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Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho and the Brazilian Law Systems

The law profession is very popular in Brazil. With the huge population in Brazil, it is obvious that there many people who will need the services of lawyers. The other reason is that the Brazilian legal system is complex and it’s very hard for people with no experience to navigate through the system. Few people can handle litigation cases without the help of a lawyer in Brazil.

All Brazilian law is based on the constitution. It is the supreme law in the country. Any other law created in the country must align with the constitution. Brazil passed their constitution in 1988. Having been effected less than twenty years ago, the constitution attracts a lot of interest from various law professional who seeks different interpretations of some sections.

A lawyer in Brazil takes five years to go through an undergraduate program in law, then move to a law school and then finally become attend internship. For one to be a fully certified lawyer, it’s mandatory to pass the Brazilian Bar exam.

According to the law statistics of 2011, there were over 676,000 practicing lawyers in the country. Given, we in 2017, definitely there very many who have been added to this list. We could be talking of over a million lawyers currently. There are still many others who have been through the undergraduate program but have not yet been approved due to non-compliance with the registration regulations.

Certified lawyers are allowed to practice any type of law as long as they are certified by the Bar Council. Some of the laws practiced are contract law, tax law and class actions.


About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto de Oliviera is a prominent lawyer in Brazil. He is one of the founding partners Leite, Tosto, & Barros law firm. He is known as a master of business litigation who rarely loses cases. He always puts the interests of his clients first. Ricardo Tosto mastery of business law has attracted many clients into the law firm.

Ricardo Tosto is the one who introduced the concept of mass litigation in the country. Many other lawyers have adopted the technique from Ricardo Tosto and are implementing it too.

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Dr. Mark Holterman – Teaching and Practicing Surgery

Dr. Mark J Holtermanbeen dedicated to his medical career of a pediatric surgeon for more than twenty years. Over the course of his many years of practice, Dr. Mark J Holterman has managed to change and save lives as he has been a part of a vast number of hospitals. He also ventured into the world of medical business when he founded his company Mariam Global Health.


Dr. Mark J Holterman started his medical studies at the Yale University starting 1976. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1980 concluding his studies in general biology. Afterwards, In1980 Dr. Mark J Holterman started school at the University of Virginia. He attended the School of Medicine and achieved his Ph. D. and M. D. degrees. Dr. Mark J Holterman graduated Medicine and Immunology. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holreman at


Upon completing his higher education, Dr. Mark J Holterman pursued extensive practice and training. He got to work with some of the brightest doctors in the field of pediatric surgery. Dr. Mark Holterman received training at the Seattle Children’s Hospital, at the University of Washington, as well as a number of other medical institutions. In 2008, the Advocate Children’s Hospital appointed Dr. Mark J Holterman to the position of Surgeon in Chief which he occupied up until 2010 after which he became an attending pediatric surgeon at the Rush University Medical Center.


Up to date, Mark J Holterman, M. D. is operating his business which he created in 2012. Mariam Global Health operates on an international level. It offers business management services, and it also makes investments in promising companies working with regenerative medicine. Mark J Holterman, M. D. is the chief executive officer of Mariam Global Health as well as the chief medical officer of the establishment.




Al with handling his company, Mark J Holterman, M. D. is also highly dedicated to his pediatric surgery practice in Peoria, Illinois. Mark J Holterman, M. D. started working at the OSF Health Care Hospital in 2012.he is also a professor of surgery and pediatric teaching at the University of Ilinois, for the division which is based in his home town of Peoria. Learn more on Crunchbase about Dr. Mark Holterman.

Eli Gershkovitch- CEO of Steamworks Craft Breweries

It is not secret Canadians loves beer, Beer is this nation’s best common alcoholic drink, and particularly beer is having a resurgence in Canada. Even as the country’s consumptions of beer drops, consumption, and sale of beer is rising every day. The overall beer sale haven incredibly flat around Canada since 1990s, but craft beer business has seen revenue growth to near double digits since 2009.Breweries in Canada are producing several excellent beers which range from inventive to traditional and the demand is growing. Read more at Westender about Eli Gershkovitch.

Glutenberg Belgian Double is one of the most popular craft beers in Canada. It is brewed by Brasseurs Sans Gluten in Montreal, Quebec. This traditional beer is made by barley and sometimes wheat. However, the beer is not gluten-free, but it is popular around Canada. It is made through industrial fermentation that uses traditional fermentation ingredients that give it a unique and smooth taste.

