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Asset Diversification at Fortress Investment Group by Peter Briger

Diversification is one of the best methods applied by different organizations and investors when they want to lower the likelihood of experiencing losses. The technique has been there for so long such that it seems to be a typical strategy to the investment companies in the industry. However, to Fortress Investment Group, asset diversification is an important strategy that is used to help the organization to achieve maximum profits while at the same time lowering losses. To spearhead the asset diversification strategy, Peter Briger, a seasoned financial expert has occupied the role that has seen the company achieve significant levels of success.

Peter Briger has played a vital role in ensuring that Fortress Investment Group invests its assets and other resources in the areas where the company is likely to achieve significant levels of yields and equally lowering the levels of risk to which the entity is exposed. Some of the assets owned by Fortress Group are invested in private equity where they are traded in the New York Securities Exchange. Fortress Group holds a significant number of stocks in different companies where its speculative nature has since helped the entity to grow its wealth in this sector.

Investment in the private equity stock, which are mostly located in the real estate market is followed by substantial ownership of houses and other infrastructures in different cities across the United States and other parts of the world. In addition to homes, Fortress Investment Group owns other infrastructure projects in the United States that have been generating a significant amount of resources. Peter Briger is in charge of ensuring that all the assets held by the company are creating income failure to which they are disposed of.

Finally, Fortress Investment Group has not been left behind in investing in one of the most profitable industries in the United States. Investing in healthcare sector was seen as the best strategy that will help the organization to get a foothold in one of the lucrative business. Recent statistics indicate that healthcare industry is worth more than $3 trillion making it one of the most profitable trades in America. Peter Briger has played a vital role in ensuring that Fortress Group gets its share of profits from this sector.  A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Meet Shafik Sachedina: A Dentists, Entrepreneur, And A Philanthropist

Shafik Sachedina Ismaili was born in 1950 in Der-es-Salaam, Tanzania. He attended London University Guy’s Hospital and Dental school where he specialized in dental surgery. He graduated from the institution in the year 1975. He was the first in the area of dental surgery. While in London, he became interested in entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Nowadays, he lives in England and holds several important positions in various healthcare facilities.

Besides holding important positions at various committees, Shafik Sachedina decided to volunteer on the board of governors at the Jamati Institution. His career helped him get a job at Institute of Ismaili Studies, a company that concentrates on promoting the culture and history of Muslims because it speaks about other societies and faiths. He is also one of the co-chairs at the Sussex healthcare. He has made several achievements due to his engagements at the institute. Shafik Sachedina meets the Deputy foreign affairs minister the Middle East and Africa.

Shafik Sachedina has served as the Ismaili Council’s President in the UK for two consecutive terms, which shows that he has a strong desire of helping people. In the year 2017, Sachedina was privileged to discuss with Special President Representative and the Deputy Foreign Minister of Africa and the Middle East. During the meeting, they talked widely about the recent happenings in the Middle East. At one point, they spoke about extremism and terrorism in Afghanistan and Syria. Shafik was happy to note that a lot has been achieved in the effort to end the conflicts and disagreements in the region.

Sachedina felt that it is important to start negotiations to create the government within the Syrian Arab Republic as well as the opposition to enhance a policial resolution as per the rules of the United Nations. He was attracted to these issues because they were related to what he does at Aga Kahn Foundation.

Shafik spends most of his time dealing with the issues in the healthcare sector as well as those of foreign affairs. Do you know why? It is because they are related to what happens at Institute of Ismail Studies. He has been working extremely hard to help people from different parts of the world since he moved to U.K. from Tanzania.


Mathematician Michael Lacey Changed History Solving Some Of Math’s Toughest Problems

What Michael Jordan was to basketball, Michael Lacey is to mathematics.

Michael Jordan changed the way the game was played — and Michael Lacey has changed the landscape of math through a series of stunning proofs and solutions to some of the biggest challenges ever to face the science of numbers.

Born in 1959, Michael demonstrated a great facility with numbers from an early age. He studied math in college and earned a Ph.D. in that field in 1987 from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. His supervisor there was the world renowned Austrian mathematician Walter Philip.

