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OSI Food Solutions Rapidly Expands To Improve Chicken Production

OSI Food Solutions has been soundly expanding their operations in an effort to try and improve their production. They have purchased several different food plants to expand their capabilities. One of their major purchases included the Tyson food plant located within a main district of Chicago, supposedly valued over seven million dollars.

The purpose of the purchases is to expand their capabilities so that they can continue to sustain their internal business growth, these factories will certainly assist the rapid production of various different meat products.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions was honored with a highly respected reward from the British Safety Council, receiving a Globe of Honor from them for their flawless management of risks within the environment. This was one of the more notable receptions in terms of the Globe of Honor in 2016, as OSI Food became one of the eighteen that were dispatched in the year.

The OSI Food company has several thousands of employees that work across the globe. Their duty is monitor the delicate production of food products before they reach the shelves at supermarkets. They have an incredible reputation for their work, and their employees have great work ethic and work extremely well at what their supposed to do in their industry.

OSI Food Solutions has recently established a factory branch in Spain, specifically designed to rapidly produce various types of processed chicken. The company estimated that the factory could potentially produce upwards of twenty thousand tons of chicken products per year, if the factory reached its optimal performance conditions.

The director of the OSI Food Solutions Spain factory talked about the decision to create the rapid production factory, and claimed that one of the reasons was to respond to public outcry for processed chicken meals in Spain.

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Talos Energy And Its Major Merger With Stone Energy

Talos Energy is a Houston offshore gas and oil producer. It is currently a public company following the closure of its almost $2 billion Thursday merger with Louisiana’s Stone Energy. The Talos Energy Company is headed by Tim Duncan, who is the Talos’ Chief Executive. It was initially formed six years ago in order to focus on the Gulf of Mexico. This was to be facilitated with the financial assistance from significant equity firms like Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management.

The idea behind Talos being financed by major private equity firms was to publicize it through an IPO in the year 2014 or 2015, but following a consequent oil kaput dashed those strategies until currently. This means that the privately backed Talos Energy went public as a result of attaining concern in Stone, which was previously publicly transacted, comparatively than filing for a preliminary public subscription.

The merger between Louisiana’s Stone Energy and Talos Energy was to create a more prominent offshore dynamism performer which would focus on the Mexican parts of Mexico’s Gulf and the United States. Consequently, the new publicized Houston-situated Talos energy instigated trading under the “TALO” ticker on the New York Stock Exchange Market. Tim Duncan thereby terms this merger as a transformational amalgamation. It is widely known that Talos’ financiers possess 63% of the merged company while the Stone shareholders got 37%.

Therefore, Talos Energy is in a good position to exploit its great value asset assortment as well as revenues motivated capital programs in offshore Mexico and the U.S Gulf of Mexico as stated by Talos Energy President and Chief Executive, Timothy Duncan. Talos Energy did well the previous summer after productively winning several offshore tenders with other associates in Mexico’s energy restructuring development of Mexico’s Zama innovation offshore.

Mexico’s energy restructuring progression opened up offshore inhibitors to extraneous investors with Zama as the paramount innovation in the state’s deregulation process. Further, Stone Energy had been operating out of Lafayette for more than 20 years. Nonetheless, Stone Energy filed for insolvency protection in the year 2016, amidst the downfall in oil charges earlier emerging the previous year.

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Sightsavers Links With the Ugandan Government to Make A Difference in their Communities

Ugandan people over the age of 65 are able to be tested for eye disease and sight loss through a program launched and backed by Sightsavers and the Ugandan government. The test is provided for free and is available for seniors when they go to pick up their pension. They are tested and if needed they are referred for surgery or treatment for conditions like cataracts and trachoma. A collaboration between Sightsavers and the Ugandan government’s Expanding Social Protection, or ESP, program, is what makes this new initiative possible. The Ugandan government has been running the ESP program for almost ten years, and with this program their aim is to reduce age related poverty by providing a social pension, called the senior citizen’s grant, that is reserved for people 65 years and older. The organizers of the program recognize that different forms of disability inhibit the access of senior citizens to the grant, which makes providing services to combat these disabilities even more crucial and necessary. People over age 65 are at a higher risk for eye problems, like trachoma or cataracts, so their demographic is the main focus of the project.


Sightsavers also linked with the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee’s Trust Trachoma Initiative to provide the necessary services on the ground in Uganda. Through the collaboration of the above mentioned programs and initiatives, thousands of people have been able to receive the proper care and surgery, which creates more opportunity for them to be more active members of their communities. Much of the poverty in Uganda is linked to disability and the 65 and older age group tend to be the most likely to suffer from avoidable disabilities. Initiatives like this one are so important and make a huge difference because providing health services makes it possible for people who previously couldn’t, to work and make a living for themselves and their families. Programs like Expanding Social Protection or ESP and organizations like Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee’s Trust Trachoma Initiative and Sightsavers, makes such a difference in the lives of those who truly need the assistance and whose lives and well being depend on it.

