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Avanca Hires NewsWatch TV and Review Raises Nearly Half a Million

NewsWatch TV has worked with many companies from all over the world to help them achieve massive exposure for their innovative products and reached absolute success. An international tech accessory company named Avanca, hired NewsWatch TV to produce a one-minute promotional review segment for its next-gen pocket PC called Ockel Sirius B. Avanca created an Indiegogo campaign for its new device and needed to reach a goal of at least $10,000 over a 30-day deadline. After producing an original and professionally made video, NewsWatch TV aired it and it reached more than 96 million homes nationwide and was seen in over 200 U.S. Markets. Shortly after, Avanca’s Indiegogo campaign not only achieved their $10,000 goal, they raised over $456,000 in 30 days.

For over twenty-six years, NewsWatch TV has been one of nation’s most trusted news source for breaking consumer electronic, medical, entertainment, technology, and travel related news. The 30-minute award-winning program began in March during the 90’s and has aired over 10,000 exclusive segments as well as over 1,200 original episodes. It airs original episodes bimonthly on the AMC Network and weekly on ION Television. In 2011, NewsWatch TV began featuring Tech Report and it has since become one of its most anticipated televised segments. Tech Report showcases brand new consumer-based technology ready for the market and also provides well-thought out reviews for Fortune 500 tech companies and startups.

NewsWatch TV stars Andrew Tropeano as the host and also features special reports from Michelle Ison, Eric Forrest, Susan Bridges and Susan Bridges. Many celebrities have been interviewed to share causes that are dear to them and discuss issues such as Denzel Washington, Jennifer Lawrence, Mila Kunis, Bradley Cooper and many other U.S. entertainers. The program is broadcasted nationwide and is currently headquartered in the Washington, D.C., area. Over 700 million individual viewers have tuned in to NewsWatch TV since its first air date.

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Anil Chaturvedi Delivering A Passion For Banking

Anil Chaturvedi has a very long and talented history in the banking industry. He has worked for Merrill Lynch as a managing director, ANZ Grindlays Bank as Vice President and Senior Representative, and currently as Managing Director for Hinduja Bank in Switzerland. He is one of the top bankers in his field working internationally with clients.

He travels and speaks at seminars that are about investment opportunities between Europe and India. His main job currently includes being a liaison between corporations in India, Europe, Asia, and the United States to create alliances in finance advisory positions. He also works to generate monies from institutional investors as well as international organizations.

Anil lives in Geneva, Switzerland he was born in New Delhi, India. He moves his focuses to Indian’s in America to help them with business and investments, he promotes India with marketing mergers and acquisitions. He has spoken out about the need for European as well as the United States to look towards India as a great investment potential. Anil knows the history of India and points out that the population is growing, and most residents are middle class, so they are prepared to buy goods and have transactions abroad with companies.

The only set back that Anil had in his career was in 2013, when he was accused of breaking anti-money laundering policies. He has never stated that he did this or not. Anil was suspended for 18-months from the U.S. securities business and had to pay a sixty thousand dollar fine. Neal Brickman his lawyer for this instance stated that only thing that was at fault was Anil didn’t report to Financial Industry Regulatory Authority what they thought was suspicious activity.

Regardless of any set back, Anil continues his work at Hinduja Bank working with wealthy companies to try and increase India’s footprint globally. He has stated that India is one of the fastest growing areas and should be a place for any companies to look to invest infrastructure, monies, and resources in. The areas of sustainable energy such as solar is one area, another area is pointing out and encouraging ventures for sustaining better transportation and warehousing for foods, he has stated that much of foods go to waste because of this issue. He continues to work via Europe and United States to provide projects to meet these needs and pointing out opportunities.

Milan Kordestani Impressive Career

Young people are always believed to be lazy and party minded. The corporate world is full of executives who are older. Young people are not ready to work hard and establish themselves, and this is why the industry has only been left for the older generation. Some young people have learned about the concept of investing, and they are doing so well despite the many challenges that are available in the market. One of these individuals is known as Milan Kordestani. Although the businessman is not yet twenty years old, he has shocked the world with his excellent brains when it comes to investments.

Milan Kordestani was born in the year 1999 in Stanford. The young boy was brought up by his parents in California, and he managed to attend the prestigious Phillips Brooks Elementary School. The foundation he got from this school played a critical role in his career life. When he was only ten years old, Milan and his family decided that they were going to relocate and settled in London England. His parents divorced when he was quite young, and this meant that the young man had to deal with so many challenges. Milan graduated from his high school education in the year 2017.

