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Amicus Therapeutics Leads The Way In Rare Disease Technology

The global biotechnological Amicus Therapeutics is at the forefront of cutting-edge therapies to treat rare diseases. The robust pipeline of treatments helps with a long list of genetic disease.

Amicus Therapeutics has a very bold vision. The programs we invest are required to have three characteristics: a rare disease, a devastating disorder and the data must be meaningful to help patients. Our goal is to help patients, caregivers and their families.

Our company believes in the fight and never gives up. We deliver the highest-quality therapies that deliver results. Even in business, we believe building in the long-term. Our results are science-driven. We also promise to offer affordable medicine options for all patients.

Our leadership team is driven toward leading. We do everything we can to inspire the rare disease community. Learn more about Amicus Therapeutics at Seeking Alpha.

Our CEO John F. Crowley is a former Bristol-Meyers-Squibb executive, who became involved in genetic technology after his two children were born with genetic diseases. His bravery is profiled in the movie Extraordinary Measures, starring Brenda Fraser and Harrison Ford. Crowley alone raised over $100 million to find a cure for his children. Visit finance.yahoo.com to know more about Amicus Therapeutics.

Crowley, a U.S. Naval Reserve Officer, graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in foreign service. He also received a Juris Doctorate from Notre Dame University. Crowley also sits on a number of boards including the Family Exemplar Award, the Global Genes Project, the University Council on Science & Technology Award and the Make A Wish Foundation.

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He continues to lead the way in technological advancements.