Kamil Idris on Trump’s Move To Impose Trade Sanctions On China

Professor Kamil Idris recently unraveled President Trump’s decision to slam harsh customs duties on Chinese goods. This decision is exact retribution on China for alleged gross violations of Intellectual Property (IP). IP has to do with creative ideas generated by the human mind such as trade secrets, business names, brands and services. Trump’s decision could commence a trade war between China and The United States according to some state relations and business experts.

China is accused of encouraging cyber-attacks on American businesses to steal trade secrets and manufacturing imitations of products owned by Americans. China also puts pressure on foreign firms to pass their technology to Chinese firms in order to access their local market. These practices give the country an unfair advantage in international trade while resulting in massive loses in the American economy.

Kamil Idris defends the actions taken by the Trump administration and points out that the American constitution allows the President to enforce economic sanctions against nations that do not pledge to safeguard IP. China purportedly has a habit of getting into agreements with the United States to take adequate measures in protecting IP rights, but it neglects these agreements. Trump’s government has decided to opt out of hoping for a diplomatic solution and instead chose to focus on using taxes to pressure China to honor their trade and IP agreement.

Professor Kamil Idris has devoted most of his career to promoting and safeguarding IP. He urges everyone to recognize the need for celebrating human creativity, innovations and honoring the owners of these ideas on April 26 which is the World Intellectual Property Day. Kamil notes that in the absence of IP rights, latest technologies created to solve global challenges would be a remain undeveloped.

Kamil Idris is a Sudanese author and commentator of IP matters. He is also an expert in International law having attained a PhD from Geneva University. He attended the University of Khartoum for his undergraduate law studies and has several honorary doctorate law degrees. The professor is a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration which offers a peaceful resolution of international conflict.

The touching deeds of Doctor Saad Saad in his career as a pediatric surgeon

When it comes to listing the primary objectives of any given person in his or her professional career, giving back to the community should be one of them. This is because in the society we live today, there are a lot of needy people especially innocent children whose lives can be made enjoyable and complete with the help of the successful people in the society. The thing is, even those successful people were once in need, and someone helped them to be where they are. Most of the people in the society have been able to get various assistance from the most important and valued people in the society, for example, medical aid, education sponsorships, among others.

Well, this article tells about one of those most prominent people in the society, Doctor Saad Saad who is a pediatric doctor in Eatontown. He has been dedicating his life to see that he leaves a great legacy in the community by having some philanthropic work in the society. He was born in Kuwait where he was brought up. He came from a middle-class family with children who had the urge for higher education. Being the younge4st kid in his family, he wanted to follow the footsteps of his older siblings who had also worked hard in their education. One of them was a teacher, the other one a surgeon and even an engineer. Doctor Saad Saad attended Cairo University where he attained a medical degree with second-class honors.

Since then, he has made various achievements in his career because of his hard work and dedication. He first worked at K Hovnanian Children Hospital where he served as a Surgeon-In-Chief and Co-*medical director at the hospital. He used to treat his patients with no discrimination according to color, financial status or any other form of discrimination. He ensured that his patients’ satisfaction always came first before everything.

Because of his reputation, Doctor Saad Saad got a golden opportunity to go and work for a royal family in Saudi Arabia because he was only the US Board Certified Pediatric surgeon who was flexible regarding the languages he could speak. In Saudi Arabia, he worked in a hospital called King Faisal Specialist Hospital where he used to treat the youngest children both the financially stable ones and the unstable ones. He created a great legacy in the hospital that it started receiving an increased number of patients because of the credibility that Doctor Saad Saad had built in the hospital.

While at Saudi Arabia, he made a lot of achievements such as approval for the Royal College of Surgeons in because he saw it was good for the student to study in their homeland instead of going to study abroad, the invention of new catheter tubes among many more achievements. Learn more:


Gregory Aziz’s Future Is Brighter Than Ever With National Steel Car Under His Belt

National Steel Car is a leading designer and manufacturer of freight cars and railroad supplies. The company has come a long way since it first started out back in 1912 and today, they are the majority holder of TTX SECO and ISO.

In the beginning, National Steel Car was doing great in the market and they had a lot of large orders coming at them. While this was unexpected from the initial projections that the investors laid out, it was welcomed for many years. After a couple of decades, the great depression took a major hit on the company, since they were not able to keep up with the demands. The company was sold off in the 1960’s and it was picked up by DOFASCO. More than thirty years later, Gregory Aziz bought the company in 1994 to rebuild it to its former glory.

