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Dr. Mark Holterman – Teaching and Practicing Surgery

Dr. Mark J Holtermanbeen dedicated to his medical career of a pediatric surgeon for more than twenty years. Over the course of his many years of practice, Dr. Mark J Holterman has managed to change and save lives as he has been a part of a vast number of hospitals. He also ventured into the world of medical business when he founded his company Mariam Global Health.


Dr. Mark J Holterman started his medical studies at the Yale University starting 1976. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1980 concluding his studies in general biology. Afterwards, In1980 Dr. Mark J Holterman started school at the University of Virginia. He attended the School of Medicine and achieved his Ph. D. and M. D. degrees. Dr. Mark J Holterman graduated Medicine and Immunology. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holreman at Interview.net.


Upon completing his higher education, Dr. Mark J Holterman pursued extensive practice and training. He got to work with some of the brightest doctors in the field of pediatric surgery. Dr. Mark Holterman received training at the Seattle Children’s Hospital, at the University of Washington, as well as a number of other medical institutions. In 2008, the Advocate Children’s Hospital appointed Dr. Mark J Holterman to the position of Surgeon in Chief which he occupied up until 2010 after which he became an attending pediatric surgeon at the Rush University Medical Center.


Up to date, Mark J Holterman, M. D. is operating his business which he created in 2012. Mariam Global Health operates on an international level. It offers business management services, and it also makes investments in promising companies working with regenerative medicine. Mark J Holterman, M. D. is the chief executive officer of Mariam Global Health as well as the chief medical officer of the establishment.


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Al with handling his company, Mark J Holterman, M. D. is also highly dedicated to his pediatric surgery practice in Peoria, Illinois. Mark J Holterman, M. D. started working at the OSF Health Care Hospital in 2012.he is also a professor of surgery and pediatric teaching at the University of Ilinois, for the division which is based in his home town of Peoria. Learn more on Crunchbase about Dr. Mark Holterman.