Lacey’s doctoral work itself was groundbreaking. He worked in an area of something called Banach spaces. He solved a problem known as the law of iterated logarithm as they relate to empirical characteristic functions. It’s an extremely important area of math because it leads to intense practical applications across a variety of fields that affect our everyday lives.

Michael Lacey’s doctoral work would only be the beginning of his assault on some of the toughest problems confronting mathematics in the 21st Century. For example, his work on the bilinear Hibert transform was so significant it resulted in Lacey being awarded one of the highest honors in math — the Salem Prize. He shared this international honor with German mathematician Dr. Christoph Thiele. Read more: Michael Lacey | GAtech and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

Lacey was worked on Hibert while at Indian University where his tenure lasted from 1986 to 1989. From there he moved on to a position at the Georgia institute of Technology where he remains today.

During his illustrious career, Lacey has received fellowships from both the National Science Foundation and the Guggenheim Foundation. He put these financial sources of research to extraordinary use by making major breakthroughs in each situation.

In 2012, Michael was inducted as a member of the American Mathematical society, cementing his position as belonging to the best in his field in the United States and the world.

The name of Michael Jordan may be a household word, but the name of Michael Lacey will resonate throughout history as a giant in the world of mathematics.

David McDonald: Taking OSI Group to New Heights

Earlier this year, OSI International Foods merged with Turi Foods to combine their Australian operations. The new company will named Turosi Pty Ltd. The two companies believe the merger will take the company to new heights which will benefit its customers. Turi Foods is headquartered in Thomastown, Victoria and has a plants all over the state. The company provides poultry to a large number of supermarkets, restaurants, butcher shops and chicken retailers throughout the area. Turi is one of the largest poultry companies of its type in Australia.

OSI International provides a wide range of meats to fast food restaurants and other food service markets across the Asia Pacific region. David McDonald, president and COO of OSI Group, said the two companies have formed a new company built on excellent reputations that has tremendous potential to serve customers in new innovative ways. David McDonald states that the companies will continue to operate their plants from their original locations.

Under the leadership of David McDonald, OSI Group has expanded to over 65 plants in 17 countries, with over 20,000 employees. OSI Group is now one of the largest private businesses in the United States. OSI is able to offer its customers competitive prices because it has access to food supplies across the globe. David McDonald commented that he wants the company to consistently grow into the premier food supplier in the world. Recently OSI Food Solutions in Toledo, Spain increased its total processing output to 45,000 tons of beef, chicken and pork. This led to 20 new jobs and a total workforce of 140 employees. The local demand for chicken increased by over 8% in the past few years following similar trends seen around the world. A Century of Innovation at OSI Group. The expansion of OSI Group facilities allows the company to introduce new products. Unlike its competitors, OSI Group works with its customers to provide products tailored to their needs.

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Ryan Seacrest: Managing Time Effectively

Time is essential for the Hollywood Icon Ryan Seacrest. He is considered the busiest personality in Hollywood, attending 10 activities each day. To help him manage his time, he hired several professionals who would be scheduling his actions and would notify him about how long he should be spending his time on a single event. Ryan Seacrest came to fame after becoming the host of American Idol. After the success of the singing competition, he ventured to produce more shows, like the reality program Keeping Up with the Kardashians. He is also an active radio talk show host, and he can be heard on shows like On Air with Ryan and Live with Kelly and Ryan. Ryan Seacrest manages his time well, as he can finish all of his daily tasks, and still have a room for after work leisure.

Ryan Seacrest, producer and TV show host, stated that the reason for his triumph over his busy schedule is strict discipline. He said that every day, he wakes up at five in the morning. He would already be in the radio station by six in the morning. He emphasized that being fast is the secret to his success in managing his time, and because of the constraint in waking up each morning at an early schedule, what he usually does is to skip breakfast and take coffee or tea instead. He is also making sure that his workout schedule is followed strictly because he wanted to prioritize his health. There have been times when he just ignored exercising, and it made him ill.

