Use Avaaz to Change Lives

Avaaz gives a voice to the people. It is a civic organization the allows for people all over the world to participate in global activism in a unified manner online and in the real world. Many topics are considered controversial by some, however Avaaz has been praised for its efforts from a number of reputable sources.

The Organization

Avaaz is often described as an online activist network. People all over the world are able to come together to support various causes. The Avaaz platform provides a unified location for all people to participate in activism rather than having to go through several different channels. At this time, membership is rapidly approaching 45 million people. The organization also funds media campaigns to raise awareness on certain subjects and thousands of volunteers have been known to take to the streets in protest for a good cause.

Get Involved

The online forum allows for anyone to get involved. You can start your own online petition based on a topic that is important to you. On their website, at the top towards the right of every page, there is a bright pink button you can click to start your own petition. These petitions have been started on any number of topics from the elimination of genetically modified organisms in food to ending the war in Syria. Choose your topic and it could very well go viral.

The Avaaz community is working hard to bring attention to vital issues such as poverty, conflict, animal rights, human rights, corruption and climate change. You, too, can become a part of the solution just by visiting their website.

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