Brown Modeling Agency: Re-launched to Provide Quality Talents in Texas

Recruiting quality models are one of the most tedious processes in its own industry. As a talent agency, it is important to expand your resources and influence in order have the best people in your team.

One of the most well-respected talented agencies in Texas was the Heyman Talent-South. Currently, Wilhelmina Austin has acquired the rights to this agency and decided to merge and rebrand it into The Brown Agency. Being re-launched along with the Heyman Talent-South, the company aspires to provide quality service by providing individuals who are capable and talented in the modeling industry.

With Justin Brown as the lead, Wilhelmina Austin was started in 2010. The modeling agency grew to be one of the most prominent companies in recruitment of modeling talent. Heyman Talent-South has also built its reputation in providing good quality talents. The merging of the two companies meant more opportunities to expand and benefit from each other’s strengths and efficient recruitment systems.

The Brown Agency will be based in Austin with other satellite offices in Dallas and Los Angeles. Justin Brown will be the CEO and President of the company, with Michael Bonnée sharing his knowledge and skills to the improvement of The Brown Agency.

The Brown Modeling Agency has been working with popular global brands. They have recruited models for Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Dell, Loreal and other print magazines. Their fashion models have graced the runways for Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and other popular fashion shows. Justin Brown believes in helping brands acquire fresh and appealing models and talents. As he always say in shows and speeches, “ We are only as good as our talent.”

Justin Brown developed a passion for helping models reach their full potential. Coming from business management beginnings, he eventually became interested in stage productions and behind-the-scene work. He had the opportunity to train amateur models and turn them into professionals. He found a way to promote these models that he trained and gave them recommendations to work for the big brands who are in need of quality models and talents.

The Brown Modeling agency is comprised of 20 percent modeling talents, 15 percent allocation for commercial, film, television and video gigs talents and 10 percent for union opportunities. The models are hired from Dallas and Houston, with Justin Brown noting some differences on what kinds of talents are hired per city. He mentions that in some regions such as Austin, talents are hired for their funky, rebel vibe, and Dallas talents would be hired as being more modest. Visit

All in all, the merging of the company is good news for both parties. Justin Brown hopes that he will be able to provide exceptional talents for bigger brands not just in the Texas area, but all over the USA for global promotions.


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