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Why Hedge Fund Investment is the Leading Idea According to George Soros

George Soros is a famous American Philanthropist with a lot of experience in giving back to the community. He has been able to touch lives of citizens of over 100 countries and keeps on extending his services. He happens to have been the founder of famous open Society Foundations. The foundation is known to have donated more than $32 billion since years 1970. He has been able to use the funds he gives out towards fighting for democracy and real change in the world. He has been able to fight for the freedom of expression and also great achievements in life. Soros has been on the frontline fighting for people who are often discriminated for who they are. He has been on the frontline helping them fight for their rights and have worked tirelessly for the success and achievement of his goals.

George Soros is also a great world billionaire and has been able to work successfully for his dreams. He has been on the frontline fighting for better governance but he has also been those people perceived to have achieved in life. He happens to be the 19th wealthiest man in the world. George also happens to be the 19th richest man in the world and has always worked day and night for his success in the industry. He is believed to have been the founder of the famous Soros Fund management, a company which he has worked with since the year 1970. The company has so many investments and has been able to grow tremendously overtimes. In fact, it is the largest hedge fund company in the whole world and has been on the frontline working for success. The company is currently known as Quantum Fund Endowment and he has been on the frontline, making the company a leader in the industry.

George Soros has a very tough background. He was born in Hungary in the year 1930 and those were the times the country was undergoing a lot of problems. Soros’ father was a Jew but a very brilliant lawyer during his times. He worked tirelessly for welfare of his family after he came back from prison. He had been jailed before and during world war 1 but was later released. While Soros only 13 years, Nazi Germany invaded their country and it was at such a time when the Jewish Children were denied chances from attending schools. They were told to report to Jewish council and Tivadar decided to change their identity.

The father of Soros was very sharp and he was able to secure false identification documents which made his family survive the Budapest massacre. They were able to survive the whole massacre despite many challenges. Over 500,000 people lost their lives during that period. He later left for England to study philosophy in the year 1947. He was also a great student while in school, London School of Economics and graduated in the year 1951. He later enrolled for a masters degree at the University whereby he graduates with masters in philosophy in the year 1954.

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The Illustrious Early Career of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi has managed to make a name for himself within music
and a build a career most dream of. Along with his four good frinds, Felipe, Machado Andre,Pit and Yves, he started his band. This unique union served Audi and kickstarted the career we know today. He began to write songs and experiment with different musical styles while he was a drummer for the group.

Cassio Audi

With hard work and creativity, the group performed for larger crowds and began to bask in their popularity.

Audiences from Brazil loved Cassio and his bandmates, which in turn, inspired the group to do international tours in places like Europe and America.

As the touring and popularity continued, Cassio continued writing songs and playing with musical styles. His consistency paid off, as he penned their hit rock album, “Sunset’s Of Sunset” in 1987. This hit catapulted the group into more success and notoriety.

In 1989, their next album, “Theater of Fate”, made its debut. Mixed with rock and hints of classical composition, this album yet again showed Audi not only as a unique composer but a lyricist way ahead of his time. The group again enjoyed and basked in their success as well as the positive acclaim they continued to receive.

Audi eventually left the band and has since gone into other ventures finding success. Audi has made a stamp on the music industry that many dream of, but few accomplish. His early music career is a source of inspiration and hope for upcoming lyricists, composers, and singers alike!

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CTCA Joins Forces with Reputable WebMD to Spread Cancer Education

Cancer Treatment Centers of America work hard every day to assist their cancer patients in their hard fight. Oncology is the field that studies cancers. These oncology treatments change rapidly as new research brings new understanding and alternative treatments, drugs and more cancer related opportunities. CTCA is made up of an impressive array of cancer care specialists who all play a critical part in each patient’s very personalized cancer battle. CTCA is tireless in their efforts to keep the public educated with new details about cancer subjects. Now, CTCA is working together with WebMD to get more information on cancer care out to more people in a fast method.

WebMD is the standard for online trustworthy medical sites. They seek to educate, and their articles are all somehow related to healthcare. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is allowing WebMD to publish some of the information they have recently acquired. This joint medical education effort is hoped to lower mortality deaths from advanced cancer due to lack of knowledge. Fast diagnosis and appropriate early treatment are the two greatest factors in how the patient will respond. It is sad that so many are not diagnosed until their illness is too far reaching to effectively treat.