Eli Gershkovitch is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Steamworks Group, a pioneer company in craft brewery. This company has remained the leader in the production of craft beer without changing its method from the original plan since 19095. As he continues to implement his idea, he is becoming more successful. For almost twenty-one years, Eli Gershkovitch has crafted beer and has confessed he was among the first people in the wave of crafting beer and he is not changing soon. Read more on

Eli Gershkovitch established his Steamworks brew bar in Gastown in 1995 that only accommodate 184 people. Currently, he has expended his premises and can accommodate for than 750 customers. Mr. Eli Gershkovitch has continued adding elements and pieces to Steamworks breweries to make his products more unique and competitive in the market.

In 2013, Mr. Eli Gershkovitch commissioned a full-scale brewery that retained his brand equity and goodwill. He said that his brewery is totally different from running a pub since he is now focused on packaging and marketing of Steamworks products. This was a huge step for Eli Gershkovitch putting in mind that he started with a pub to establishing a full brewery that is producing thousands of units daily. Eli Gershkovitch has inspired many people who are interested in craft beer industry.


Contribution of Drew Madden in the IT Sector of the Healthcare Industry

Drew Madden was the president of Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. from 2010 to 2016. Drew was tasked with recruiting, business development, and consulting operations in the country’s largest epic-only consulting company. He managed and maintained relationships with major clients across the nation and internationally. Drew Madden has a B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering with his focus being on Medical Systems from Lowa University College of Engineering.

Nordic was founded by consultants having an aim to change the face of EHR consulting. It has become the largest Epic only consulting firm in the world, and it is growing with the guidance of experienced executives. During his stay at Nordic, Drew guided its growth from ten to 725 employees, three to 150 clients and $1,000,000 to $130,000,000 annual revenue. It has received several KLAS awards for excellence in consulting and has been ranked number one for epic implementation services in 2012 and 2014.

Drew Madden is a highly experienced healthcare IT professional, with almost ten years’ experience in optimizing, planning, and implementing electronic health records in hospitals across the nation. Drew’s ability to combine his consulting operations and project management with his technical EMR background has helped healthcare IT leaders build successful Epic implementation teams that are successful. He has four EPIC certifications and has worked as a consultant for several years. Drew Madden is passionate about creating a unique and attractive company culture, high caliber teams, and trusted client partnerships.

Drew started his career at Cerner Corporation where his role was to implement inpatient clinical solutions. He joined Healthia Consulting in 2005 where he carried out implementation roles for four years before shifting to a business development position. Drew Madden has also served as the regional sales director at Ingenix Consulting where he was responsible for consulting client and sales development in GE-IDX, Epic, and Allscripts Practices.

Drew Madden is among the founders and managing partners of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. It is a healthcare IT company whose focus is on advisory and implementation services for specialized HCIT applications and multiple enterprises HER platforms. Other co-founders include Jeff Leach, Rebecca Bottorff, Aaron Friedman and Drew Madden. Its goal is to assist healthcare organizations to optimize their IT investments, increase end-user satisfaction, and improve outcomes.

Greg Secker Continues to Rise in His Ventures with the Continued Commitment to Lift Others Up

Greg Secker is passionate about helping other people improve their lives, a trait that resonates across all his ventures. He is committed to educating, coaching, and supporting others in a bid to lift them up to a higher level. He is renowned world over as a forex trade expert, entrepreneur, international speaker and a generous philanthropist.

Career Growth

Greg Secker started his career in the financial industry working for Thomas Cook Financial Services. He soon left to join forex trading sector which he started by creating an online trading arena, Virtue Trading Desk. This platform was the first in the industry to operate in real-time. He then got a chance to work with master traders after he landed an opportunity at Mellon Financial Corporation. He was engaged as the firm’s Vice President. The platform was ideal for him to grow his skills in forex trading and investments which prepared him well to run his own company. He left to start his venture Learn to Trade which he uses to teach people how to trade. The venture that started from his home has since grown to have offices in other parts of the world including Manila, South Africa, and Sydney. Greg continued his interests in trading and investments where he founded other companies including Smartcharts Software, Capital Index, and FX Capital. He operates all his businesses under the conglomerate Knowledge to Action Group.