As president and CEO, James Aziz has taken full control of National Steel Car. Gregory Aziz comes from the same province that the company was first started up in, Ontario. Before buying National Steel Car, Gregory worked at his family business, which worked with fresh foods that are imported all over the world, including Europe, South America, Canada, and the United States. Before getting into the family business, James Aziz worked hard on his academics and earned his Economics Degree from Ontario University.

Gregory Aziz left the family business several years before he ended up buying National Steel Car, before which he spent his time working at various banks around New York. After building the necessary experiences and finances, Gregory organized an agreement with DOFASCO to purchase National Steel in order to kickstart the company’s former success.


At the start, Gregory J Aziz kicked things up a notch and tripled the company’s production within the first couple of years he took over. There were more funds behind the company and a lot more manpower in workers. Instead of a few hundred employees when he bought the company, he had more than three thousand in 1990. See This Page to learn more.


A large portion of Gregory’s drive was because he wanted to help others and give back when he could, through his company and through his own philanthropic activities. Over the years, Gregory has donated to many charities and supported the local communities.


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Eric Lefkofsky And The Fight Against Cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky and the fight against Cancer

The health care system has been crippled by the cases entailing cancer as well as Alzheimer’s disease. There is a need for better-personalized care for these diseases. This type of care is also dependent on the usage of artificial intelligence as well as machine learning and massive data to get comprehensive research and understanding of the disease’s genetics and patterns.
Eric Lefkofsky has solved this issue with Tempus Labs. Tempus Labs is headquartered in Chicago and was started in 2015. The company aims to compile and analyze as well as digitize every information of cancer patients. This data and information can be used by medical doctors to get relevant information from the collected data and thus have a better chance of helping the next patients through medication. This added molecular data is regarding DNA Sequencing that is offered by the company.

All the data of each patient is kept in one particular storage with which the doctor can make their decisions immediately. The data synchronization assists the doctors on how the outcome of the drugs impacted the previous patients thus the decisions made are backed by relevant facts.
Tempus has acquired partnerships with various academic institutions as well as health organizations including cancer centers based in America. The oncologists in these areas recommend their patients to be analyzed at Tempus. After the analysis of the patients has been concluded the results are sent back to the doctors for a review. The doctors are given access to the Tempus network. This will show in detail what stage the patient is in and the practical medication plan to be prescribed concerning previous medicines are given with patients having similar mutations.

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur based in Chicago. The influential figure is has co-founded various institutions such as Groupon, Uptake Technologies, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings as well as Mediaocean. Lefkofsky is also an avid philanthropist having been involved in multiple philanthropic foundations.

He is also an appointed Trustee at institutions such as the Lurie Children’s hospital that is based in Chicago, a museum based in Chicago as well as an art institute also in Chicago. With the help of his wife, the two started a foundation that has the sole purpose that initiatives that improve living standards of the needy communities.

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Ryan Seacrest Lives to Work

Ryan Seacrest may be the busiest man in Hollywood, but fans would never know it from his unstoppable energy and on-air charisma. His personality has made him one of the most famous hosts in Hollywood, but Ryan has a hand in many different business ventures from radio to menswear. In addition to his long list of full-time jobs, he launched his foundation, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which has helped countless children suffering from illnesses.

Ryan’s love of media started out at a young age. He bought his first radio headset at just 10 years old and practiced impersonating his favorite DJs. Although Ryan began attending Santa Monica College in L.A. to study broadcasting, he went onto land several hosting gigs and began work as the night DJ for KYSR. Through Ryan’s hard work, he ended up hosting the radio show Ryan Seacrest for the Ride Home, which became the top afternoon talk show in L.A. Ryan hasn’t left his roots in radio behind. Ryan currently hosts On Air with Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM, which is broadcast live from the ABC studios in New York.

According to his Instagram account, when Ryan isn’t broadcasting on the radio, he hosts American Idol, a position he has held since 2002. The show underwent cancellation, but when it was revamped under a new network, Ryan was tapped to host the show once again. In 2017, Ryan landed the job as co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan on ABC. After a long search for a co-host for Kelly, Ryan (@ryanseacrest) was the perfect fit. He tapes the show with Kelly in Manhattan after flying from L.A. from American Idol.

Ryan also launched Distinction, a menswear line of tailored pieces inspired by his time spent on the red carpet. It offers quality pieces at accessible price points. Some of Ryan’s most important work is with his Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The foundation brings specialized entertainment studios to children’s hospitals so patients can learn while exploring a creative outlet. Watch Ryan on ABC!

