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Paying it Forward: Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is a man of many skills and a generous heart. He has a unique story thanks to the extraordinary steps he has taken to get where he is today. He graduated highschool in Chicago, Illinois, in 1975, and went straight into the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves. He specialized in operating trucks while there, and used those skills to his advantage by driving for many transportation companies after he returned to Chicago. He even started one of his own, but after 5 years sold it to focus on his political career. He served for the 26th Ward as the Republican Ward Committeeman in Chicago for four years. He happened to be the youngest man to be elected for that position, a testament to his passion and drive for making changes for his community (http://analystoffinance.com/2018/03/veteran-perry-mandera-gives-back/).

Perry Mandera’s latest step has been quite a big one. He started up another transportation company, called Custom Company Inc. He set up this company with a unique motto “One call does it all”, and strives to push his company to achieve just that. Customers range from small businesses to vast corporations across the United States. Custom Company is a full service transportation company, including truckload services, domestic and international air freight forwarding services and even a warehouse distribution center. The Illinois Transportation Association took notice of his company’s expertise and varied services, and put Perry Mandera on the list of “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium” in 2000.

Perry Mandera has always tried instilling the act of giving back, by generously donating to various local charities, and also through Custom Company. He frequently donates his trucks and supplies to send relief and aid to areas of the United States when natural disasters strike. He also founded a charity organization called Custom Care Charities through Custom Company, that helps struggling families during the holidays, and supports the local Chicago community through youth sports teams, and financial support and care for those who are underprivileged. Perry Mandera hopes that through the efforts of Custom Company, he can assist his community and customers with a helping hand, and instill a drive to pay it forward.


Meet Telereal Trillium CEO: Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards has been the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Telereal Trillium since its creation. He was previously the CEO of Telereal which formed in 2001 as a joint venture between William Pears Group and Trillium. Graham Edwards was vital in the acquisition of Trillium from Land Security Group to create Telereal Trillium. He came to the newly formed company with a background in investing while serving as the Chief Investment Officer of Talisman Global Asset Management.

The first deal Graham Edwards made as CEO outlined a value which had not been realized before in growth of a company through partnership. This partnership influenced the makeup of the company by creating vast property holdings. The deal which Edwards engineered with BT created a 30 year partnership. It allows for the vacating of properties owned by BT over time in order to reduce the size of their estate by more than 30%. Telereal Trillium was able to gain value from those properties and even redevelop them in some cases.

Graham Edwards Telereal is credited with setting the tone at Telereal Trillium. He has brokered many deals and negotiations to keep them at the top of the market. The most notable deal was the acquisition of Trillium by Telereal to create Telereal Trillium in 2009. The transaction is what established the company as a leader in the market.


What is Telereal Trillium?

Telereal Trillium is one of the largest companies which manage commercial properties and investments in the UK. It manages a portfolio valued at £ 6 billion. About 1% of the work force in the UK is managed by Telereal Trillium which is centered out of London. According to the November 2010 revelation, Telereal Trillium is recognized by the UK Government as one of the top private sector companies to receive government spending.

Glen Wakeman – Using His Education to Teach Others

Glen Wakeman earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton in 1981 and an MBA from the University of Chicago in 1993 (.


Surpassing Goals

Glen had the opportunity to “test the waters” of building a business, as an employee when he accepted an exciting and challenging position with GE Money Latin America. He built this operation from its infancy to a nine-country enterprise, with more than 1,000 branches, 17,000 employees, annual revenue which exceeded $100 million and assets surpassed $12 billion. This successful venture took Glen to countries throughout the continents Europe, Asia, and South America.

As Wakeman recounts his investments during that time he muses, “The best $100 I ever spent was in a Spanish language course at Berlitz. It opened my mind to other cultures, other styles, other ways of thinking. It caused me to want to see the world.” He humorously adds, “It also helped me convince my beautiful Argentine wife to go out on a date with me.” The assignment that took Glen Wakeman to Latin America was a tremendous success, both professionally and personally.


Savvy Business Owner

Through Glen’s journey of starting various businesses, he analyzed why some entrepreneurs experience failure rather than success. He noted although he’d heard many good business ideas, they were usually missing a component when they failed – structure. Per Wakeman, “An idea isn’t a plan.” Glen’s journey through entrepreneurship wasn’t a straight line either. He recalls a failure when he launched Snappy Answers. The premise of the service was delivering messages, which Glen wrote and recorded, through clients’ answering machines. According to his analysis, the business failed because he lacked a marketing plan and capital.

Glen created LaunchPad Holdings, LLC to fill the gap around the business structure for new entrepreneurs. The SaaS (software as a service) provides the automation companies can use to consolidate their ideas, then create their actionable strategies. As a business mentor, Glen Wakeman seeks to help new entrepreneurs avoid many of the struggles he endured on his journey – so they experience fewer detours along the way.



