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Different Methods Companies use to Integrate Artificial Intelligence in Improving Ecommerce Customer Experience

It is easy for an online business to collapse as much as it is also easy to set up one. In an era where there is a lot of competition, customers no longer settle for mediocrity whenever transacting with any business. Eventually, ecommerce customer experience plays a significant role in the development of an online retail business. While shopping, clients usually leave a lot of data, which smart companies know they can depend on to improve a shopper’s experience. They have learned to use Artificial Intelligence technologies to analyze those sets of data, a move that separates them from the competition.


Businesses need to analyze potential customers in a fast manner if they are to land them. The human mind does not have the speed or the capacity to analyze vast amounts of information promptly. On the other hand, AI can provide the analysis within a few moments. One method companies use to integrate AI is by virtual assistants and chatbots. Whenever you visit their website, the chatbot pops up with a question and continues to ask more clarifying ones with each response you give.


Online shoppers usually want to see images of what they are purchasing before finishing the transaction. Similarly, sometimes customers can know what they want, but not know their names. Some online retailers have visual search engines that use AI technology. With these, customers only need to take pictures of what they want. The application then uses the technology to identify the image, and give more details about it, as well as links to where it can be acquired.


Online retailers understand the importance of personalization when it comes to enhancing ecommerce customer experience. Whether one is using a mobile phone, or accessing the website on the computer, the AI technology is able to analyze how customers are interacting. Once trends have been discovered, the next time someone is browsing for something, they may get a message notifying them about a sale they might be interested in. They may then proceed to make the purchase through their device. Both the buyer and the retailer will have shortened the purchase process, an advantage for both of them.


Price has always been a determining factor when purchasing anything. Shoppers have also been known to have favorite online stores because of their prices, and constantly having items in stock. Some retailers depend on artificial intelligence to get insights into their competitors’ prices, as well as their inventories. They then use the information to adjust their prices and also ensure they are always stocked, to retain their clients.

Just Who Is Clay Siegall

When it comes to cancer research, there are numerous companies that specialize in this demanding industry. Did you know that the United States is home to one of the leading cancer research organizations in the world? This company is known as Seattle Genetics, and it is on a mission to save lives. President and CEO Clay Siegall is the captain of the ship, and he is steering this gigantic ship to success through rigorous research, drug development and innovative technology. The company’s track record speaks for itself as it has produced some of the best cancer fighting drugs in history. These drugs are antibody drug conjugates, and they are a supreme game changer.

Dr. Siegall is a well-respected individual thanks to his knowledge, expertise and passion. He has worked with some of the most prominent names in the industry including the National Institute of Health, Bristol Myers Squibb and the National Cancer Society. Siegall’s business knowledge and entrepreneurial skills have landed strategic licensing deals with GlaxoSmithKlien, AbbVie and Genentech. With this deal, the company’s medications can now be distributed on a worldwide scale. Siegall has stated that Seattle Genetics became profitable around 10 years ago. Antibody Based Therapies are changing the game by saving lives. These therapies outperform every other cancer fighting medication that’s on the market today. ADCETRIS, the company’s top drug, has brought in over $350 million by itself.

Clay Siegall is doing his part to better mankind. He has a Ph.D in Genetics from George Washington University, and he has a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland. The guy has written over 70 successful publications, and he currently holds up to 15 patents. When it comes to raising capital, Siegall has definitely put in the hard work. As of today, he has helped the company raise over $1 billion through private and public funding.

Felipe Montoro Jens’ View on Privatization of State Corporations in Brazil

Following the Brazilian debt crisis in the late 1980s, the solution was privatization. The CNI (National Confederation of Industry) pointed out the necessity for Brazil to take part in the infrastructure sector. By doing this, modernization would be achieved and in turn result in a meeting of the country’s investment demands. One Felipe Montoro Jens briefly gives us an insight into the development of this process.

The previous century in the South American country was marked by a strong manifestation of the state. Due to the state’s demanding political commitments, the idea of privatization was conceived. Since then, Brazil saw growth of the state alongside businesses that it owned. The privatization process involved, the aeronautical, petrochemical and steel industries. Later on, the government passed laws that would then give some specific industries priority. The industries that were to be prioritized included, telecommunications, sanitation, electricity, banking corporations, and transportation.

In 2004, the Public Partnerships Act was put in place by the government. This made telecommunications the first industry to be taken up by private agents. Plans such as the 2008 General Concession Plan were implemented to ensure the success of this strategy. The plans proved to be a success and are still working to date. Monitoring the quality of operations also contributed to the success.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is an infrastructure specialist working with the Brazilian, UK and Singapore finance divisions. Before this, he has held some positions in other places. These include being Director of Braskem SA and Director of Santo Antonio Energia SA. He has also worked for Consesionaria Trasvase Olmos where he was also Director.

Montoro is a holder of an undergraduate as well as a graduate degree. The latter he got from Thunderbird School of Global Management. He obtained the earlier upon graduation from Getulio Vargas Foundation.