OSI Group’s President, David McDonald

David McDonald is an individual with a reputable working account, especially with OSI industries. David McDonald is an intellectual with high educational profile. While in Colombia, he obtained his PhD in history. Additionally, he obtained an MA and MB from the University of Toronto. Lastly, he holds a degree in Animal Science from Lowa State University.

Currently, Mr. David G. McDonald serves as president and Chief operating officer at OSI industries. He happens to be the Chairman of North American Meat Institute. Additionally, he sits on the committee of the board members of the board of directors. More interestingly, before joining the OSI industries he served as an independent Director at Marfrig Global foods in South Africa. In March 1991-September 1993, he was the Assistant Professor in the Department of History at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

David McDonald is determined to move OSI industries into the next level. In particular, he intends to prioritize in social responsibility, the environment and sustainability in supply chains. In fact, in an interview, he pointed out that his organization is committed to conducting their business in a responsible and sustainable manner. Adding, he insisted in increasing efficiency in their business as part of their long term objectives of building strong global communities. Lastly, he is committed to deal with sustainability by offering multiple sponsorships to animal welfare initiatives, providing training to promote continuous improvement as well as raising awareness both in the global organizations and supplier networks.

After the acquisition of Baho Food, McDonald pointed out that adding the organization to their OSI group was one of the core dynamics of gaining a broader presence in Europe. For instance, the acquisition was more into increasing customer and supplier relationship in the new location to learn more: http://www.osigroup.com/wp-content/uploads/Flagship-Europe-Press-Release.pdf click here.

The OSI Group celebrated its 20 years of service in China on September 12, 2012. Since then, the firm has tremendously grown. During the Beijing Olympics games of 2008, it supplied close to 113 tons of their products. It is impressive that all the customers were in love with their products; they recorded zero complaints. The OSI Group runs eight factories in China with another two new facilities to be completed soon. For instance, Mc McDonald is determined to invest more in China because of the overwhelming population in need of their services.

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