Stansberry Research Gives Take on Commodity Investing

One of the most important rights that people have today is the right to receive current information from a reputable source. One organization that has continued to provide customers with regular newsletters that cover a wide range of different subjects is Stansberry Research.

Stansberry Research has been in business for nearly 20 years and provides readers with a regular newsletter as well as online published articles that cover a wide range of different subjects. Many of the articles today discuss the current financial markets, the political environment, and overall risks that the world is facing. Recently, Stansberry Research company published an article that discussed the fluctuation in a variety of different commodity markets across the globe.

According to the article, one of the areas in which a novice investor could start to invest would be in commodities. Commodities include investing in a variety of practical and hard goods including oil, gold, silver, and a variety of other products. The price of these commodities can then have a major impact on the price of a variety of other goods. Similar to investing in stocks and other investments, the price of a commodity will go up and down over time.

One thing that can make investing in commodities different than other types of investments is that there can be wild fluctuations in the price that may not necessarily make sense given the underlying principles. For example, the price of oil May dropped considerably because there is excess supply in the market. However, this does not necessarily mean that oil is no less valuable than it was in the past. Instead, it could be a great opportunity for someone to invest in oil to take advantage of the low prices because supply is bound to be reduced in the future (https://stansberryam.com/portfolio-management/stansberry-research/).

Those that are able to study the trends in the commodity marketplace could find that there is a lot of opportunity to make a significant return on investment. To do this, people need to continue to study the fundamentals of the underlying investments. This can help someone notice and see trends that can be capitalized on.


Bruno Fagali Lawyer You Can Trust In Sao Paulo, Brazil

Having studied from the best of Universities in Brazil and worked at some of the top league law firms, Bruno Fagali is one of the highly rated and successful attorneys in Brazil. With over a decade of experience in compliance, corporate, and civic law, Bruno Fagali is consulted by some of the major corporations in the country.

Bruno Fagali has ensured that the legal counsel he provides to his clients are comprehensive and accordance with the updated law, to ensure that the clients get the justice they deserve. One of the law firms where Bruno Fagali had the chance of working for several years after graduating from the University of Sao Paulo is Radi, Calil and Law Associates.

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As a lawyer, Bruno Fagali stays in the know about the latest events in the field of law. Recently, Bruno Fagali wrote an article about the new rule by the Brazilian court that said that the beer manufacturers has to ensure that the label on the beer bottle contains the list of all the malts that are used to make the beer. The court said that the consumers have the right to know the ingredients of the beer they are having. Many of the labels till now just mentioned that they are made of malted or unmalted cereals, but whether it is soy, rice, oats, or anything else is not mentioned.

Bruno Fagali said that this is a much-awaited decision by the court and would help the people select the beer as per their preference. The right to information is essential in today’s age, and the court’s decision is at par with it. Bruno Fagali is also the corporate marketing manager at one of the premier marketing firms in Sao Paulo, named Nova/SB. He has represented many leading corporations and public figures in the past few years successfully.

Source: http://www.ibdee.org.br/o-cigarro-no-banco-dos-reus-no-brasil-os-aditivos-nos-estados-unidos-os-advertisings/

Jorge Moll Is Getting Things Done In Neuroscience

In any field, there are so many ideas being generated by advancements in technology that it must be overwhelming to sift through them all. In an ideal world, if a quality idea has an obvious plan of action with a specific goal of improving the health of individuals, then something should be done. Jorge Moll is taking this strategy as his credo. Moll believes strongly that the free exchange of ideas not only leads to invaluable collaboration but also improves the chances of success and progress.


A Dedicated Leader

As the president of D’Or Institute of Research and Education in Brazil, a non-profit organization promoting scientific research and progress in healthcare, Dr. Moll has championed the importance of education and training for healthcare professionals. His institute offers specialized courses, high-level training, and educational internships. Additionally, the Ministry of Education and Culture consistently approves their medical residency programs. Pediatrics, oncology, internal medicine, intensive medicine, and neuroscience are all areas of interest that are being explored and researched by the institute.


A Passionate Neuroscientist

In the area of neuroscience, Jorge Moll has been working to help alleviate the negative aspects of debilitating conditions. Cognitive neuroscience is a relatively new field of research. Its primary focus is the neural foundation of how our species interprets and processes social interactions and the behavior that accompanies that information. Research in this area is bringing about new understandings of social behavioral impairments specifically in cases involving brain dysfunction. He believes that new methods can help us to grasp complicated connections between individuals, society, and behavior.

Dr. Moll completed his residency at the same place he received his MD in Neuroscience, the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He also carries a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology from São Paulo University and leads the Neuroinformatics Workgroup, a highly respected diagnostics and imaging laboratory. He lives and works in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.