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David Giertz is a Revered Financial Services Provider

The roles of a financial advisor include walking clients through the right investment path and making sure that they achieve their financial goals. All too often, a financial advisor is linked to the future success or failure of a business. That is why David Giertz comes into the picture as a successful financial advisor who has guided many individuals, corporations and other businesses to successful business ventures. Perhaps David Giertz’s success is appended to his ability to predict and comprehend financial situations while making sure that his clients are protected from impending dangers.


David Giertz has more than 30 years experience in offering financial services. In the thirty years, he garnered vast experience in leveraging strategy, creating innovative business portfolios and coming up with viable processes to merge partnerships.

Social Security

Most recently, David Giertz graced news headlines by discussing the importance of financial advisors discussing social security reports with their clients. According to Mr. Giertz, financial advisors evade this topic because of the lack of knowledge about how important it is to educate clients about it. Therefore, financial advisors lose out a substantial amount of business. It is, in fact, clear to David Giertz that most clients, when asked if the discussing of social security funds was essential to them, admitted that they would choose a financial advisor who provides this information over one that fails to.


David Giertz has worked as the serving president of Nationwide Financial. He controlled sales and distribution and has until now, managed accounts worth billions. Moreover, Giertz is a successful business professional who works with individual clients to make sure that they achieve their financial objectives. Always focusing on private sector and wholesale strategy, Giertz is an accomplished master plan in the industry of financial services. Without a doubt, Giertz is a role model and an inspiration to clients who need excellent business services and young professionals who need a mentor.


Conclusively, the certified business coach has achieved impressive Gallup associate engagement score that has so far encouraged the remarkable culture of leadership in business. Giertz is an excellent performer in the financial services industry.