Milan started riding horses when he was only ten years old. The businessman has also been engaging in numerous activities that have brought him a lot of success. Before he could graduate from school, the businessman started Milan farms. This company specializes in the production and supply of eggs and poultry.

Milan Farms has been operating for a while, and it has brought the businessman a lot of income over the years. The company has great networks with several other farms in the whole nation, and this explains its significant growth in a very short time. The success the company has been a great motivation to the young people living in the country. Milan has shown the young people that they can be very successful if they choose to invest in the right places. The businessman has shown interest in other industries in the past too.

David McDonald is the President of OSI Group and He Upholds Great Leadership Values

Leaders hold a relatively outsized influence in the future of an organization. Alongside their immense impact on either the success or the failure of an organization, leaders dictate the direction in which, a firm takes. Eventually, a leader is trusted to guide the entire operations of a firm while keeping abreast the competitor’s activities in mind. One such leader who fits this bill is David McDonald of OSI Group.

Background Data

Raised in the beautiful and busy farms of downside Iowa, Dave McDonald has been the serving president of OSI Group for more than ten years. Even though he now fits in the bill of an astute leader, it took him a lot of time and effort to accomplish tremendous results in the long run. Finally, he became an executive leader in one of America’s leading food service providers.

Early Life and Career

While growing up, Dave McDonald worked alongside his father on their family farm. Consequently, he developed a particular interest for agriculture and farming. This led to his tremendous commitment to majoring in a discipline along the same line; animal science. Graduating top of his class, he managed to find an employment opportunity at OSI Group. Working as a president, Dave has committed most of his life to establishing strong entrepreneurial relationships between his company and other supportive organizations.

The Acquisition of Baho and Tyson Food

For example, in 2016, the company acquired several manufacturing facilities including Baho Food and Tyson Food. In both cases, the financial details of the acquisitions were withheld. However, the acquisitions were instrumental in growing the service portfolio of OSI Group. As such, when asked to share his sentiments on the two and other acquisitions, Dave McDonald stated that he was impressed by the additional manufacturing and supplying facilities as both were in line with the service line of OSI Group. The Overview

Dave McDonald’s presence at OSI Group for more than thirty years has been useful in expanding the firm’s operations. Over the past years, he has shown his support for the company and has organized himself in a manner that reflects his leadership skills. Moreover, he has proven to be useful to the organization in many ways. Over and above, he is a revered business leader who utilizes the relevant resources to grow business. It is therefore correct to deduce that Dave McDonald utilizes his resources to equip employees with the right working atmosphere.

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Choosing to Get Help from Agora Financial

We all want to be able to retire when the time comes and have a big nest egg to fall back on. Unfortunately, more and more Americans are realizing that they either have no retirement savings at all or they do not have enough money to support themselves and their family. Thus, they cannot retire when they want. If you’ve been wanting to create a retirement plan for yourself, you have two options: hire a professional financial advisor or investor or make use of a company like Agora Financial.

Agora Financial is different because they have publications available to those who want to learn how to handle their own investments and budgeting. You can read e-books, articles and watch films by Agora Financial to learn more and educate yourself on different strategies you can use to live a more financially stable life. This allows you to put some money aside for your future and have money that you can retire on when the time comes for you to leave your career. Plus, learning from Agora Financial is a surefire way to learn in a more educated and informed manner because they have professionals who work diligently to provide this quality of work to their customers.

Because of the work that Agora Financial has put into their program and the many publications they have published, it is no wonder so many people who are looking to retire or just save some money are choosing this company over a lot of others that are available. You will enjoy the information you’ll receive through the Agora Financial publications, making it effortless for you to handle any and all of your own money problems and savings strategies as well as understand how and when to invest your money so that it has a chance to grow.

A look at Gregory James Aziz The Current President And Chairman Of National Steel Car

1The current president, chairman, and CEO of National Steel Car was born in 1949 in London, Ontario, Canada. With his roles, he leads one of the world’s leading railcar manufacturing company. Greg Aziz graduated from the University of Western Ontario where he majored in economics. Upon graduating, Gregory J Aziz started working at his family’s business, Affiliated Foods, which is a food processing company. He later relocated to New York City where he worked with several investment firms and banks. His stay in New York gave him needed knowledge in planning the acquisition of National Steel Car in 1994. The company was owned by Dofasco.


