Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg: Enabling Women to Stay Fit Comfortably

Fashion and affordability are two characteristics that define women’s sportswear. Functionality is an element that is mostly overlooked by many people. This is an active area with its highest consumption being back in 2010. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg realized this and decided to exploit the opportunity by establishing a sportswear organization by the name Fabletics. Their primary goal was to come up that blended fashion and Functionality and also make affordable.

The two were able to come up with a revolutionary vision for women’s sportswear. They did not concentrate on the trends in the market but rather on what women were looking for. The most prominent issue facing women in athletic wear is the same worldwide, something they learned through consumer tests and focus groups. The problem being ill-fitting wears, cost and being garish. Comfort and quality of the clothes are also compromised. Simply put, women cannot find a suitable sportswear without digging deep into their pocket.

Don Ressler brought Kate Hudson on board Fabletics to improve on their branding. This is one of the critical issues that affect sports fashion industry. Being an actress, Kate Hudson would efficiently address this given that she was confident, has an appealing face and friendly. The spokesperson position she served enabled her to develop a relationship with clients thereby linking the organization to many clients. She is still working on improving the brand’s awareness online.

The organization has undergone tough times along the way such as capital during the starting stages. All in all Don Ressler has been able to eliminate complexity which is the most significant issue facing comfortable sportswear. His determination, focus, and experience in the fashion industry have seen him blend functionality and fashion to come up with a suitable sportswear something that is so rare.

Don Ressler’s strong online presence and good grassroots appeal have enabled the organization stands out from its competitors. The organization’s appealing website combined with a lucrative discount model has made them stand out from the rest. The experience they give their customers while shopping makes their women’s sportswear fun. The clothes are also functional and come at an affordable price. They address the issues many women are facing – keeping fit while looking great.

Fabletics are rolling out new changes in 2017 where they want to expand their market, where they aim to cater for the plus sized woman category. This is something that will see bigger women looking to stay fit lose weight in comfortable clothes.

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