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Larkin and Lacey fight against Arpaio heinous acts

The recent controversial presidential pardon to Joe Arpaio by president Trump has caused social discussions since Joe is known for his bad reputation. Among his despicable acts include the wrongful detention of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey of the Village Voice Owners.

Ten years ago, Joe Arpaio ordered the arrest and imprisonment of Jim and Lacey. Joe charged the duo with disclosing of information on a grand jury investigation. Lacey is the CEO of the Village Voice Media while Larkin serves as the executive editor of the same newspaper. Larkin and Lacey published a story on the probe of the grand jury.

Arpaio was overly annoyed by the alarming daily publications of his distressing and aggressive law enforcement techniques since his initiation to sheriff’s department. His outrageous behaviors and orders against women and mainly the immigrants were discussed various times on different platforms.

Since his inauguration to the office, he was advised severally on what was accepted and what was not. He was warned by United States District Judge Murray Snow against detaining immigrants due to suspicion without evidence and that it was against the constitutional rules.

In most cases, Arpaio’s scandals were handled behind closed doors until 2011, when the cases were put on the public domain when Arpaio was charged with violation of the rights of immigrants and Latinos. The lawsuit that was filed exposed the inhuman conditions that the immigrants were subjected to at the hands of Arpaio. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Despite a lawsuit filed against his behavior, Joe continued with his duties, completely ignoring the charges and encouraging his team to continue racial discrimination against Latinos. He kept giving his heinous orders until the public outcry caught the attention of reporters.

This was when Larkin and Lacey started to expose Arpaio’s abuse of office and misuse of power to the public. They wrote on numerous occasions, and as a result, they were arrested by a special prosecution team.

During their publications, there was hardly any other newspaper that covered Arpaio case, but later more newspapers started reporting articles and different reports from Larkin and Lacey original work. Arpaio’s scandals were exposed to a national level where every media was discussing his inhuman acts.

Larkin and Lacey were detained for 24 days, and after their release, they filed a case against Arpaio which was settled for $ 3.7 million.

Arpaio got presidential pardon since he campaigned for Trump and endorsed him at an early stage when almost everyone was against trumps presidential campaign. Trump hinted that he was going to release him in one of his speeches, this was meant to attract voter base and work in Trump’s favor to those who see Arpaio as their hero.

Larkin and Lacey are the founders of Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund; a foundation that is meant to benefit the Hispanic community and offers supports to groups that fight for human rights, civil rights, and immigrants’ rights. They also advocate for freedom of speech without intimidation. The foundation also supports activists who fight against the excessive use of power and police brutality by the government.

Peter Briger- The Charming Champion

Peter Briger is among the world billionaires and ranked no 962 by Forbes with an estimated wealth of $1.2 billion. He went to the famous Princeton University for his Bachelor of Arts Degree and later to Pennsylvania University for Masters Degree in Business Administration. Peter is the leading primary donor for the Entrepreneurs Funds of the Princeton Alumni that helps graduates with interest in business and has startup ideas to get capital and mentorship.

Peter Briger joined Goldman Sachs and the company in 1996 as a partner and worked for 15 years before venturing out in 2002 and joining the Fortress Investment Group. At Goldman Sachs, he worked in various management levels and also on the company committees including the Compliance and Global Controls Committee, The Japans Executives Committees and the Asians Management Committees. Peter managed as the co-head of Goldman Sachs groups like the Asians Real Estates and Privates Equities Business, the Special Opportunities for the Asians Funds, the Asians Distressed Debts, and Business, the Trading Businesses, the Fixed Incomes Principals and Investments Groups.

Fortress Investment Group since its inception has become a trendsetter, and in 2007 it took the mantle of leading the other private equity company to go public through its successful initial public offering. It’s listed in the New York Stocks Exchange. The firm operates as a diversified global investments company managing over 1,750 investor’s assets amounting to over $43 billion. The assets are in permanent capital vehicles, private equity, and hedge funds and it uses a strategy of the strong risk-adjusted returns. Fortress Investment Group has 900 employees and headquarters located in the city of New York. The firm main co-principals include Randal Nardone based in Newyork Offices, Peter Briger based in the San Francisco offices and Wes Eden’s found in the San Francisco.

Peter Briger has vast expertise and capable unique skills that he transferred to Fortress Investment Group as the Company Principal, and Co-Chairman and the Director of the board members. Peter is the company Firm Management Committee firm with core duties of overseeing the credit business and also creating new business relationships.

The company employees believe that Peter dedication to growth and investment in the company will enlarge its business portfolio and capture more on private equities, traditional assets management, and liquid markets. The SoftBank Group Corporation bought Fortress Investment Group at $3.3 billion, and Peter Briger remained as principal overseeing the daily running of the company independent entity.

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