Many forms of cancer spreads throughout the body systems. When this happens, treatment options become limited. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is leading the battle charge to educate everyone on certain topics that may just save lives. WebMD is one more outlet for this critically important cancer knowledge to be passed along to others. The Internet is being used by many in these times. CTCA is focused on supplying the education necessary before everyone can win their cancer battles. Cancer Treatment Centers of America post their news on their website and now on WebMD too.

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Food Production, Custom Food Success & OSI Industries

Food services are some of the most vital services in the world today. Society operates by the consumption of foods and if we don’t eat, functions will surely shutdown. The food services industry rakes in billions of dollars on an annual basis and there are numerous food service companies to choose from if you’re running a business. Did you know that the United States is home to one of the leading custom food suppliers? Located in Aurora, Illinois, is the cream-of-the-crop food supplier, especially when it pertains to this exclusive industry. OSI Industries has the game on lock thanks to its diverse range of foods, and its diverse range of services. It is a consistent competitor and Forbes consistently lists the company on its prestigious annual list of successful companies in the U.S.

OSI Industries started out as a small meat market in Maywood, Illinois. The company founded by German immigrant Otto Kolschowski in 1909. At that specific time, the company was known as Otto & Sons. This family-owned and operated business sold some of the freshest meats in the area, and it built a solid clientele list. McDonald’s was one of its first high-profile clients. As the business began to grow, Otto & Sons opened its first high-volume meat plant in 1973. Thanks to its strong bond with McDonald’s, it was chosen as one of four major meat suppliers for this hamburger-retail giant. In 2011, the company was listed on the prestigious Forbes list as the 136th largest private company in the nation. OSI also generated $3.6 billion in annual revenue for that year alone.

As of today, this meat-packing giant has grown in other areas because it produces a plethora of meats, fruits, veggies and cheese. Its supply food chain is legendary thanks to having one of the most efficient management systems in society. OSI Industries is changing the game for the better, and it’s leading by example. The company has many job opportunities thanks to its never-ending growth potential. Some of the best food-to-table solutions are produced here. Otto Kolschowki has certainly turned his dream into a reality, and his essence still runs through the company’s veins till this very day.

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Imran Haque Is A Doctor Who Has Made A Name For Himself

Imran Haque is a medical doctor who has the knowledge that he needs to help patients dealing with a variety of illnesses and issues. He is based in North Carolina, and he works through Horizon Internal Medicine. He is a caring doctor who focuses on internal medicine and all that goes along with that. This man is someone who has been working as a doctor for quite some time, and the time that he has spent in his field has helped him to gain the experience and knowledge that has led him to be the man that he is today.

When he was asked how he goes about bringing ideas that he comes up with to life, Imran Haque shared that it takes hard work. He believes that there is research that must take place when someone is trying to bring an idea to life, and he believes that a person has to be set up well financially before they can make their dreams come true. He is someone who has put in the work required to help bring his ideas to life.

When Imran Haque was asked about a trend that has him excited, he shared that he has enjoyed seeing the way that technology is being used in medicine. He likes the way that the field of medicine is changing up through all of the help that technology offers. He believes that technology has helped medical professionals to have more time to focus on their patients and that it has helped them to offer their patients better care.

Imran Haque is someone who is respectful of others, and that has helped him to be the man that he is today. There are some people who go through life without paying attention to those around them, but he is not one of those people. He has shared that he works hard to show respect to those who are a part of his life every day. He believes that all people are worthy of respect.

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Dr. Mark McKenna- A Lifelong Medical Entrepreneur

Mark McKenna is a doctor with a license in Surgery and Medicine from the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. He grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. Dr. Mark McKenna graduated from Tulane University School of Medicine. He completed an MBA online in 18 months. His focus was entrepreneurship. Then, he launched McKenna Venture Investments in 2000. During this time, he also practiced medicine at father’s clinic. Dr. Mark McKenna helped New Orleans recover from Hurricane Katrina by redeveloping low-middle income housing.

His responsibilities as a doctor are to provide his patients with weight loss solutions and perform new NSA (Non-Surgical Aesthetic) procedures. As of January 2015, he is the CEO and founder of McKenna Cresent Investments LLC. He held similar roles at Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Tile. Dr. Mark McKeena was the National Medical Director of Life Time Fitness from December 2015 to July 2016. He became the Chief Executive Officer of OVME Aesthetics in 2017.

Dr. Mark McKenna was self-employed in his entire life. His family comes from an entrepreneurial background. Reading is a habit that makes McKenna more productive as an entrepreneur. Think and grow rich is his favorite book. In the future, Dr. Mark McKenna would be interested in the creation of a physical currency exchange locations, where people can convert crypto to cash or cash to crypto. The role models of McKenna are Elon Musk, Michael Bloomberg, and Barack Obama.

