Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho and the Brazilian Law Systems

The law profession is very popular in Brazil. With the huge population in Brazil, it is obvious that there many people who will need the services of lawyers. The other reason is that the Brazilian legal system is complex and it’s very hard for people with no experience to navigate through the system. Few people can handle litigation cases without the help of a lawyer in Brazil.

All Brazilian law is based on the constitution. It is the supreme law in the country. Any other law created in the country must align with the constitution. Brazil passed their constitution in 1988. Having been effected less than twenty years ago, the constitution attracts a lot of interest from various law professional who seeks different interpretations of some sections.

A lawyer in Brazil takes five years to go through an undergraduate program in law, then move to a law school and then finally become attend internship. For one to be a fully certified lawyer, it’s mandatory to pass the Brazilian Bar exam.

According to the law statistics of 2011, there were over 676,000 practicing lawyers in the country. Given, we in 2017, definitely there very many who have been added to this list. We could be talking of over a million lawyers currently. There are still many others who have been through the undergraduate program but have not yet been approved due to non-compliance with the registration regulations.

Certified lawyers are allowed to practice any type of law as long as they are certified by the Bar Council. Some of the laws practiced are contract law, tax law and class actions.


About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto de Oliviera is a prominent lawyer in Brazil. He is one of the founding partners Leite, Tosto, & Barros law firm. He is known as a master of business litigation who rarely loses cases. He always puts the interests of his clients first. Ricardo Tosto mastery of business law has attracted many clients into the law firm.

Ricardo Tosto is the one who introduced the concept of mass litigation in the country. Many other lawyers have adopted the technique from Ricardo Tosto and are implementing it too.

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