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Why the Mighty Fortress Church is Beautiful Beyond the Church’s Building

Churches are not just sacred places of worship for Christians; they also represent a rich history associated with Christianity. For over two thousand years that Christian Churches have existed, Christians and non-Christians have marveled at the ever-evolving design of churches. Today, churches incorporate some of the most intricate architectural designs. The U.S particularly the Twin Cities is home to hundreds of beautifully designed churches. Some of them are discussed below.
Cathedral of St. Paul, St. Paul
In a list of the most beautiful buildings in Minnesota, the Cathedral of St. Paul will always feature. It also features in a list of the largest churches in the U.S. In fact, it is the third largest in the U.S. The church is over a century old, but the structures’ French Renaissance and Classical themes are very much alive.
Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis
Also over a century old, the Basilica of St. Mary is the most beautiful basilica in Minneapolis thanks to the Baroque and Beaux-Arts architecture. The church is not only beautiful from outside, but also it entails an intricate and wonderfully detailed interior. Each summer, the church holds a festival, the Basilica Block Party to support the church and local charities.
Lakewood Memorial Chapel, Minneapolis
This church has a striking similarity to the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul; perhaps, because it was modeled from the Hagia Sophia’s design. The 107-year-old church is located inside of Lakewood Cemetery, and its magnificent design livens up the somber mood in the area.
The Mighty Fortress Church
Also found in Minneapolis features among the beautiful modern churches in the state. The church is built upon a belief that sermons, worship, and prayers should be interesting. The Mighty Fortress Church employs an informal approach to its activities. The idea resonates well with modern Christians who are turned off by the formal atmosphere inherent in other churches
The Mighty Fortress Church is open to all the members of the society regardless of what they do or who they are. Bishop T. R. Williams, the senior pastor, encourages people to attend the church “as they are.” Williams is a respected man of the cloth who has been serving the Lord for over 30 years.

Rocketship Education and What It Taught Founder Preston Smith in Its First Ten Years

In the middle of August’s sweltering heat across the United States earlier this year, Preston Smith informed the Internet of things he learned at Rocketship Education, a learning organization that is likely best known for it being a pioneer in the pedagogical field of personalized learning.

While many people know of Preston Smith – educators, especially – not everybody is aware of his successful career, where and when he’s spent time in roles as instructors and principals, and concepts he grabbed from the 123-odd months he’s worked for RSED – the acronym for Rocketship Education. Here are a few of them, basic sentiments that all teachers and principals can incorporate into their operations.

Parents serve three primary functions at RSED:


  • To oversee teachers’ visits to theirs’ and their respective students’ loans.
  • Giving feedback to admins, principals, and teachers at each of its eighteen locations, boosting custom learning plans.
  • Parents aren’t required to do so, although are very strongly encouraged to do more than voice their concerns when schools are underperforming with no self-wrought remedy on the horizon.

The only secondary role Mr. Smith released to the Internet via The 74 Million, a financial news media website, was for parents to be proud of their students attending public schools. One time, a woman said to Preston, “Rocketship is like a private school, [except it’s] free.” He quickly realized this was true, although he felt in order to boost the quality of public schools across the state of California and the remainder of the country, associates of public schools must express their pride in aggregate form, rather than one or two civic educational warriors trying to clear the air of public schools’ bad reputations.

In order to grow an educational institution to its full potential – and this sentiment holds especially true for charter schools like Rocketship Education, in which they’re able to solicit and accept funding, financing, and donations from private investors outside of school boards and governmental agencies.

Rocketship Education also prefers to hire teachers whose demographic profiles match students’, helping them pay closer attention in classroom settings.