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Jim Tananbaum’s Approach to Work With Foresite Capital

Jim Tananbaum has been the CEO at Foresite Capital for the past 25 years. In that time frame Tananbaum has helped to evolve the company into the most prominent investor in the healthcare field that we have personally seen. Foresite Capital is currently invested in 77 different companies that range up and down the specialty spectrum. From bio-pharmaceuticals to genome sequencing, Foresite Capital has taken notice. Jim Tananbaum is a huge reason for the success of the company and as such he made more than a little bit of advice for people back home.

For Jim Tananbaum the approach to Foresite Capital was no different because of its in depth technical knowledge, it was still a business and he kept his entrepreneurial approach the same. As an entrepreneur Tananbam says, “I tend to take more risks, especially when I have spent a lot of time understanding a situation.” Tananbaum has always believed in the power of self-confidence but it didn’t come to him until later on in life. One of Tananbaum’s biggest regrets in life is not relying completely upon himself early on. Tananbaum admits that he gave too much credence to other voices early on in his business endeavors.

In a report by INC42, for all of his work as an entrepreneur Tananbaum can’t argue the fact that he has relied upon a great team for pretty much every success that Foresite Capital has come across. In fact, the majority of his day is spent interacting and networking with various professionals within his team. Tananbaum starts each day by scheduling in person and over the phone meetings. From there, Tananbaum leans on the kinetic energy that comes when talented individuals come together to share techniques and learn.

Still, even with discipline and a great team Tananbaum wouldn’t have found success without his own personal drive. Tananbaum credits much of his success with his unending interest and passion for science, technology, and healthcare. Tananbaum says, “My love of learning is what drives me to find the best and brightest solutions science has to offer.” Who can argue with that mindset when the results are so apparent in front of us? Visit pelotontherapeutics for more details.

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