Dr. Saad Making Surgical Operations Effective through Innovations

For decades, surgical operations have become a nightmare to both the patients and the medical practitioners. The number of deaths experienced had made it a no-go zone for many patients who choose to remain with their problems despite being recommended to undertake surgery procedures. The pain experienced by the patients in the theatre was not something that many patients could go through where many succumbed to death while others faced lifetime trauma after surgeries. Besides, operations were time-consuming as practitioners struggled to determine the problem facing the patient due to lack of advanced equipment that would evaluate the challenges facing the patient. However, Dr. Saad Saad innovative methods solved significant challenges which took surgical operations to another level.


One of the central discoveries of Dr. Saad is developed a device that helped physicians to find catheters which are very important in surgery processes and treating various conditions in the body of an individual. Initially, medical practitioners had no option but to use X-ray machines which had adverse effects on the health of an individual. It is in public domain that x-ray radiations are not healthy in the body of an individual, especially in soft tissues. The only alternative to the use of x-ray machines was the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) which is very large and cannot be moved from one place to another making it not the best solution. Dr. Saad introduced a device that is powered by electromagnetic energy to find catheters before undertaking a surgery which was a game changer.


Moreover, Dr. Saad introduced methods of reducing pain that was experienced by the patients in the surgical rooms. Reduction of pain during surgery was one of the most critical discoveries as it alienated the fear that many people were experiencing making them choose other methods of treatment rather than medicines. There was a large growth in the number of people selecting surgical operations. It is worth highlighting that a significant amount of people had experienced traumatic disorders after undergoing painful surgical procedures. Besides, the number of people who had succumbed to painful surgeries was drastically reduced.


Finally, Dr. Saad is credited for discovering endoscopes which are used in determining the health status of different parts of the body. These parts of the body where endoscopes are mostly utilized include windpipe, colon, stomach, and throat among others. However, the device that Saad discovered was more efficient because it was not hindered by the body fluids which are known to interfere with endoscopes making it hard for the physician to determine the sick part. The device introduced by Saad was very efficient in helping the doctor not to lose the required position hence reducing the time and energy used when conducting surgical operations. Learn more: https://health.usnews.com/doctors/saad-saad-966528


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