O2pur And The Competition They Face

The up and coming Nicotine Salts E-Liquid company O2Pur is competing for its share of the marketplace with reasonably priced products offered on their website. Industry giants BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO, REYNOLDS-AMERICAN, and PHILIP MORRIS INTERNATIONAL are leading the way in product distribution and sales. Recent reports suggest that BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO is looking to acquire REYNOLDS-AMERICAN in an acquisition that would propel BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO to the top of the list. Their dominance of the market as a result of this merger would push smaller companies such as O2Pur to adjust their marketing strategy in an effort to compete.

Recent market trends have shown that BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO has lead the way with an innovative concept known as heat-not-burn(HNB). This technique takes the process of vaporizing to the next level by using real tobacco as opposed to the current synthetic alternative of e-liquid. The tobacco is vaporized instead of burned and delivers a more authentic taste then its liquid counterpart. BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO has introduced its HNB product known as iFUSE glo into the Japanese marketplace and has gained a 5.4 percent share in a relatively short period of time. REYNOLDS-AMERICAN has a thirty-eight percent share with their product eCIG and is also working on their own HNB product called CORE. PHILIP MORRIS has the IQOS device available that the industry labels as a Vape Pen. The user installs a liquid cylinder filled with e-liquid into the device that is heated and delivers the vaporized contents.

O2Pur offers a delivery system known as the Box Mod which combines the nicotine e-liquid with a built-in temperature regulator that heats the liquid into a vaporized smoke that the individual will then consume. Operation of these devices require batteries and a charging device, much in the same way that a cellular phone is charged. A smaller device known as the Vape Pen is also available that resembles more of the traditional cigarette look but holds less liquid and requires more charging and resupplying of the e-liquid. As is everything in life that is consumable, the individual’s personal use of the product will determine how frequent the device needs to charged and refilled with the liquid nicotine. O2Pur offers these products for the price of US $50-$90 for Box Mod starter kits and US $15-$30 for e-liquid refill bottles. These refills come in a variety of flavors including caramel apple, berry cheesecake, and island breeze just to name a few.

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