the highest point of Banco Bradesco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco started his career at the age of 17 years; he was a clerk at the bank of Banco Bradesco. He experienced different assignments more than 15 years until the point when he got made the marketing manager. Learn more about Luis Carlos Trabuco at Crunchbase.

Trabuco was responsible for the Bank’s Marketing for approximately eight years in 1992 he took over as the CEO of Banco Bradesco until 1998.

In 1998 he was chosen as the Managing Director of Banco Bradesco, later on, he became the executive vice president. When he was the president of the bank, Banco Bradesco dramatically increased its size and strengthened its administration in the country by 25% in the market. At the same time, the insurance firm expanded its performance from 25% to 35%, turning into the biggest company in part of Brazil.

With a career of not less than 40 long years of experience in Banking and having worked at different positions, in 2009 Luiz Carlos Trabuco was named President of the Bank, he became the fourth president since the demise of its founder Amador Aguiar in 1991.

In March 2018, Octavio de Lazari Jr took over the chairmanship of Banco Bradesco. But Trabucostill stayed at the head of the Council presidency.


Becoming a Global Name Ryan Seacrest

There is one person in New York City that we are pretty sure never sleeps, Ryan Seacrest. A household name at the age of 43 Seacrest is worth an estimated $350 million. A mega entertainer, producer and host, both on screen and on radio, he has now started to build himself a lifestyle empire: popular fashion brands and beauty products for men. Seacrest’s best-known radio show now is the talk show ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’ cohosting with Kelly Ripa and broadcasting to approximately 3 million people a day. Over the air isn’t the only place his loyal following knows him from however. A few of his best known on screen roles have been hosting and producing ABC’s New Year’s Eve show, American Idol, iHeart Radio Music Awards.

As per the Men’s Journal, Ryan Seacrest is a star, there is no doubt about it. He has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry and is now paving out a name for himself in the fashion and beauty world. Seacrest made his own menswear line exclusively sold in Macy’s called ‘Ryan Seacrest Distinction’ on track to earn $50 million in retail sales by the end of 2018. Entertainment to fashion may seem like an odd jump but Seacrest’s appreciation for smart tailoring came after he started hosting live shows in 2002. His own personal tailor was able to give him, the confidence to do almost anything and he wanted to give that kind of pride and confidence back to others. ‘Ryan Seacrest Distinction’ isn’t just your basic black-tie suite however, he also has made: cuff links, belts, pocket squares, and ties. Keeping the whole package in mind is what helped Seacrest come up with his successful fashion line. The next step to the empire is Seacrest’s plan to have a men’s skincare line. Women shouldn’t be the only one’s taking care of themselves he claims. Seacrest wants to break down the stereotypes surrounding the industry he works in. With no plans on stopping anytime soon Ryan Seacrest will become a global name. Please read this content about Ryan being an executive producer and co-creator of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: In Pursuit of Excellence

Sameer Jejurikar, M.D., has taken plastic surgery to a whole new level. Plastic surgery brings in billions of dollars on an annual basis. Dallas, Texas, has manifested into a hot spot for receiving these advanced medical procedures. Dr. Jejurikar is a board-certified plastic surgeon, and he works at the affluent Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. This facility is at the apex of the industry because it offers a wide array of services, has well-educated physicians and has an abundance of technological advancements. Dr. Jejurikar, and his medical peers provide:

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Laser Hair Restoration
  • Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Otoplasty
  • Laser Skin Resurfacing
  • Breast Reduction
  • Non-Invasive Procedures
  • And many more

Dr. Jejurikar has extensive medical training for handling the toughest of situations. This extraordinary man earned his medical doctorate from the University of Michigan Medical School. Thanks to been so well-rounded, he has been affiliated with many more hospitals in the Dallas region such as Pine Creek Medical Center and Dallas Medical Center.

Achieving a great outcome in plastic surgery is the objective and Dr. Jejurikar has performed hundreds of physical makeovers throughout his career. He has been able to master his craft in much more effective ways. When it comes to patient reviews, he has been ranked amongst some of the top medical professionals in this field of work. In 2012, Dr. Jejurikar was honored with the Compassionate Doctor Certification. In order to win this specific award, a doctor must provide a great bedside manner. In other words, this is a favoritism award to some degree. In addition to that, this phenomenal doctor has developed his very own skincare line. All in all, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is setting new standards in plastic surgery as well as raising the bar to a much higher level.

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Significant Achievements Of David McDonald

David McDonald serves as the president of the OSI group. Through his leadership role in this company and have been able to transform this company into a more recognized position where it is currently leading. OSI Industries is reputed in providing the best quality of meat and food products. David has provided a working environment that is conducive to its staff members so that they can be able to provide quality services.

David attended Lowa State University and studied a course leading to a degree in animal science. He stared his work at OSI Groups after graduating and served in various positions. Over the years he was able to earn prestigious management positions where he executed his role in the right manner. The leadership style of David McDonald is great as he has made it possible for the OSI to have a remarkable achievement in the industry of meat and food production.

OSI Group has taken over the market, and it is providing a stiff competition as it expands its services in various countries. Moreover, David McDonald has made it possible for the OSI to acquire other companies such as Baho Foods and Tyson Foods. Through these acquisition has enabled OSI to explore and establish its roots in foreign countries. David has ensured that there is a healthy relationship that exists between these firms so that it can be able to achieve its long-term set goals.

As the company is celebrating more than 100 years in its production, it is significant that OSI has achieved its goals. Besides, the number of staff members serving with David McDonald at OSI Industries has been increased so that the customers can be satisfied through the services that they receive. So that the quality of services delivery is not compromised, David has employed the employees that are well conversant with meat and better food production so that they can meet the standards needed by the company. For this reason, David McDonald has used his knowledge in integrating his skills in ensuring the success of this company and making it leading in the foods and meat productions.

