Law Education In Brazil With Ricardo Tosto

Every state has something they shine best in compared to other nations. For Brazil, they are the leading nation in terms of the law schools. The country has 1240 law schools; this is more than the law schools in the rest of the world. They also have 8000 certified candidates. What is surprising is that this is less than a third of number of trained lawyers in the state. There is another 3 million that is not certified.

To ensure that the law education remains excellent; the bar association is very careful to see that all the degrees produced in the state are of quality. To be allowed to practice law, every student must take a bar examination. The bar examination has multiple questions as well as structured questions, depending on the decision of the bar association. They also audit the law schools to see that they are offering quality studies.

It is not easy to emerge as a successful lawyer in Brazil with all these regulations. Ricardo Tosto is among the people who successfully hacked all the storms and emerged to be one of the prestigious lawyers in Brazil. He owns the most prominent law firm in Brazil. It is recognized for being able to take and win cases that other firms could not take. The firm has a total of 500 employees. Ricardo Tosto is committed to training the associates. This means any attorney you come across in the firm is an expert of the law. Most of the interns and associates look up to him as their role model.

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