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Cancer Treatment Centers of America and the Center Pathway Program

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has teamed with Allscripts and Nanthealth to launch a new integrated information system – Clinic Pathways which is an innovative, comprehensive customized Oncology platform. This important new system implements for the first time eviti, a Nanthealth clinic support solution. Clinic Pathways allows access to clinic workflows in the Allscripts Electric Health Record (HER).

Pathways integrate the clinical decision support information and information about the cancer treatment process without interfering with doctor’s clinical workflow. With the input of hundreds of oncological specialists from around the nation, Clinic Pathways is a comprehensive collection of core cancer data.

These treatment platforms provide:
• Customized treatment plans for individual patients that include health updates and status of cancer.
• Comparisons between various treatment plans which include information about risks and market costs
• Access to up-to-date medicine guides that inform about response rates and adverse drug and toxicity.
• Supporting crucial data in real time

CTCA along with Allscripts and Nanhealth began working on this important platform in 2016 to address the importance of a doctor and patient’s need for integrated information. The mission paired well with Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s approach to treating adults suffering from cancer. Headquartered in Boca Rotan Florida, CTCA is a network of 5 hospitals located in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is dedicated to treating the whole patient, mentally, physically and emotionally. Physicians and staff members believe in the importance of involving the entire family in making crucial decisions about their treatment options. CTCA is an all inclusive medical facility that has services including surgery, radiation, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy.

The Pathways platform provides an even more comprehensive sharing of information from medical centers across the United States. This cutting-edge technology is helping medicine to be shared uniformly among colleagues. Clinic Pathways is available at all five Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

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Agora Financial Accurate Financial Information You Can Rely On

Securing financial independence is one of the most significant concerns of people today, and they work hard to achieve it. However, wealth creation is a long process that needs a lot of planning and also a substantial amount of research. Most of the people these days fall for the most popular financial or investment product they hear about in the market, and at times, it leads to massive losses. When planning your finances and making investment decisions, taking help from the experts would significantly increase your chances of attaining your wealth creation goals and avoiding common investment mistakes people make. It is where the importance of Agora Financial comes in, which is one of the most reputed, reliable, and non-bias financial publications in the world.

Agora Financial has some of the best financial analysts working for them and has a network of reporters working round the clock and importing news from different sectors. It is this collective effort that helps Agora Financial in making accurate financial predictions, which allows it’s over a million readers to get the financial information they need to make investment decisions. To maximize the returns from your investments, you have to make sure that the investments are made at the right time and on the right financial product. Agora Financial would provide you with accurate analysis of different industries, where the market is heading, any other specific trends that you need to take note of to ensure you can make an informed investment decision.

Agora Financial has over a million subscribers, and it provides its information in the form of paperback magazines, newsletters, emails, videos, and more. The company is based in Baltimore, Maryland, but has subscribers from across the globe. If you are looking for ways to multiply your income and secure financial independence in the future, subscribe to Agora Financial is a good idea.

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Louis Chenevert becomes the legend he always knew he was

Louis Chenevert has received the title of “Legendary Businessmen” along with people like Jack Welch, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet. His accomplishments are known far and wide, and many people study his business tactics that they may learn how to be more profitable.

Chenevert’s journey all began the day he started attending HEC of Montreal, the business school affiliate of the University of Montreal. Here, he studied Production Management seeing that it provided the best path to one day becoming a CEO. During his time there, he won the affection of his professors and used those connections to land a lucrative job when he graduated. Read more on affiliatedork.com.

Chenevert began working for General Motors as a Production Manager for the division of Pontiacs. He chose this spot specifically because it was known as the good training grounds to one day become a Chief Executive Officer in another company. He worked here for fourteen years without ever receiving a promotion. Chenevert knew that he had the skills. When he approached the higher-ups, they offered him a supervisor position. However, Pratt and Whitney came along and offered to train him to be their next president.

After eight years being at Pratt & Whitney, the United Technologies Corporation with approach Louis Chenevert with a 22 million dollar package and the opportunity to become Chief Executive Officer of their company.

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Chenevert Gladly accepted this offer and immediately begin to increase profits for the company. At UTC he knew that the Aerospace manufacturing Market was in constant flux so if they wanted to continue making a profit they had to diversify. He decided that the best way to do so would be to go into related businesses such as air conditioning, heating, and transport.

Louis Chenevert then propelled UTC forward by acquiring several different companies. The first company acquired was the old one he was president of Pratt & Whitney. Even acquired the world’s oldest elevator company, Otis. Lastly, in a move that shook the entire economy, he acquired for 16.3 billion dollars the company of Goodrich. These moves increased the value of the company to $63 billion. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Wings Journal.