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Ted Bauman Is Alerting People About Some Of The Downsides And Upsides Of Amazon

Ted Bauman, editor and writer for Banyan Hill Publishing, has been alerting people about some of the positives and negatives related to Amazon recently. First off, Amazon collects a large amount of information related to its customers, and he believes this could be a privacy and security issue. On the other hand, the company has a lot to offer paying customers who can only find some items through its website. It has grown to take over e-commerce and sells almost half of the products that people buy online in the United States.

Ted Bauman sees a future where Amazon takes over and dominates sales on the web for many years. While some smaller retailers may survive, not many will be able to continue to sell mass-produced items. While some people are referring to Amazon as a monopoly, Bauman believes Walmart fits more into this category. Kroger still pulls in more income than Amazon, and Amazon still doesn’t receive the majority of buyers that come to shop online. On top of this, Amazon has not affected many conventional merchants, because there are quite a few traditional brick and mortar stores that are doing just fine. Over 90% of the retail revenue in the U.S.A. is still generated by these kinds of stores.


Ted Bauman knows that while Amazon is dipping its fingers into almost every industry, it still faces stiff competition from stores like Dollar General, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, and others who offer competitive prices for many of the same items. Amazon even attempted to jump into the grocery industry, and while it did purchase Whole Foods; customers of the natural food chain haven’t been pleased with what has taken place at Whole Foods since. Bauman has stated that most monopolies attract a lot of negative opinions and has pointed out that Amazon is still receiving large amounts of positive praise from consumers. Read more about Ted Bauman at Ideamensch.

Ted Bauman teamed up with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013 as the editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. He specializes in helping investors to protect their assets and privacy and points out low-risk investment opportunities. He has spent the better part of his life helping people to live a life free from the oversight of the government and the greed of corporations. He earned postgraduate degrees in Economics and History at the University of Cape Town and has served nonprofits in South Africa in different executive positions. Read more about Ted on Bloomberg.

Asset Diversification at Fortress Investment Group by Peter Briger

Diversification is one of the best methods applied by different organizations and investors when they want to lower the likelihood of experiencing losses. The technique has been there for so long such that it seems to be a typical strategy to the investment companies in the industry. However, to Fortress Investment Group, asset diversification is an important strategy that is used to help the organization to achieve maximum profits while at the same time lowering losses. To spearhead the asset diversification strategy, Peter Briger, a seasoned financial expert has occupied the role that has seen the company achieve significant levels of success.

Peter Briger has played a vital role in ensuring that Fortress Investment Group invests its assets and other resources in the areas where the company is likely to achieve significant levels of yields and equally lowering the levels of risk to which the entity is exposed. Some of the assets owned by Fortress Group are invested in private equity where they are traded in the New York Securities Exchange. Fortress Group holds a significant number of stocks in different companies where its speculative nature has since helped the entity to grow its wealth in this sector.

Investment in the private equity stock, which are mostly located in the real estate market is followed by substantial ownership of houses and other infrastructures in different cities across the United States and other parts of the world. In addition to homes, Fortress Investment Group owns other infrastructure projects in the United States that have been generating a significant amount of resources. Peter Briger is in charge of ensuring that all the assets held by the company are creating income failure to which they are disposed of.

Finally, Fortress Investment Group has not been left behind in investing in one of the most profitable industries in the United States. Investing in healthcare sector was seen as the best strategy that will help the organization to get a foothold in one of the lucrative business. Recent statistics indicate that healthcare industry is worth more than $3 trillion making it one of the most profitable trades in America. Peter Briger has played a vital role in ensuring that Fortress Group gets its share of profits from this sector.  A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Meet Shafik Sachedina: A Dentists, Entrepreneur, And A Philanthropist

Shafik Sachedina Ismaili was born in 1950 in Der-es-Salaam, Tanzania. He attended London University Guy’s Hospital and Dental school where he specialized in dental surgery. He graduated from the institution in the year 1975. He was the first in the area of dental surgery. While in London, he became interested in entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Nowadays, he lives in England and holds several important positions in various healthcare facilities.

Besides holding important positions at various committees, Shafik Sachedina decided to volunteer on the board of governors at the Jamati Institution. His career helped him get a job at Institute of Ismaili Studies, a company that concentrates on promoting the culture and history of Muslims because it speaks about other societies and faiths. He is also one of the co-chairs at the Sussex healthcare. He has made several achievements due to his engagements at the institute. Shafik Sachedina meets the Deputy foreign affairs minister the Middle East and Africa.

Shafik Sachedina has served as the Ismaili Council’s President in the UK for two consecutive terms, which shows that he has a strong desire of helping people. In the year 2017, Sachedina was privileged to discuss with Special President Representative and the Deputy Foreign Minister of Africa and the Middle East. During the meeting, they talked widely about the recent happenings in the Middle East. At one point, they spoke about extremism and terrorism in Afghanistan and Syria. Shafik was happy to note that a lot has been achieved in the effort to end the conflicts and disagreements in the region.

Sachedina felt that it is important to start negotiations to create the government within the Syrian Arab Republic as well as the opposition to enhance a policial resolution as per the rules of the United Nations. He was attracted to these issues because they were related to what he does at Aga Kahn Foundation.

Shafik spends most of his time dealing with the issues in the healthcare sector as well as those of foreign affairs. Do you know why? It is because they are related to what happens at Institute of Ismail Studies. He has been working extremely hard to help people from different parts of the world since he moved to U.K. from Tanzania.