Gianine McKenna is the wife of Dr. Mark McKenna. They have a daughter, Milana Elle, and a dog Ryder. McKenna belongs to the Entrepreneurs Organization. He used to have board memberships at the New Orleans Jazz Festival and the New Orleans Industrial Development Board. Mr. McKenna is fluent in English and French. Some of the activities he does in his free time are traveling and jiu jitsu.

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Jeffrey Schneider Explains the Significance of Having a Wellness Program

More fitness fads keep popping up each year. However, most of the fitness fads do not last for long. According to Jeffrey Schneider, for a trend to develop a lifestyle, it ought to be flexible, sustainable and above all, enjoyable. Research reveals continually varying workouts, highly social lifestyles and flexitarian diets lead to healthier and longer lives. Jeffrey believes that wellness is not a difficult battle but a celebration.

Currently, wellness programs are rampant in most workplaces. The programs started as corporate employee rewards for large corporations but are nowadays common among all businesses including small and medium-sized ones. The initiatives come as an organization’s benefits package.

Wellness programs offer strategies, tools, privacy, incentives and social support to employees when done correctly for adopting and maintaining healthy behaviors. Most workplaces are currently offering their employees a platform to improve their health behaviors. Public and private worksites are the centers for prevention of chronic diseases in the U.S. Workplaces compliment hospitals’ work of treatment of diseases by preventing and arresting chronic diseases.

Businesses are more consistent and more efficient in offering wellness programs than anybody else. The employers provide the sessions because of the benefits that result from an active and healthy workforce. Therefore, most organizations implement wellness sessions because they enjoy the resulting benefits of wellness.

Numerous rigorous scientific studies on the impact of wellness activities in worksites reveal the benefits of running such programs in a company. There is more research on this area than on anything else that occurs within businesses such as the provision of pension plans and maternity leaves.

There are many reasons for having wellness programs in institutions. There is often a behavior change with wellness programs. The activities help reduce the risks of acquiring diseases and improve the physical fitness of employees. Also, they reduce healthcare costs, improve productivity, decrease absenteeism, improve employee retention, and sustain considerably high morale at the workplace.

Employees achieve muscle toning and strength with regular exercises. Participation in wellness programs helps improve one’s physical fitness as well as their overall well-being.

Unhealthy individual lifestyles could result in considerable levels of lost work time that is productive. Some recent research showed that employees who do not do regular exercises have more than 50% likelihood of presenting with presenteeism at work than regular exercisers. Also, people with excess body weight and high blood pressure have decreased productivity. Wellness programs aimed at enabling employees to have improved health behaviors would eventually increase the level of productivity.


Wellness programs help people adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. With healthy practices, there is assurance of lower health risks and reduced prevalence of chronic diseases. Also, there is a decrease in the employees’ healthcare costs. Well-organized wellness programs result in better behavioral changes.

Jeffrey Schneider is a native of Manhattan. He schooled at the University of Massachusetts. He engages in many philanthropic groups such as Gazelle Foundation and Wonders and Worries. Jeffrey shares some of his perspectives and practices that help him maintain a better balance between home and work.

The Blue Zones in a book read by Jeffrey Schneider, represented areas with constant moderate physical activity, the significance of being with family and plant-based diets. The book made Jeffrey learn that moderation is considerably more sustainable that indulgence or abstinence.

People should wake up early and exercise. Aerobic exercises help Jeffrey Schneider center his thoughts as well as assisting him to let off steam. Jeffrey takes morning runs along the Lake Trail in Austin or the Central Park Loop when in NY City. Jeffrey says that it is easy to maintain wellness if it becomes one’s habit.

Barbara Stokes Making a Difference in Alabama through GSH

Barbara Stokes together with Scott Stokes founded Green Structure Homes of Alabama in 2008. Green structure Homes of Alabama is a Disaster Relief contractor company based in Alabama. The company’s clients include private and government sector. GSH of Alabama, LLC provides a wide range of solutions for their customers. The firm capitalizes on engineering and manufacturing techniques together with state of the art design to provide quality product and services for their customer. GHS exhibits a well-structured company that is run by a team of experienced leaders who are changing the game of in the industry by providing competitive and quality products.