Greg Secker’s commitment to inspire others laid a foundation for him to be a motivational speaker. He is currently renowned internationally and has appeared on many stages alongside to influential individuals such as Robert Kiyosaki and T Harv Eker among others. He has also been featured by major media outlets such as CNBC. Greg shows his generosity through the Greg Secker Foundation.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker excelled in forex trading and investments despite training in a completely different course. He is a former student of the University of Nottingham where he studied Agricultural and Food Sciences.

Greg Secker’s efforts have been recognized far and wide. This year, he was a finalist in the National CSR Awards. Richtopia named him as one of the 200 Most Influential Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneurs this year.

Anthony Petrello- His real life story

Anthony Petrello also commonly known as Tony Petrello is the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries. While he remains unknown to many Americans, he is one of the great Americans who has been instrumental in the realization of American dream. Throughout his life, he has been a dedicated servant Anthony has served the nation in his capacity as a business executive with diligence. The private sector in a key part of the economy and when it does well the economy of the country is also set to benefit. Through his entrepreneurial mind, Anthony has created job opportunities for numerous Americans who get to be paid very good wages. Anthony Petrello has managed to take to the wheels of Nabors and steered it with so much perfection that its growth under his leadership has never been witnessed before.

In 2014, Tony Petrello became the best-paid CEO in the United States’ corporate sector. His total earnings for the year were $68.2 million. Nabors is the leading drilling firm in the world. It provides drilling services in the fields of oil and natural gas. His level of success working at Nabors has been remarkable. Many people look up to him as their role model. The good thing about Petrello is that he is wealthy yet he has remained humble. His wealth has been earned purely through sheer hard work. Unlike other Wall Street billionaires who apply greedy tactics to draw money from unsuspecting clients, Tony Petrello has earned his money in a clear way that everyone can verify.

Anthony Petrello was never born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was born and raised up, in a humble family in Newark, NJ. He never enjoyed any unique upbringing. He went to the local schools and generally lived ordinary childhood.
His upbringing in Newark has had a great impact on his life. People around Newark are naturally cultured, appreciate work ethics and are very hardworking. There is also a tradition of people assisting one another in case of crisis. Growing up in Newark also taught Anthony Petrello the importance of treating fellow humans with dignity and honor.

Anthony grew up knowing that there were no shortcuts in life. She had to work hard to achieve his dreams. He was brilliant in school and exhibited unique talent in solving mathematical problems. At a very young age, he could solve problems that only specialists such as logicians and physicist would solve.

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Impressionable facts about One Login

One Login has employed the current technology to make the work of most companies easy and fast. Through their unique visitor sign in and customer registration software, the firm has seen a significant number of businesses get new application set ups with proper authentication of both internal and external customers much faster as compared to the past when the process used to take a lot of time to complete the verifications. The firm has also enabled IT managers to efficiently evaluate the data of their customers and connect them with the right employees. Besides, the advanced technology has helped to ensure that the data of a firm’s visitors and clients are up to date and reliable.

One Login has profoundly contributed to increasing the security of information in many companies through the use of its single sign on applications as well as its significant data management features. Besides, the company has helped to reduce the congestion seen in many huge companies through their contributions in increasing the IT administrator process and end user efficiencies. Firms can now efficiently deliver fully featured administrative and self-service portals within a few hours as compared to the old days when it used to be achieved within some days. The firm has also enabled instant access to organizations to their broad range of applications including the G suite, AWS among others, through which they allow their users to access their data in only a single click.

Besides, the requests of the organization are also highly reliable and convenient as one can access them at any time despite their location or device they are using. The firm’s broad applications and services have profoundly contributed to securing a vast number of companies across the globe and in cases where employee departures, the company’s corporate data is fully protected by real time off boarding. The company has also made a lot of partnerships with many businesses to provide excellent services to their customers. Their toolkits have been widely downloaded by a vast number of individuals, and through the fame that the company has gained, a significant number of people have now found solutions to manage their client’s data efficiently.

Omar Yunes Symbolizes Success In The Food Industry

The industry of hospitality must be one of the most challenging ones across the world. From Mexico, Italy, America and the rest of the world, this industry is vastly growing by admitting more entrepreneurs who want to invest in food production. As people focus more on healthy foods to consume because they have become health conscious, the bar has been raised. Internet has even made it more competitive as people can now order online. Even with these challenges, Omar Yunes has not disappointed his clients. The man has vastly learned the ropes of food production and invested in his series of 13 restaurants of Sushi Itto. Sushi Itto is a successful brand of chain restaurants that has over 50% stakeholders. Omar Yunes is one of the most successful stakeholders and he has evidently shown this.

