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How OSI Industries Continues to Stay Relevant

OSI Industries likes to stay relevant in the food industry. From responsible sourcing to the acquisition of new businesses, they do what they can to remain as relevant as possible in the food industry. OSI Industries has embraced the food culture and has learned how to go above and beyond to get where they want to be. The company strives for excellence and will not stop until they are the best in the world. While they have the distinction of being the best food supplier in many different countries, they focus their business efforts on doing it worldwide.

Even though OSI Industries has other companies they operate in Europe, their acquisition of Flagship Europe will allow them to make the most out of their presence in the countries. They want people to realize they are doing their best to remain relevant and they are trying to break into every country. As a food service company, they are providing something every country needs. They hope being in Europe as a part of the Flagship Europe branding they’ll be giving the countries what they need. It is their goal to growand offer something to every country in Europe.

Unlike other food service companies, OSI Industries tries to stay responsible for the food they create and the food they sell to various companies. They know sustainability is a huge problem in the food industry and they want to change that to make it better. By being responsible for the food they have, they are giving themselves a chance to increase sustainability. The company wants to keep trying new things and creating new opportunities to make themselves better. It will help them show people how things will get better and will also allow them the chance to do more in the business they are a part of.

Without even focusing on Europe, OSI Industries is set to grow to twice the size they currently are in the coming years. They have a desire to grow and they want to make sure they are the most relevant company in the industry. As long as they remain relevant, they will have that chance to grow. They will also make things easier for themselves while they are growing. If they have more companies in more locations, they will have more resources they can use to help themselves stay profitable no matter what is going on around them in the food industry.

The services they provide help OSI Industries grow and give people what they are looking for. Many of the companies they work with are international brands. They have created a strong international presence so they can help these companies. Businesses recognize what they are doing. Whether OSI Industries is serving a small family owned restaurant or the famous golden arches, they give the same level of customer service. Their customers are the driving factor for their business so they do what they can to keep them happy and coming back for more of the food they offer. OSI acquires UK’s Flagship Europe

As President and COO of Food Company, OSI Group, David McDonald’s leadership has helped the food company build important business relationships, continue their success by growing internationally.

David McDonald has had a track record success in the food industry as OSI Group’s COO, and President. David McDonald, along with Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Group, have successfully brokered many corporate acquisitions that focus on increasing their market value. OSI Group’s purchase of Baho Food, a Dutch food company, was incorporated into OSI Group’s European food portfolio.

David McDonald noted about this purchase of Baho Foods, added an important presence of OSI Group to Europe in terms of food. And Baho is in the niche of deli meats and additional food processing.

By purchasing Baho Foods, OSI Group absorbed five companies into their portfolio. The five companies, Vital Convenience, Q Smart Life, Bakx Foods, Henri van de Bilt, and Gelderland Frischwaren provide food services in Europe, which co-operate with 16 countries.

OSI Group purchased the Tyson Food plant, which is located in Chicago, Ill., in June of 2016. The facility was purchased by OSI for $74 million dollars. An OSI Group spokesman said that the 200,000-square-foot location, situated in the Back of the Yards site, is near OSI’s other Chicago facilities. An OSI representative emphasized the point that this Tyson purchase is as a way to enable the new infrastructure to facilitate additional growth for OSI Group.

McDonald and Lavin’s decision to make key acquisitions have only helped maximize OSI Group’s strategy to build important, long-lasting, business alliances on a global scale. OSI Group’s international partners can benefit OSI, by having a good understanding of what that culture and corporate environment is like in each of OSI’s international locations.

Mr. McDonald has had 30 years of experience and exudes success in a business sector on a global scale in food. McDonald started at OSI Group as a project manager.

David McDonald chose Animal Science was a degree track from Iowa State University. He earned his bachelor’s from ISU in 1987. One of McDonald’s business credos concerning future business success, is to be prepared to change, because it is the key to business survival. McDonald is currently the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute.

OSI Group have built partnerships in China, by partnering with stakeholders, suppliers, and key government agencies to construct new processing plants. Ten Chinese facilities, under OSI China, handle poultry processing.

OSI Group is located in Aurora, Illinois. It is a privately held company with 60 facilities and work sites situated in 16 countries.

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Freedom Checks- The Hidden Gem

When geologist Matt Badiali got a phone call from a famous financial expert, he had no idea it would change his life forever. As a teacher at the University of North Carolina, he was in a unique position to be helpful to this unnamed financial expert. Since he was investing in companies that develop natural resources (mining, energy, etc), the financial expert needed a geologist that he could trust to verify the claims of others. He would be paid well for this work, but what paid even more was the financial advice and tutelage that Mr. Badiali received. Visit the website freedomchecks.com to learn more.

To put it simply, he discovered a way to make a lot of money from a relatively small investment, by taking advantage of a little-known type of investment. In 1987, congress passed statute 26-F, which was intended to stimulate domestic production of natural resources such as oil, coal, natural gas, etc. The purpose of this statute was to reduce America’s dependence on foreign energy sources. Under this statute, a company that meets the requirements can operate completely tax-free. The requirements are that they must generate at least 90% of their revenue from domestic energy production, and that they must give generous benefits to their investors in the form of “Freedom Checks“. If they meet these requirements, the company is designated as a Master Limited Partnership (MLP). At present, there are 568 MLP’s.

So, for a mining or energy company, this is a pretty good deal. They end up paying a lot to their investors, because by doing so they can avoid paying the government even more.

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Apparently, a lot of people have cashed in on these Freedom Checks. Even major investors like Goldman-Sachs have made sure to get in on these lucrative investments. As with any other investment, you get more if you invest more. Goldman Sachs reportedly makes about 8.9 million in Freedom Checks. Robert Mercer makes about 7.1 million. Fayez Sarofim makes about 2 million. According to Matt Badiali, the man who first publicized this method, the tricky part lies in knowing which energy companies to invest in. He says to look for those that are known to give large and consistent payouts, that are known to have at least a billion dollars worth of raw assets, and that have a long and proven history as a healthy company with rich investors.

One cannot help that such a thing is too good to be true, but so far there is no reason to think that this method is anything but legitimate. Learn more about Freedom Checks at dailyreckoning.com.