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Finding The Right Accounting Method

Keeping Tabs On Every Penny

NexBank does the unthinkable when reaching customer goals.

Everyone should have clearly laid out goals in finance, and we help you put together expectations that work out in the end. We’re able to because of our group of professionals. Leading a community like this and into a modern generation begins with the right banking services.

The foundation of every community begins with managing the properties it has. Therefore, we welcome you into the property management of NexBank and the bank which brings its values into a new generation. The relevancy of this generation can’t be over-expressed.

It’s important to leverage as many benefits now, and using NexBank for management needs is your start toward financial success.

We Then Implement Expense Control

During the process of owning property, developing it or evening selling it, there’s a dire need for controlling the expenses that come along. The long list of unexpected and likely expenses within property ownership is too exhaustive to list here. Here, we have our overview of what’s necessary to create real value out of homeownership.

By controlling yours and our expenses, we’re able to maximize the rewards.

In property management, your goal is to avoid spending more than your returns can insure as principal on an investment. This investment is your property and the value it garners overtime, if developed or when other incentives are offered to increase value.

By limiting how much you spend in the process, we maximize the future returns.

Taking these steps is part of the work and reputation at NexBank. It’s what you can always expect. Begin those steps today, and let’s make something more of your future.

The major goal is your bottom line, and we ensure that you’ll improve it.

Organo Gold Is Bringing Relief To Americans

Over the past 10 years, coffee drinkers have decreased almost 25%. Much of this is due to doctors’ orders, and some of it from personal study. However, USA Today is has released a statement that states all Americans should drink coffee. After a thorough study of coffee and how it relates to sickness, it has been proven that coffee is leading to a longer life. People who drink coffee are expected to live 30 years longer than people who do not drink coffee. The reason for this is the new chemicals discovered in coffee that fight against every disease that tries to infiltrate the human body. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

This coffee study was done with regular coffee, decaffeinated coffee, and flavored coffee. Each study ended with the same results, and each study showed that people who drink coffee even have better moods on a daily basis versus people who do not drink coffee.

Several leading medical experts tried to prove USA Today wrong, but these medical experts could do nothing but agree with the evidence. USA Today specialists nor medical experts can state for sure why coffee is able to fight disease. However, it is a sure thing that coffee leads to a longer and healthier life. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

Organo Gold is promoting the recent finds of USA Today. Organo Gold sells dozens of different coffee products. All of these coffee products are made from natural elements, and Organo Gold coffee has been known to prevent sickness and disease. Organo Gold coffee does not cost a lot at all, and they update their flavors every month. More and more people are switching to Organo Gold coffee since coffee has been proven to lead to a healthier lifestyle. Originators of Organo Gold have been studying and promoting the health benefits of coffee for years. They are happy USA Today was able to reveal the truth to the world.

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Mike Baur Abandons a Lucrative Swiss Banking Career to help Startup Businesses

About Mike Baur


Mike Baur is a successful entrepreneur who has inspired many people. He is the owners and co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory. He started showing signs of entrepreneurial dedication at a young age. Baur grew up in Freiburg, Switzerland. He pursued business degrees at the University of Rochester and Bern University. Mike Baur was a fast learner. By the age of 16 years old, he had already started his banking career. He became an apprentice for the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) in 1991. He was very passionate about succeeding in his career. He evaluated the promotions that he could achieve at the firm. Baur believed his career life was a long journey that would take years to achieve. He decided to pursue his passion to help tech startup businesses.


Mike Baur is a public speaker at various startup occasions that include corporate functions, university functions and conferences. He speaks about various methods of starting, investing and accelerating business ventures. Baur`s main areas include startup acceleration, startup scouting, startup DNA, startup investment and setting a Swiss network for promising entrepreneurs. Mike hopes to build a bridge between the new and old economies. He does so by transforming digital and technological innovations. He achieves the objective by being a member of various Swiss companies.


Mike Baur Swiss Banking Career and Entrepreneurial Success


Mike Baur worked at UBS for over 16 years. During his career, Baur provided important advice to Swiss investors, including some of the wealthiest individuals in the country. He was promoted into various advisory ranks at the firm. Mike left UBS for a Zurich office position, at Clariden Leu bank, in 2008. He was a high-ranking officer at the office for 6 years. The post-recession environment, in banking, made his career less appealing. He left the baking industry in 2014 to pursue his goals.


Mike Baur established Swiss Startup Factory to accomplish his objectives, assisting young entrepreneurs in technology startups. He co-founded the organization with Max Meister, a fellow student at Bern University. The company is an incubator program that helps the young tech owners. It provides training and mentoring services to new tech business owners. The company also funds some of the promising businesses. The organization enables the startups to learn methods of securing investors and increasing sales. Mike Baur also organizes various occasions that help entrepreneurs market their products and secure more investors.


Mike Baur encourages entrepreneurs to participate in pitching contests. Mike was one of the jurors at a business contest that occurred in 2014. The START Summiteer occasion takes place at a Swiss university. The founders of 30 startups are allowed to speak publicly about their plans, models and products. The contest is designed for businesses that are valued at less than $1 million. Financial experts evaluate the plans and rate the business to determine the winner. The most promising startups, based on their innovations and creativity, attract multiple investors. Mike Baur helped in establishing SSUF, a renowned business incubator, in 2014. He has also helped various organizations, including Think Reloaded.