Before being bought, National Steel Car’s performances were low. Hence, Greg Aziz management skills and input were vital in reviving the company’s fortunes. By the end of first 5 years, his efforts were realized as the company increased its annual car production to around 12,000 units as compared to the 3,500 units that the company was producing earlier. Greg Aziz is motivated by the company’s engineering excellence, efficiency, and manufacturing excellence. He has provided the company with the much-needed capital and human investments in efforts to turnaround the company’s fortunes.


James Aziz’s dedication has helped the company to remain as the leading company globally as world’s best railroad freight car producing company. Under his leadership, the company has gained recognition globally in consecutive years. Greg Aziz leadership skills have enabled the company to win the TTX SECO and ISO 90001:2008 awards in the last 18 years. Gregory J Aziz credits the success of the company to the excellent cooperation among the employees and the management. Also, he points out that the success is due to the company’s dedication to brilliance engineering, continuous innovation and desire to exceed the challenging boundaries. These factors have played a vital role in maintaining the company’s dominance in the freight car production sector. See Related Link for additional information.


Gregory James Aziz is a family man married to Irene with whom they have two daughters, Karina and Natalie. The family lives in Toronto. He is the National Steel Car equestrian team patron and has sponsored Anglestone Tournament in 2009. James Aziz loves horse racing and has been involved in various charitable activities that are aimed at improving the livelihood of the communities around Hamilton. The company sponsors several organizations such as the Theatre Aquarius, United Way, Hamilton Opera and Salvation Army among many others.



Dr. Rod Rohrich – The Best In The Plastic Surgery Space

Plastic surgery is a field in science which has been in a lot of demand off late. There are a lot of people who are looking to undergo plastic surgery for a variety of reasons. For some people, it is just a matter of self-image and self-esteem. They feel that undergoing the surgery would boost their confidence to deal with matters in a more sophisticated way. For others, it is simply a matter of making his/her partner happy. And if you have decided to undergo the process, finding a good plastic surgeon could be equally challenging.

If you are in the Dallas area or anywhere as a matter of fact, then you have Dr. Rod Rohrich’s clinic as your one-stop destination. He is not only popular as one of the most gifted plastic surgeons in America but also is internationally renowned. He has also featured on various shows like Good Morning America and The View amongst others. He has also been consistently rated as the best plastic surgeons in Dallas area and his immense experience and positive reviews from his patients vividly justify the above statement.

There are many types of surgeries that Dr. Rohrich has an expertise in. Whether you want to undergo a simple Face Lift to Secondary Rhinoplasty to Revision Liposuction and Breast Augmentation, you name it and the gifted doctor has it covered for you. But if you are keen on a particular service like Rhinoplasty, then you could leave all of your worries to rest. Rhinoplasty, in simple terms, is reshaping the nose to modify its appearance and make it look better than before. There are lots of people who prefer this type of surgery as the nose is one of the central element of the face.

And if you better the shape of the nose, there is absolutely no reason why you would not look more charming and beautiful than before. And if you are all set to undergo this surgery, do not hesitate to get in contact with the best in the business who has authored many books in this area and who has served in the past as the president of Rhinoplasty Society.

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Insights on the Future of American Economy According to Shervin Pishevar.

Various economies in both developing and developed nations have experienced some tough times. Some of the forces are often beyond the control of the government irrespective of the legal framework put in place. The government can intervene in areas such as inflation and sometimes the exchange rates. The exchange rates are influenced by the value of a country’s level of trading with other nations. When the value of a country’s exports is higher than the imports, its currency is in high demand and the exchange rates increases. In case the imports exceed the exports, the country experiences an unfavorable trade balance. That would explain why the currencies of less developed countries are of low value since their imports are more than the exports.

Every government aims at improving the economy. This is mainly done through legislation by its relevant organ. The government uses the fiscal and monetary policies to control some factors in the environment. Such factors inflation, this is whereby the prices of commodities rise and the purchasing power of the consumers decreases. The situation is not attractive to the investors. According to Shervin Pishevar, the government’s method of controlling the economy was no longer working, and there was a need to adopt other more effective mechanisms.

