Jacob Gottlieb: turning passion into business

Jacob Gottlieb is a man that thrives on taking risks. It is this ability that helps him to be the businessman he is today. Gottlieb has run many businesses since childhood. He was once a young entrepreneur selling baseball cards, supplying cold drinks on golf courses and even tried his hand at selling groceries. In the present day, Jacob’s entrepreneurship skills shine brighter. He founded and still works at Visium Asset Management LLC. He also trades in Wall Street. Besides business and trading, Jacob’s portfolio also boasts of him being a mentor to other professionals and a charity enthusiast.

Visium shines at work from the magic fingers of Jacob Gottlieb and is the largest healthcare hedge fund in America. Visium is a company he helped to establish, and it represents Jacob’s love for medicine and trade. What seems like a weird combination is not something that Jacob unknowingly entered. He shares the passion of medicine from his mother, a pediatrician, and trade from his father, a professor of economics. Jacob thinks that the two professions are alike and sync flawlessly with attributes such as risk management.

Present Day Robin Hood

The old Robin Hood might be folklore, but he shares unique characteristics with the one of today, personified by Jacob. They are both legends, and while Jacob is no outlaw like the former, they both share a passion for the poor. Jacob Gottlieb is a firm believer in eradicating poverty and is deeply involved in the Robin Hood Foundation in New York City. He believes that families should not languish in poverty and works hard to make the lives of 1.8 million New Yorker’s living in poverty easier. Raised in the Brooklyn in New York himself, he has seen the tribulations of homeless people on the streets with little to eat. Jacob may not solve all the problems in the world, but every step he makes, sees a homeless child or family find shelter.

More about Jacob Gottlieb

He is a man that defines his history. His career today and the charity projects he is involved with telling every story of his life from childhood. His involvement in Robin Hood Foundation tells of a man that remembers his childhood home. He is a graduate in both medicine and economics. He has worked as managing partner, portfolio manager, and buy-side analyst.


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