The HuntsVille-based Disaster relief company recently created new jobs in over six states. The posts were in communities of Florida, Minnesota, Texas, Virginia, and Northern Carolina. The company is committed to producing modular homes for the people affected by various natural disasters like the Hurricane Harvey. The company will support local business in all the eight communities that are involved in and help in creating direct and indirect jobs in and around these areas. GSH also focuses on providing quality homes that can be delivered quickly to families that need them the most. Green structure homes delivery remains exceptional. The company has facilitated many projects over time and remains on course in this vision. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Barbara Stokes has been working with a team of great professionals in providing exceptional products and services in the disaster and relief area. Her leadership skills in the disaster Relief Construction Industry at GSH of Alabama LCC have a proven track record of excellence. Barbara Stokes has extensive experience in disaster and relief management from working at Boeing and Pisces Corporation. She has extensive experience in government contracting. Barbara proudly leads GSH in support of the government mission as well as That of FEMA. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.


Barbara Stokes is a graduate of Mercer University. She studied Biomedical Engineering and physics and completed in 2001. She also studied technical communications, Thermodynamics, properties of the material, technical communication and structures while at the university. Apart from her unique and compelling leadership qualities, Stokes has a genuine passion for creating solutions in stressful situations that. Her benevolence comes a long way in influencing the decisions in the GSH of Alabama, LLC which are accurate in most cases. She is highly committed to quality and prompt delivery. She leads a team of focused individuals who are committed to achieving the mission and the vision of the company.


Logan Stout Describes His Success In Business During His Online Inspirey Interview

One of the questions asked of Logan Stout during his online interview with Inspirey was who is a mentor of his that had a profound impact on the success of his business. Mr. Stout replied that Mr. John C. Maxwell is a person he considers a friend and mentor. Logan Stout says that the influential business leader had a strong and positive influence on the way he conducted business. Stout says he admires Maxwell’s business skills and is lucky to have been mentored by him on how to start and run a business as an entrepreneur.

Inspirey inquired what is the best $100 that Logan Stout recently spent on and why. Mr. Stout answered that money isn’t everything in life. Instead of spending money on himself on something material, Logan Stout said that he recently provided funding to a young woman to start a new non-profit group. This was money that was very well spent according to Logan Stout. He believes that when you share the money you have with others who want to make a positive impact in the world, then you are bringing something good to people. This by itself will make you a success.

Mr. Stout was asked about a book that he has found to be helpful when conducting business. Logan Stout replied that the Bible is not thought of as a book that can help you achieve success in business, but it has helped him in every aspect of his life. This includes his work as an entrepreneur. Stout believes that the bible has an incredible amount of wisdom. He also admires the leadership that Jesus Christ displayed in his life and tries to emulate it in his personal, family as well as professional life. This is why Logan Stout highly recommends a person study and read the bible if they want to get ahead in business, their family life or their own personal life.

The interview with Logan Stout was ended by Inspirey asking Logan Stout what is in store for his company in the future. Logan Stout said that believes his IDLife company will continue to grow and expand beyond what it is currently offering. The health and nutrition sectors are a rapidly growing sphere right. Mr. Stout says that people are now more conscious of their health than ever before and this provides his health and wellness company a big opportunity to grow.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America and the Center Pathway Program

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has teamed with Allscripts and Nanthealth to launch a new integrated information system – Clinic Pathways which is an innovative, comprehensive customized Oncology platform. This important new system implements for the first time eviti, a Nanthealth clinic support solution. Clinic Pathways allows access to clinic workflows in the Allscripts Electric Health Record (HER).

Pathways integrate the clinical decision support information and information about the cancer treatment process without interfering with doctor’s clinical workflow. With the input of hundreds of oncological specialists from around the nation, Clinic Pathways is a comprehensive collection of core cancer data.

These treatment platforms provide:
• Customized treatment plans for individual patients that include health updates and status of cancer.
• Comparisons between various treatment plans which include information about risks and market costs
• Access to up-to-date medicine guides that inform about response rates and adverse drug and toxicity.
• Supporting crucial data in real time

CTCA along with Allscripts and Nanhealth began working on this important platform in 2016 to address the importance of a doctor and patient’s need for integrated information. The mission paired well with Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s approach to treating adults suffering from cancer. Headquartered in Boca Rotan Florida, CTCA is a network of 5 hospitals located in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is dedicated to treating the whole patient, mentally, physically and emotionally. Physicians and staff members believe in the importance of involving the entire family in making crucial decisions about their treatment options. CTCA is an all inclusive medical facility that has services including surgery, radiation, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy.

The Pathways platform provides an even more comprehensive sharing of information from medical centers across the United States. This cutting-edge technology is helping medicine to be shared uniformly among colleagues. Clinic Pathways is available at all five Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

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