Shervin Pishevar believes that the economy has not been performing well for years unlike what many people think. Small businesses and upcoming entrepreneurs face challenges when raising capital either for a startup or expansion. Shervin Pishevar encourages them to take advantage of other modern alternatives. He believes that the small businesses can have a great effect on the national economy. Shervin Pishevar believes that the government of the United States has a challenge to counter the stiff competition from other large economies. Some other large economies have been involved in significant technological improvements, and he sees this as a threat to the performance of the country’s economy.

Tempus Labs Co-Founder Eric Lefkofsky Is More Than Just A Business Man

The plague of incurable diseases, like cancer and alzheimer’s, is slowly changing its rhythm as we come into 2018. New accessible advanced technology and artificial intelligence is used in the 21st century to help healthcare professionals and scientists better understand these diseases and their genetically based algorithmic patterns. Eric Lefkofsky and his scientific and medical team at Tempus Labs– a Chicago-based technology firm Lefkofsky helped co-found in 2015– is aiming to merge, consolidate and digitize each patient’s health information. Doing so will allow physicians to learn from the data and use it to help future patients. Tempus has established a series of data pipelines to assist in collecting, cleansing and analyzing clinical and molecular data to put pressure on the use of precision medicine techniques.

48-year old Eric Lefkofsky, co-founder of Tempus Labs in Chicago, is one of Chicago’s most influential entrepreneurs. As a University of Michigan alum, Lefkofsky has become a successful businessman, chairman and co-founder of many successful companies. Tempus Labs differs in that it’s meant completely to help aid patients ridden with diseases such as cancer and alzheimer’s. Tempus labs technological research and treatments will allow for advanced medical care and precision medicine practices to better cure such diseases. On top of Tempus Labs, Lefkofsky is on the board of directors at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, and The Museum of Science and Industry. He’s a practiced professor at educational institutions such as DePaul University Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, and Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He is currently an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business teaching a course on building technology-based businesses to help better communities.

Lefkofsky has always had first-hand experiences in his communities caring for and teaching youth, patients, and loved ones not just in Chicago, but now throughout the world. The work Tempus Labs is doing will help benefit the entire world through Lefkofsky and his Tempus Labs team’s motive to cure and prevent cancer and alzheimer’s in patients around the globe.

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Meet Michael Burwell: As CFO of Willis Tower Watson, Burwell Provides An Impressive Financial Background, Impressive Leadership Skills Built From His Previous Employer, PwC

For Michael Burwell, embracing a new, important role as the Chief Financial Officer provides new challenges, a new corporate environment and many new goals to attain at Willis Tower Watson. Michael Burwell comes to Willis Tower Watson with an admirable work résumé that included many different executive experiences because of many corporate environments.


Michael Burwell held an executive position at PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), which was his last employer. For global consulting companies, PwC is considered one of the biggest. Prior to accepting the role of CFO at Willis Tower Watson, Mr. Burwell has had thirty years worth of impressive experience at PwC.


During his time at PwC, Mr. Burwell took on many important leadership roles. Some of the roles that Burwell accepted and achieved great things in include: Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, the Transaction Services Head, and the Global Transformations Head for U.S. operations.


Mr. Burwell has approximately a decade worth of auditing experience. Michael Burwell also has over a decade worth of Transaction Services Advisory, because of Burwell’s impressive track record at PwC for being well-versed in many areas of finance. Michael Burwell also has years worth of experience in milieus like pre-merger valuations and niche services. Some of Burwell’s other roles at PwC involved being the head of the Automotive industry practice.


Michael Burwell replaced Roger Millay in 2017. Roger Millay was once the CFO at Willis Tower Watson, but he decided to retire in October 2017. Willis Tower Watson was founded in January 2016 and is an international company. Willis Tower Watson’s business services include risk management, insurance brokerage, solutions, as well as corporate advisory. Willis Tower Watson is headquarters in London, UK. The creation of Willis Tower Watson happened due to the merger of Willis Group Holdings and Tower Watson & Co.


John Haley, who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Willis Tower Watson, commented about Michael Burwell’s new CFO role by stating that he is thrilled to have Mike join their team at a very essential period in the company’s development. John Haley also noted that Burwell has the right skills when it comes to managing. Haley also said that Burwell knows how to drive results at a global firm, which has a deep appreciation for its customers and stakeholders.


Additionally, Michael Burwell is very involved in many philanthropic pursuits. Burnell has been a Board Member at the Sacred Heart Rehab Center.


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