Bruno Fagali Lawyer You Can Trust In Sao Paulo, Brazil

Having studied from the best of Universities in Brazil and worked at some of the top league law firms, Bruno Fagali is one of the highly rated and successful attorneys in Brazil. With over a decade of experience in compliance, corporate, and civic law, Bruno Fagali is consulted by some of the major corporations in the country.

Bruno Fagali has ensured that the legal counsel he provides to his clients are comprehensive and accordance with the updated law, to ensure that the clients get the justice they deserve. One of the law firms where Bruno Fagali had the chance of working for several years after graduating from the University of Sao Paulo is Radi, Calil and Law Associates.

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As a lawyer, Bruno Fagali stays in the know about the latest events in the field of law. Recently, Bruno Fagali wrote an article about the new rule by the Brazilian court that said that the beer manufacturers has to ensure that the label on the beer bottle contains the list of all the malts that are used to make the beer. The court said that the consumers have the right to know the ingredients of the beer they are having. Many of the labels till now just mentioned that they are made of malted or unmalted cereals, but whether it is soy, rice, oats, or anything else is not mentioned.

Bruno Fagali said that this is a much-awaited decision by the court and would help the people select the beer as per their preference. The right to information is essential in today’s age, and the court’s decision is at par with it. Bruno Fagali is also the corporate marketing manager at one of the premier marketing firms in Sao Paulo, named Nova/SB. He has represented many leading corporations and public figures in the past few years successfully.


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