“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” Gets a Reaction from the Public

Sean Penn just released his first book and it is getting a powerful response. People everywhere talking about the new novel and what its intended messages. The name of the novel is “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.”. One of the unconventional things about the book is its writing style. Overall the novel is written in a satirical manner. Further, the plot is less conventional and difficult for many people to follow. It has been compared to works of Terry Sutherland and Thomas Pynchon By some reviewers. Ultimately, Sean Penn does not compare his work to these authors themselves despite them being comparisons printed on the book.

After a long and incredibly successful career as an actor, Sean Penn has decided to take up the mantle of novelists. He expresses in a recent Rolling Stone interview that he is always wanted to write a novel although in the past he has not gotten as far. The novel was a labor of love for the former actor. He expressed in the interview that overall the experience of writing the novel was incredible. He states that he had a lot of fine in writing it and hopes to continue writing. He also appreciated the more solitary nature of this work compared to his more collaborative efforts in the past.

As far as the book itself goes it features a main character who has less than conventional morality. The main character supports themselves was a series of odd jobs one is as a salesman another is installing fireworks for a dictator and also assassinating elderly people. The character goes through a series of different events and expresses his thoughts on a dystopian world. I one point the main character writes an extremely long and angry letter to the president of his world. The president in the book is called by many to be a depiction of current US president, Donald Trump. The novel also touches on issues such as the ‘me too’ movement. Some of the opinions expressed by the character have been attributed to Sean Penn although he has expressed that the novel is, in fact, a work of fiction and should be treated as such.

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