Dr. Cameron Clokie at the heart of Regenerative medicine in Canada

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a well known maxillofacial surgeon, an entrepreneur and a seasoned scientist. He is also a professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto. He has been practicing dental medicine for a little over three decades. Dr. Clokie is one of the people who have been instrumental in the development of studies and research on regenerative bone muscle reconstruction and regenerative medicine. To this effect, he has published many papers while also making presentations across the world about regenerative medicine through stem cell therapy.

Regenerative medicine is the treatment of a disease or other damaged structures in the body of a patient using donated cells. Blood transfusion is the earliest form of cell therapy since blood cells from another individual are donated into the patient’s body to cover the deficient. It is reported that as a result of this treatment, many patients have bounced back from their illnesses. Bone Marrow transplant has been very effective in restoring blood cells to patients suffering from blood cancer. Dr. Clokie, through his expertise in regenerative medicine, has been able to develop other treatments for other medical conditions that could benefit from regenerative medicine.

The cost of regenerative medicine is high and most insurance companies do not cover it but Dr. Cameron Clokie is convinced that it is all worth it. Getting numerous tests and therapies done which culminate in negative results is a gamble as compared to gene therapy to reconstruct cells which has proven results. Even so, the maxillofacial surgeon is working on ways to bring the costs down and make it more affordable. Peter Russel, who was one of his patients, had lost his jaw line because of a tumor, but he experienced full re-growth after regenerative treatment. More medical problems such as this and many more can be solved if regenerative therapy becomes popular.

Dr. Cameroon Clokie continues to set the pace in curving out the future of regenerative medicine to help combat medical problems all around the world.

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