Profile of award

Omar Yunes has a list of achievements. Perhaps the best he has had for some time is being one of the most successful entrepreneurs of his time. He started his business when he was 21 years old. Since then, he has been nothing but determined to succeed. Recently, what sent Omar’s name to every headline in his state is new title as the best franchisee of the world. By all means, this is not the easiest title to snag. There were multiple competitors on the list. Many wanted to clinch the title but he emerged the winner. This must have come at a cost that indicated how good he is at business. Out of the 34 participants, some came from Mexico, America and Italy.


Omar Yunes bagged the award because of his commitment to deliver excellent results to clients. Serving in the food industry calls for attention and dedication. This is the only way through which Omar Yunes could have made it. He gave the best and exceeded client’s expectations in many ways. When he was receiving the award, Omar said that he thankful for the honorary award. He also said that he appreciates his team for putting in a lot of work to please clients. With over 400 employees, Omar must be doing something right. He is a leader and dedicated to excellence.

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Ricardo Tosto at the Height of Brazilian law

Brazil has always been a hot spot for lawyers and law. It even ranked number three in countries with the highest number of lawyers. However, that can be attributed to the fact that it is home to myriads of law schools present and also because of the complicated legal system which makes it hard for the ordinary citizens to deal with legal matters on their own. In respect to that, there are many law firms in the country which vary in size and some of them are so large they have almost five hundred lawyers such as the Oliveira firm. They are grouped into three categories; these are partners, interns, and associates. Most elements of the Brazilian legal system originated from the Portuguese, and that is another factor which explains why many young people flock this sector. It takes about seven years to get a degree and become a registered lawyer. Thanks to the large population of lawyers in Brazil it takes a lot of patience and skills to thrive in this densely occupied career. However, there are a few attorneys who have proven to the world that they can stand out even in the face of such competition. Among these, Ricardo Tosto’s name always tops the list. He has made significant contributions in the legal system of Brazil, and he is among the best of his kind.

About Ricardo Tosto
Ricardo is both an entrepreneur and a lawyer who has been in the industry for more than two decades. He is a well-educated man who holds several certificates which have had a lot of impact on his success. For instance, he is a graduate of the famous Universidade Presbyterian Mackenzie where he received his law degree and also holds a BA from Armando Alvares Foundation where he further continued and finished studying law. Ricardo specializes in corporate and business litigation and has worked with several prominent organizations. He did not just wake up and become successful overnight instead he started off in a small law office where he managed to grow and sharpen his legal skills. Today Ricardo Tosto leads one of the biggest law empires in Brazil known as Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados where he helps solve legal business issues and trains, other young lawyers. Tosto is also a frequent figure in Brazilian politics and even played a significant role in the formation of the Brazilian Election law and the Institute for political party.

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Talkspace is Offering Help on the Go

Talkspace is taking a unique approach towards therapy. They are bringing you affordable therapy through an app! Yes, in this day and age when everything seems to have an app available for it, it was only a matter of time that medically related services would also create an app. Does this mean the days of the Brick-and-mortar therapist are going to go out of fashion? Not at all.

On the contrary, the app is there to help you deal with therapy on a day to day basis. Obviously, most people will not have the time or convenience to be constantly at their therapist’s clinic. With this app, patients will now have the convenience to stay in touch using text and video messages as well as private text-based chat rooms.

There is still a stigma attached to seeing a therapist. Talkspace understands this and hence has made the whole app usage based on anonymity. Privacy and security are handled by giving users a unique username. The therapists will only see the username. However, users do have the option of making themselves known to the therapists through their real name. Making patients feel completely safe and comfortable is goal number one of Talkspace. There is also an option for couples to join up and share a therapist.

Talkspace does come with certain rules for users who are interested in signing up. The main one being that the applicant must be 18 years or older to take advantage of this app. However, for teens who are underage, Talkspace does have a link that can help them in the right direction, as long as it is not a crisis situation. For all others, Talkspace can be reached by either telephone or email to start talking to a customer support representative.