Ryan Seacrest, the creator of the clothing line called Distinction, is also managing his foundation called the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The foundation is responsible for building small studios near children’s hospital, and Ryan Seacrest is inviting several celebrities to visit the children who are terminally ill. He stated that seeing the young angels being entertained makes him happy, and he also revealed his soft spot with children. Ryan Seacrest is a role model for Hollywood icons. It is impressive to see how he could juggle up all of the responsibilities, and still turn out to be a fantastic man at the end of the day.

NetPicks is a Powerful Resource for Currency Traders

NetPicks has a strong track record of helping currency traders succeed in the markets. They’ve accumulated two decades of experience and know how to guide new traders who may be overwhelmed by all the things to learn. Speculating in forex can be a lucrative endeavor and one’s chances improve with NetPicks there to help, read more on

The forex market has several important factors which recommend it as a trading vehicle. Its open 24 hours and trades are always available. This allows practitioners to access opportunities that fit in with their schedule as they don’t have to be primed and ready for the London open as an example. There’s also good action in the evenings as the Asian markets are in full swing.

Another selling point regarding forex trading is the incredible liquidity that characterizes the market. This makes trading more advantageous according to NetPicks as it’s easy to enter and exit trades. Higher liquidity also means better fills when a trade is entered into as slippage is considerably reduced with tight spreads.

The limited number of major currency pairs is another key feature of forex trading that makes research much easier. If a trader so desired they could specialize in one major pair and trade it accordingly further reducing time consuming research. NetPicks has a wealth of educational offerings that can power traders with successful strategies once they hone in on a major pair.

The ability to utilize leverage can help traders realize significant success faster as they can trade with borrowed money. This is commonly done in forex trading and NetPicks teaches their traders the responsible use of this powerful mechanism.

NetPicks advocates and teaches their students to avoid trades that are based on emotions. They also urge traders to only use discretionary funds as this helps avoid emotional overload. Never trade with the rent money! Small sums are sufficient for newbie traders to gain experience and build their account slowly. Once a certain experience and comfort level has been reached the opportunity to ramp up trades can then take place responsibly. The staffs at NetPicks are well versed in forex trading and can seriously shortcut the learning curve for new traders, visit (

William Saito; Becoming that Force to Reckon Within Business

Born in Los Angeles, William Saito developed some passion for technology at a tender age. Always trying to solve mathematical and scientific problems at that age, he relied on his passion for mastering technology to succeed in his career. However, Mr. Saito knows that it was not an easy task. For starters, he did not understand English. Then, there was the aspect of wanting to communicate with his colleagues and prospective stakeholders, even when it was not possible to pass the message in English.


Background Information

For school, William Saito attended Damien High School and then the University of California in Riverside. As a student of biomedical science, he left an impressive mark in the books. Of course, he was always top of his class, trying to outdo everyone. But that is not really where his journey in the tech business began. When he was ten years old, his father purchased a computer for his use. His teacher had instructed the parents to get him a computer because he was an excellent tech geek. Straight from high school, he incorporated a tech firm called I/O Software. The company developed a reliable system that displayed Japanese characters in English. Moreover, he partnered with Sony to create a security fingerprint system for authentication.


Venturing in Technology

In 2000, many tech companies started showing some interest in his company. At that moment, he also aspired to sell it to one of the companies. Microsoft it was. Of course, that was not an easy decision to make given his love for the company. Nevertheless, in 2004, he traded the company to Microsoft and went on to pursue other ventures.


Running the Company

Selling the I/O Software Company paved the way for other businesses. For instance, William Saiito moved to Japan and became a prominent venture capitalist. Since then, he has been focusing on the development of different startups especially by investing in them. Consequently, he earned the title of the best Young Global Leader in 2011’s World Economic Forum.


Today, William Saito is the man behind some of the leading tech businesses in Japan. Always focused on helping the upcoming entrepreneurs to discover their talents, Saito has shaped his career on the foundation of empowering these people by all means. With that said, he has proven to the young generation that their success relies on their attitude and passion for succeeding.